Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 7-8


Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 7-eight

Just when it appears like the very good guys are ultimately winning, they face not only setbacks but betrayals. When our mental coach begins to second guess his personal healing journey, will his mentees be capable to adjust his thoughts?


I am nonetheless enjoying this drama lot, but I’ll admit I’m a tiny tired of the endless circles about Coach Oh, as nicely as the corrupt Olympic officials that by no means look to get caught… and by no means look to hold my interest. That getting mentioned, the drama did take our hero on an intriguing path this week, and it is incredibly a great deal like life to see all the ups and downs that our characters go via, just in the course of a single episode.

We open on a higher note: Ga-eul welcomed with open arms at the No Medal Club, and quickly, a new journal from Gil for her to fill out. She balks and does not assume a great deal of writing down her feelings — by no means thoughts feeling them — but nonetheless, the bond that she and Gil now have is the highlight of the show. (As is his property/club getting the location exactly where struggling athletes come to crash and borrow sweats.)

And thank goodness for these two, mainly because I’m losing patience when it comes to our baddies, and I’m not certain why. It is not mainly because they’re not hateable — they are. Perhaps it is mainly because they’re just a tiny also flat? Coach Oh is the most significant @sshole character in a lengthy time, and I honestly do not know how quite a few far more occasions I’m prepared to watch Gil and the No Medal Club go all out with the dramatics (risking life and limb) to take him down… only for him to win in the finish.

We did it just before, and we do it once more this week. The No Medal Club members investigate, stakeout, hack, and get into a scrappy (hilarious) dog fight – but after once more, even with the proof stacked against him, Coach Oh runs cost-free. The shin kick that Gil delivers to him in aggravation was incredibly satisfying, and however not satisfying sufficient. What I’m craving is a adjust in the story’s tempo. I do not want to really feel like I’m on a hamster wheel. Let’s get rid of this tool and move on currently!

Exactly where we do have some important improvement is with Gil. Riding higher on their profitable sting operation to collect proof against Coach Oh — just before they even know they’re going to fail a second time — Gil meets some thing far worse: betrayal.

Initially, he and the No Medal Club study that their elaborate plans to expose Coach Oh’s match rigging and illegal gambling was in fact all masterminded by Tae-man, who shows up to gloat. It turns out all of that coming to light gets rid of his political rival — so Gil inadvertently wound up performing precisely what he didn’t want to: serving Tae-man’s ulterior motive.

But that is not the only blow to Gil’s psyche. Moo-tae, following getting taunted and tempted and threatened by Tae-man and Coach Oh, ultimately offers in. He becomes their dog — all to assistance his struggling loved ones — and Gil is utterly broken. The scene could have packed a tiny far more punch for me, but nonetheless, that puppy heartbreak in Gil’s eyes sold the entire factor.

The betrayal — along with Dr. Park’s criticisms of his behavior and mental well being — sends Gil into a tailspin. And as a great deal as I do not like to see it, it did really feel genuine. How can I support any one else when I cannot even support myself? he wonders. In the midst of all this, in a deal with Tae-man, he chooses to resign as mental coach in exchange for the difficult-fought proof to be applied once more Coach Oh. Tae-man, snake that he is, promises to get rid of Coach Oh, but saving his personal skin comes initially, and he does not adhere to via in the finish. He’s awful. And worse than that, he’s also boring. Come on, Show, you can do improved with your villains!

Exactly where the show is actually blossoming, even though, is with our two young athletes. Watching Ga-eul’s healing unfold hence far has been heartwarming and adorable, and as an alternative of a miserably clammed up girl, we now have an open and far more mature young lady. She seeks out Gil’s counsel on her personal now, and knows when she requires it — that self-awareness is a important win, as is watching her ultimately stand up against Coach Oh. You go, girl!

I also really like how the show has handled Mu-gyeol’s arc. His short but wild stint with Gil as his mental coach was like absolutely nothing he had ever knowledgeable just before. Harsh, perhaps, but it did the job. And no matter if it was shoving him in the water or teaching him how to fail (with the support of the No Medal Club!), it is good to see Mu-gyeol get the precise counsel he requires. Gil has a lot of insight on Mu-gyeol’s troubles, and he could possibly bristle in Gil’s presence at initially, but he swiftly learns that Gil is appropriate. We’ve noticed Mu-gyeol go from arrogant to broken, and now, by finish of Episode eight, he’s a tiny softer, kinder, and prepared to accept counseling from his new “personal” mental coach.

I also like the rekindled connection among Ga-eul and Mu-gyeol — they’re nonetheless drawn to each and every other, but in contrast to the sharp edges and claws of the previous, now they’re capable to sit collectively on the identical bench (or couch!) and speak, apologize, and place the previous behind them. Their cute tiny pre-romance moments lightened up an episode that focused a lot on Gil’s defeat, and it struck a very good balance.

I’m a bit torn with the drama’s pacing, even though. It feels just about as if it is attempting to do also a great deal, or pull also quite a few threads collectively all at after, and by the finish of an episode it feels like far more has occurred than I can even match in my brain — and the editing style of this drama does not support it really feel any far more cohesive.

With so quite a few colorful characters who I actually really feel for and want to see far more of — Ga-eul, Mu-gyeol, Young-to, Moo-tae — the plot spends also a great deal time orchestrating events about them as an alternative of just letting us linger with them and watch their stories unfold. For instance, that moment exactly where Ga-eul runs to greet Gil and just has this gigantic smile on her face — and he’s so touched — I want far more of that, and I want to have time in these moments, to discover the character development and their interactions with each and every other. So, far more time spent with heart-to-hearts on benches and couches, Show, and much less time with unnecessary villains!

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