The Law Cafe: Episodes 9-10


The Law Cafe: Episodes 9-ten

To forgive or not to forgive? That is the query on everyone’s minds this week as our top lady struggles to accept our hero’s lies and household secrets — which have only grown much more complicated now that his evil uncle perceives him as a threat to his claim to the business throne.


The Law Cafe: Episodes 9-10

Final week I complained that there wasn’t practically adequate Pyun-woong, and as soon as once again the drama gods listened to my prayers and delivered my request. Seriously, it is like the writers are reading the weecaps and lurking in the comment section, for the reason that Pyun-woong returned with a vengeance — and violence. But prior to our villain begins making havoc, Yuri and Jung-ho face 1 a different in the aftermath of the breaking news report that revealed Seung-woon omitted proof from the Dohan warehouse trial.

Yuri is understandably shocked and upset by this revelation, but it is not Jung-ho’s maternal relatives, per se, that trigger her to steer clear of Jung-ho and place up barriers. As an alternative, it is his lying. How, she wonders, could he stay silent just after seeing her grieve her father’s death and just after witnessing her and her mother struggle to discover a lawyer prepared to petition the court to rule the fire an industrial accident? It is challenging for her to forgive and overlook when all her memories are now tainted with the expertise that he’d been maintaining a massively relevant secret the complete time he’d comforted her by means of her discomfort.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 9-10 The Law Cafe: Episodes 9-10

Whilst Yuri avoids Jung-ho and distracts herself by assisting the neighborhood ajummas (who have gotten themselves in a key economic pickle just after investing in cryptocurrency), Jung-ho gets pulled into his maternal family’s drama. His grandfather, CHAIRMAN LEE BYUNG-WOOK (Jeon Gook-hwan), knows Jung-ho is the whistleblower that handed more than the proof that place his personal father and the Dohan warehouse fire trial beneath investigation.

As an alternative of getting upset, Byung-wook has a renewed interest in his grandson, and he extends an invitation — er, make that a command — for Jung-ho to come function for Dohan Building and turn into the new heir apparent. But let’s be true, Byung-wook’s choice to bring Jung-ho back into the household fold has tiny to do with Jung-ho impressing his grandfather with his gumption and moral compass. It is one hundred% for the reason that Byung-wook seriously, seriously dislikes his psychotic bastard son.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 9-10

And speaking of Pyun-woong, he has a hissy match — like a complete on rolling-on-the-ground-for the reason that-he-didn’t-get-his-way tantrum — when he finds out that Jung-ho has turn into the apple of Byung-wook’s eye. Even although Jung-ho desires practically nothing to do with his mother’s household or their business, Pyun-woong is threatened by his nephew’s claim to the throne, so he pays Yuri a calculated stop by.

He’s all smiles at initial, but when Yuri tells him to leave, his behavior escalates. As an alternative of leaving, he becomes agitated that she didn’t welcome him and cheer him up as he’d anticipated — a textbook stalker response when the object of his interest does not respond as he’d preferred. Pyun-woong crowds Yuri’s individual space, spouting creepy nonsense about liking the present appear in her eyes, till she’s left with no selection but to generate some space for herself. She headbutts Pyun-woong, but he escalates the violence — grabbing and choking her.

Jung-ho comes to her rescue, but as Yuri calls the police and watches them wrestle, she remembers her current encounter with the shaman who told her to steer clear of the two males fighting more than her. One particular, the shaman prophesied, would bring blood, and the other would bring tears. Nicely, I feel it is secure to say we know which 1 is which, specially because Jung-ho feels compelled to clarify, in the aftermath of his uncle’s stop by, that he lied by omission for the reason that he loves her and feared losing her.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 9-10

While Yuri walks away from his really like confession at the moment, the encounter leaves her emotional, and she returns to the shaman and pays him to execute a ritual to drive out her negative luck. But of course, the shaman — in spite of his eerily correct insights — turns out to be a fraud, so the subsequent time Yuri faces Jung-ho, it is embarrassingly at the police station.

But she’s not alone. See, although Yuri was swindled out of the funds she paid for her negative luck exorcism, quite a few of her neighbors had been scammed out of considerably bigger amounts when the shaman tricked them into investing in his shell business. Following a handful of months, he then closed down his so-referred to as company and ran off with their funds.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 9-10 The Law Cafe: Episodes 9-10

Group Law Cafe decides to take matters into their personal hands, and Yuri puts her inner turmoil aside to temporarily group up with Jung-ho. She follows him to meet with CEO GIL (Shin Seung-hwan), Jung-ho’s publisher who moonlights as a pc hacker and investigator, and she realizes that Jung-ho is the 1 who wrote the whistleblower book that CEO Hwang gave her.

All this time, he’d been attempting to undo the wrongs of his father in his personal way, and even although she nonetheless is not capable to forgive Jung-ho, she does soften as she acknowledges that her fast judgment of his character had been unfair. She only saw and believed what she wanted, and provided her tunnel vision, it is unlikely that she’d have listened if he’d stated he’d been suffering silently along with her.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 9-10

CEO Gil interrupts their intimate moment with news that he’s tracked the shaman to an illegal gambling den, so Group Law Cafe and the neighborhood ajummas go undercover to win their funds back. It is all going properly till the shaman catches on that Jung-ho is cheating, and that is when factors get a bit chaotic and the neighborhood superior guys face off against the shaman and his goons.

It is mainly a verbal battle till the shaman whips out a knife. Upon seeing it, Yuri reacts completely on her accurate feelings for Jung-ho and protectively jumps in front of him — about ten complete seconds as well early. Her heroic bodyguard moment is so premature that Woo-jin has adequate time to insert himself into the scenario, as well, and he requires the knife to his shoulder to shield Yuri. ‘Tis but a flesh wound, although, for the reason that Woo-jin appears unfazed by the injury and the blood on his shirt when he and Group Cafe are told that their unsanctioned sting operation effectively aided the police in recovering the stolen investment funds.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 9-10 The Law Cafe: Episodes 9-10

Whilst they celebrate their victory, Jung-ho requires a telephone contact from Pyun-woong, who had just completed telling the prosecution that Byung-wook pressured Seung-woon into omitting proof throughout the Dohan warehouse fire trial. Gleefully, Pyun-woong asks if this is how Jung-ho felt when he stabbed his personal father in the back, unintentionally revealing that the files Jung-ho submitted to the prosecution — the proof that implicated Seung-woon — was really leaked by Seung-woon himself.

Jung-ho confronts his father, who admits that he gave Jung-ho the proof (through a third celebration), and his confession leaves Jung-ho feeling made use of and betrayed. He’d spent years getting weighed down by his father’s sins, feeling torn involving carrying out the suitable point and being aware of the ethical decision would have a adverse effect on his father. And however, the complete time Seung-woon could have saved Jung-ho from his emotional discomfort if he’d just located the courage to confess. As an alternative, he took the coward’s way out and had Jung-ho do his dirty function.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 9-10 The Law Cafe: Episodes 9-10

Stunned by his encounter with his father, Jung-ho accepts a telephone contact from a worried Yuri, who has been waiting for him to return to the cafe. Coincidentally, when he requires her contact, they’re on opposite sides of a street, and he tearfully watches her from a distance as he apologizes by means of the telephone for all his lies. They close the gap involving them and meet in the middle of the street, which appears like a massively unsafe concept — each in the true globe and in dramaland, exactly where your possibilities of finding hit by a auto are astronomically higher.

And wouldn’t you know it, this drama really went there. As our characters gaze longingly and emotionally at every single other, a auto comes careening towards them. Neither Yuri nor Jung-ho reacts — even although they have ample time to do so — and the auto hits Yuri.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 9-10

She wakes up with each her arms in a cast, but fortunately Joon and Eun-kang had been on the scene to make positive she didn’t have amnesia — and confirm that we weren’t dealing with any further key tropes. Aside from minor injuries to her arms, she’s fine, but although she’s been unconscious, Jung-ho has been on a warpath, selecting a fight with each the police and Pyun-woong — Jung-ho’s key suspect — and the latter encounter benefits in a nasty set of bruises and the expertise that Jung-ho — not Yuri — is Pyun-woong’s target.

But just after reuniting with Yuri at the hospital, Jung-ho’s anger and worry offers way to tearful relief. Battered from his earlier encounter with Pyun-woong, Jung-ho ignores Yuri’s inquiries about his injuries and demands that she by no means get injured once again for the reason that he believed he would die from the worry of potentially losing her.

It is an incredibly emotional moment, and I appreciated that the drama showed each the frustrated helplessness that he initially channeled as anger and violence and then his later vulnerability, as soon as he’s noticed her and been assured that she will be fine. Of course, as soon as he’s previous getting deathly afraid, Jung-ho’s concern presents in a much more comical overprotectiveness that frustrates Yuri and reminds her that she nonetheless demands some space to sort out her feelings and study to forgive him for his lies.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 9-10

Jung-ho requires a reluctant step back and utilizes their time apart to adjust to the ongoing adjustments in his household. Pyun-woong’s planned take more than of Dohan Building causes Byung-wook to double down on his insistence that Jung-ho ought to join the household business, but Jung-ho remains disinterested. Jung-ho, even so, does study that Byung-wook as soon as threatened to take Jung-ho and his mother away from Seung-woon, and that is when Seung-woon started cooperating with Byung-wook.

While the revelation adds a new complexity to his understanding of his father’s scenario, it is Jung-ho’s connection with his mother that requires the spotlight this week. She left Seung-woon and moved in with Jung-ho, but her relocation is not completely a reflection of her picking out her son more than her husband. No, she can’t stand Seung-woon’s actions, but she also admits to harboring a bit of resentment towards Jung-ho for shattering the peacefulness of their household. With time, although, she apologies to her son for possessing to struggle by himself for so lengthy. Not to mention, beneath his mother’s calm, raised-in-a-chaebol-household demeanor, there is a (much more benign) feistiness that mirrors her half-brother’s chaotic power.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 9-10

Meanwhile, Yuri has a conversation with her personal mother that ultimately puts her on the path to forgiving Jung-ho. Mom tells Yuri that she would be satisfied if Yuri and Jung-ho started dating, which shocks Yuri, but Mom explains that Yuri’s father would not have wanted his death to leave behind unhappiness. The conversation with her mother, coupled with the passing of her newest client’s father, trigger Yuri to contemplate the legacy her personal father’s death left behind.

And so, Yuri meets with Seung-woon, realizing her anger has been misplaced. When she tells Seung-woon that Jung-ho has been getting the punishment that Seung-woon has been avoiding, she’s not only referring to Jung-ho’s self-imposed martyrdom. She’s also reflecting on how she’s been rejecting Jung-ho and pushing him away, and so her conversation with Seung-woon is her initial step towards directing her feelings towards the acceptable parties and enabling herself to embrace the individual who tends to make her satisfied.

Following her dialogue with Seung-woon, Yuri meets with Jung-ho. She explains that she does not want to be unhappy. She desires to let go of the sense of unfairness that has lingered with her because her father’s death, and she encourages him to let go of his guilt, as well. She extends her hand and invites him to shed his adverse feelings with her — with each other. He requires her hand, and we finish on a hopeful note that our couple have now overcome their hurdle and will continue on side-by-side.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 9-10

Whilst I appreciate the emotional journey that each our characters have taken this week, I’ve got to say I’m a bit disappointed with the drawn-out execution. It tends to make sense that Yuri would be angry that Jung-ho lied to her all these years, but I do not feel she would have wallowed in her gut reaction for so lengthy. She’s often been a logical and metacognitive character — albeit incredibly passionate and trigger satisfied with her reactions, as well — so it appears odd that she wouldn’t at some point pause to attempt and see factors from Jung-ho’s point of view. I’m not saying he ought to have been provided a free of charge pass, of course, but just after she took off her blinders at CEO Gil’s workplace and realized that Jung-ho had been suffering and secretly attempting to make amends in his personal way, that ought to have fairly significantly been the finish of it.

But no, we had to have a auto of doom shake factors up and delay their emotional progress for a different hour. Did I delight in seeing Jung-ho go a bit crazy in the aftermath of the accident as he struggled to harness his worry? Completely. Was it funny seeing Jung-ho hover about the broken-armed Yuri like an overly beneficial mosquito? You betcha! But was it seriously the most effective timing for this distinct trope? Nah, but I guess 1 could argue that there’s by no means a superior time for a truck of doom. But, hey, at least they didn’t give Yuri amnesia… however.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 9-10

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