Cheer Up: Episodes 1-2


Cheer Up: Episodes 1-two

The new SBS mystery-romance drama Cheer Up is lastly lighting up our screens with campus crushes, exclusive uniforms, and a down-and-out group that demands to obtain their spirit. But as the cheer squad appears for new recruits in the year of a deadly prophecy, it appears collective pep could not be the only spirit they obtain.


Cheer Up Episodes 1-2

If any person, like me, was searching forward to a drama about rapid-flying cheerleaders, I’m a small sad to say that is not what we have (at least so far). The group at the center of this show is additional like a pep squad — they do not stunt, tumble, or do complex dance routines. What we do get is songs, lights, costumes, chants, and a lot of power — which is all the purpose I have to have to watch, even if it is not what I believed I was having into.

We set the stage at Yonhee University in 2019 exactly where the majority of our story will unfold. Our heroine, DO HAE-YI (Han Ji-hyun), is beyond excited for her 1st day at such a prestigious college. Though attempting to manifest dollars by means of affirmations, she arrives on campus in a vintage varsity jacket she acquired on-line and requires images with her busted up, nowhere-close to-current iPhone.

Cheer Up Episodes 1-2

Hae-yi has the makings of a classic Candy, functioning in the modern gig economy. Along with tutoring higher college children and shelving library books, she requires gigs on a “butler service” app exactly where she does every little thing from provide dry cleaning to kill roaches — all for horribly low costs. This is how she’s paying for Yonhee and why she’s super proud of herself to be there. Her degree is going to enhance her status in society 1 day and she’s spunky sufficient not to let something stand in her way.

Our female lead meets cheer captain and all about do-gooder, PARK JUNG-WOO (Bae In-hyuk), when she’s graffitiing the stadium bleachers with her name and he tells her to clean it off. The two get off on the incorrect foot, continually operating into every single other on campus, exactly where outspoken, scene-producing Hae-yi clashes with quiet, rule-following Jung-woo. There are hints of a transform when Hae-yi sees Jung-woo execute at the orientation-day pep rally and she’s mesmerized by anything on stage. (Is it him? Or all the pyrotechnics?)

Cheer Up Episodes 1-2 Cheer Up Episodes 1-2

Jung-woo is performing with the cheer group, Theia, which will be the heart of our story. The group is experiencing a series of difficulties. They at the moment have only 4 members, which is not sufficient to carry out all their routines. The flag group accompanies them through their performances, but it turns out there’s beef among members of flag and cheer. And their funding is becoming reduce just after a 50-year-history at the university, as protestors stand outdoors the pep rally demanding Theia be dismantled.

Amongst their larger challenges (IMO) are their uniforms, which — for no apparent purpose — appear like rococo meets cowgirl. When Jung-woo claims they had been produced by style designer Andre Kim, I identified myself having behind their price range cuts. It is not all terrible, although, since Bae In-hyuk appears like a absolutely various particular person when he’s dolled up with his bangs pushed back, so that a great deal I’ll take.

Cheer Up Episodes 1-2

To round out our campus crew, we have a couple of other folks to introduce. There’s JIN SUN-HO (Kim Hyun-jin), a incredibly common (also wealthy) med student, who Hae-yi meets when she delivers a cake to him on his birthday (from his girlfriend who’s breaking up with him by means of cake message). He comes off like a jerk initially, hitting on Hae-yi just after she tends to make the delivery, but later he spots her about campus and begins to appear actually interested.

There’s also BAE YOUNG-WOONG (Yang Dong-geun), a former member of Theia (from like, 17 years ago) who hangs out with the present members and tries to relive his glory days on the group. He’s also the bartender at their nearby hangout, referred to as Cheers (the rest of this post ought to just be eyerolls). When he notices that Sun-ho likes Hae-yi he gets the notion to attempt to recruit Hae-yi to the cheer group. They have to have to recruit amongst the freshman and he thinks that given that Sun-ho is so common, if an individual Sun-ho likes is on the group then every person else will want to join.

Cheer Up Episodes 1-2 Cheer Up Episodes 1-2

Hae-yi of course desires to join the investment club so, to make it worth her whilst, Young-woong will spend her to join Theia for a month. Following she indicators up, so does her bestie JOO SUN-JA (Lee Eun-saem) and, unexpectedly, Sun-ho himself (in an work to get closer to Hae-yi).

Tryouts are awful. The 4 standing members sit by means of 1 terrible routine just after one more. Then, Hae-yi shows up and lands a triple back handspring. Uh, tryouts more than. But in reality, only twelve folks attempted out, so they let them all on the group since they have to have the numbers. We later come to find out that Hae-yi was on a dance group as a kid, but the day of her large recital was also the day her dad died. Her buried like of overall performance begins to be unearthed, but can it beat out her have to have for dollars?

Cheer Up Episodes 1-2

This is only 1 of numerous queries the 1st two episodes present. A different: is 1 of the group members going to die this year? Yep. The drama is marketed as a romance/mystery and, needless to say, it is not light on the mystery element. 1 thread has to do with a shaman that gave 3 cursed prophecies to the cheer group back in 1999 and, so far, two have come correct. The third, set to take place in 2019, is that a member of Theia will die. A second thread, that we know much less about, has to do with a former member named Yoo-min. A stage light fell on her through a overall performance and now she haunts the dreams of Jung-woo and possibly the halls of Yonhee.

The romance and mystery begin to braid with each other at the finish of Episode two when Sun-ho and Hae-yi are chosen to move up and execute with the 4 upperclassmen. Jung-woo is coaching the two freshman when it starts to rain. Sun-ho goes to get an umbrella for Hae-yi, but when he returns she and Jung-woo are sitting close and laughing. Sun-ho appears quite jealous. We see an individual watching from afar, holding Hae-yi’s application type for Theia. Just then, she begins having texts on her telephone: “Quit the squad. Or 1 of the members will die. Recall the third prophecy.”

Cheer Up Episodes 1-2 Cheer Up Episodes 1-2

Without having checking her telephone (and with Sun-ho abruptly not in sight), Jung-woo and Hae-yi clean up the practice gear. They’ve grow to be a great deal additional friendly given that Jung-woo told Hae-yi he also does not have a father — and she shouldn’t believe badly about herself for functioning all these jobs to spend for college. The truth is, she’s producing it operate. The two are in some type of basement storage space when the door slams shut and the lights go out. They’re locked inside, which triggers a memory for Hae-yi and she starts to panic and hyperventilate.

Effectively, ought to I be the 1st 1 to say it? Man is this show hokey. It nonetheless has a likelihood to be actually entertaining if it knows specifically how hokey it is and does not take itself at all seriously. There are indicators that this is the case. The tone reminds me of these self-conscious slasher films that had been common in the 90s – or, did any person ever study the Worry Street book series? It is completely that vibe. There are a lot of actually cringey scenes, like when Jung-woo tells Hae-yi, “As you see, our group has a lot of guidelines. Believe cautiously about if you want to be on the group.” Blech. But given that she calls him a “fogey” just after this, I’m hoping the show is producing entertaining of itself.

Cheer Up Episodes 1-2

And in terms of story, we’ve got classic stakes and about a million difficulties to resolve. The stakes? The cheer group will be destroyed if they do not get new members and superior routines. The difficulties? Initial, who desires to be on a group exactly where an individual will die this year? Plus, is there a ghost roaming about? Will they be capable to show up the flag group and their rival Hokyung University? Can Hae-yi pick among Sun-ho and Jung-woo (and lastly get her ex-boyfriend off her back)? Grrr, the ex-boyfriend — I didn’t introduce him since I’m hoping we never ever see the guy once more. We’ll see how fortunate we get subsequent week.

My preferred character so far is Hae-yi’s mom, SEONG CHUN-YANG (Jang Young-nam). Hae-yi complains to her that becoming poor sucks since you can not ever program for the future, you have to be concerned so a great deal about paying for right now, you can only program for the present. But rather than be offended, her mom tells her to hold saying all that intelligent stuff, “it lets me know I have a daughter at a prestigious university.” How can you not like that? On top rated of it, she tells her daughter to join Theia and appreciate her time in college. I’m searching forward to all their upcoming interactions. With these small heartfelt moments constructed in among the cheese, I’m optimistic this show can provide some brightly colored entertaining.

Cheer Up Episodes 1-2
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