Love is for Suckers: Episodes 1-2


Appreciate is for Suckers: Episodes 1-two

Yeeeesss! Lee Da-hee and Choi Siwon star in the new ENA rom-com Appreciate is for Suckers and it is every little thing I was hoping for! We’ve got two grown-up characters dealing with adult issues of adore and life (utilizing additional than a small adult humor). Even though we watch our leads go from close friends to lovers, these episodes currently assured a entire lotta humor and heartache in among. With this premise and pairing, was there any way they weren’t going to pull it off?


Love is for Suckers Episodes 1-2 Love is for Suckers Episodes 1-2

What a fantastic premiere! When I heard this drama had a operating English title of Icy Cold Romance I anticipated it to take a lot longer for issues to heat up among the leads. Fortunately: not the case! We’ve currently gone from a fake date to a cliffhanger kiss — do these two even want the reality show setup to bring them collectively? Nope. But hopefully it is going to be a lot of push-and-pull exciting.

We open in the present, exactly where PD GOO YEO-REUM (Lee Da-hee) is operating on a reality show named Kingdom of Appreciate two. When she arrives on set, a series of “brides and grooms” are becoming photographed for the show’s finale. We know from on-line comments that it is rumored 1 of the couple’s is a true-life couple who will be married by the show’s finish. Amongst the tuxedoed males is PARK JAE-HOON (Choi Siwon), who locks eyes with Yeo-reum as the clock winds back.

Love is for Suckers Episodes 1-2

We commence our story in a current previous exactly where Yeo-reum and Jae-hoon are extended-time ideal close friends living as neighbors. These premiere episodes do a superior job establishing their partnership, which tends to make them appear like a married couple who’s skipped appropriate by dating every other. He’ll choose up meals for her on the way house, but she’s nagging and persistent for him to do it. At the exact same time, he’s also her help technique when issues go incorrect.

Yeo-reum has a couple of issues going incorrect at the moment. Initially, she’s sort of seeing the host of 1 of her assortment shows. He’s “The Ramen Chef” JOHN JANG (Park Yeon-woo) and he’s six years younger than her. When we 1st see them collectively, he’s currently breaking up with her. She was certain he wanted to meet up since issues had been progressing, but Jae-hoon had currently bet her she was about to be dumped.

When Jae-hoon is appropriate, she complains to him more than chicken feet and soju and he tells her she desires to play it “cooler” in these types of fling relationships. He teases her and the tone is pretty a lot among individuals that have recognized every other forever.

Love is for Suckers Episodes 1-2

Yeo-reum’s second dilemma is that her show, The Ramen Chef, has the worst ratings on the network and is about to be canceled. They’ve currently lost ramen sponsorship and had their production expenses reduce. Her competitor, KANG CHAE-RI (Jo Soo-hyang), has the highest rated show, Kingdom of Appreciate. On the other hand, Chae-ri plays dirty to get the higher ratings — or, possibly I should really say, shows the dirtiest footage. A single of the charms right here, although, is watching the drama spoof reality shows with hilarious accomplishment (“octopus mukbang” — that is as far as I’ll go.)

Even though on a shoot at the seaside, Yeo-reum overhears Chef John telling a co-worker that he could have slept with her but wasn’t curious sufficient to want to. Also, he likes dating older females since they’re additional price efficient (they do not ask for a lot). Yeo-reum asks Jae-hoon to come to the shoot dressed nicely and to bring her flowers. She desires to appear like she’s moved on.

But, becoming the prankster that he is, Jae-hoon shows up in sweats and sandals attempting to embarrass her. However, she’s embarrassed sufficient, possessing just crawled onto a mudflat to rescue a drone that had that day’s footage.

Love is for Suckers Episodes 1-2

Afterward, Jae-hoon apologizes but Yeo-reum is definitely upset. It is clear he cares about her but does not fully grasp her. Why is she attempting so challenging to appear superior for an individual so unimportant? She answers that immediately after hitting a specific age she feels like no 1 is attracted to her. It tends to make her really feel undesirable for even possessing to attempt, and she wanted Jae-hoon to support her really feel appealing. He says that if she’s going to take a fling so seriously, she shouldn’t date at all — why does she invest so a lot in these nobodies? She responds, since no 1 invests in her. (Yeah, she about had me in tears.)

Issues turn about when Jae-hoon finds out what Chef John basically mentioned out there at the beach. To leading it off, he sees images on social of Yeo-reum covered in mud that day she saved the drone — with Chef John creating exciting of her. Jae-hoon’s true character all of a sudden comes via.

He requires a shower (thank you), puts on his ideal suit, and dusts off his sports vehicle — because… he has 1. He then drives to her set with a giant bouquet and erases The Ramen Chef’s pics from his telephone. “Are you dating?” the jerk desires to know. Jae-hoon is cool: “I’m just a guy attempting to appear superior for her. Due to the fact I am curious about her.” So a lot squee!! And this is only the finish of Episode 1!

Love is for Suckers Episodes 1-2 Love is for Suckers Episodes 1-2

What else is taking place, you may possibly ask. Cannot these two lovebirds just get collectively immediately after this? Oh, no, no. Not without having numerous other individuals vying for their hearts.

On Jae-hoon’s side, we discover that his father passed away and his art-curating mother is often attempting to set him up on blind dates. He is finding as well old to reside so carefree. Come to locate out, he’s a surgeon — not specifically what you’d contact a carefree job. On the other hand, immediately after his father died, he left the hospital he worked for and now practices plastic surgery in the offices of other physicians (he does not have his personal practice). The vibe about the entire issue is that it is shameful.

When Jae-hoon goes on a blind date to appease his mother, he meets HAN JI-YEON (Lee Ju-yeon). He’s very rude to her at the initial meeting but she tells him off and he apologizes. She asks him to dinner and they go out appropriately a couple of occasions. She appears sweet sufficient but he can not quit pondering about Yeo-reum when he’s with her, so I do not consider this 1 has any legs — even if she does seem to be the bride he’s with at the starting.

Love is for Suckers Episodes 1-2

On Yeo-reum’s side, we discover that she was engaged roughly 3 years ago to KIM IN-WOO (Song Jong-ho). She broke it off when he took a job in New York without having speaking to her about it 1st, and then asked her to come with him. It was a vital moment in her profession and she mentioned no. The entire ordeal devastated her. But now, she’s nevertheless single and feels like function is not going fantastic, so she’s second guessing her selection to prioritize function more than marriage.

The reality is that she’s fantastic at her job and often the dilemma-solver. But on her birthday, due to poor ratings, her show gets canceled and most of her employees becomes jobless. When she’s feeling her lowest, In-woo shows up with cake and flowers saying he missed her. She sends him away, but he nevertheless has a hold on her thoughts and feelings.

Fortunately, our male lead arrives at the exact same time with his personal cake. The two celebrate collectively and he tends to make her laugh on the crappiest day ever. He also tells her that In-woo is not a superior guy for what he did to her, and “unless a definitely superior guy shows up, just hang out with me.” They then proceed to place collectively a mosquito tent more than her bed, not overlooking any jokes about insertion, and he falls on leading of her, just brief of a lip lock. We are 1 week away from figuring out if they cross that scintillating centimeter, but I’m guessing not this early.

Love is for Suckers Episodes 1-2

I am definitely excited to see how this drama plays out. We’ve got a couple of close friends in their mid-to-late 30s juggling careers and relationships. This could be generic, but right here, there’s a robust concentrate on their pasts and the events and options that led every of them to exactly where they are. Each of the primary characters have a sense about them of practically providing up. Yeo-reum wonders what would have occurred if she place marriage prior to her profession, and is beginning to really feel hopeless about relationships. Jae-hoon can not get previous the death of his father — which he seems to really feel some blame for — and is letting it ruin his profession as a physician by refusing to practice in his field.

The leads clearly want and rely on every other and that is the bond at the center of this drama. Yeo-reum appears to Jae-hoon for help in all issues but particularly when her relationships fail, considering that that is her weak spot. Jae-hoon feels a small like he’s hiding behind his friendship with Yeo-reum as a way to steer clear of dealing with his feelings or focusing on his profession. Even though he’s assisting her, he does not have to concentrate on himself. Currently, I’m seeing the locations exactly where each have space to develop, and I’m seeking forward to seeing these two genius comedians carry it off.

Love is for Suckers Episodes 1-2
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