Premiere Watch: Cheer Up, Love is for Suckers, Bad Prosecutor, Glitch

October three, 2022October three, 2022

Premiere Watch: Cheer Up, Enjoy is for Suckers, Undesirable Prosecutor, Glitch
by missvictrix

Dramaland just keeps on providing! This week we have lots a lot more goodness premiering: cheer squad feels, buddies-to-lovers with further squabble, a delinquent prosecutor generating problems, and an alien abduction with two quirky heroines.
Cheer Up

Time slot: Monday-Tuesday
Broadcaster: SBS
Genre: Drama, youth, romance, mystery
Episode count: 16
Causes to watch: I’m certain I’m not the only one particular that heard the synopsis of this drama and believed: can this be the subsequent Sassy Go-Go? From our lips to the drama gods’ ears! Either way, we have a campus setting, an elaborately attired cheer squad, and a new batch of recruits that join the group. With a fairly fresh-faced cast of Bae In-hyuk, Han Ji-hyun, Kim Hyun-jin, Jang Gyuri, Lee Min-jae, and Lee Eun-saem — all seeking adorable in their varsity blue — this could be the dose of campus cuteness we didn’t know we required. (Also, their commitment level is clearly ten/ten due to the reality that they wore their cheer costumes to the press conference lol!)
TLDR: Cheerleading, campus romances, threatens to also include a mystery
Enjoy is for Suckers

Time slot: Wednesday-Thursday
Broadcaster: ENA
Genre: Rom-com
Episode count: 16
Causes to watch: ENA’s subsequent drama in their Wednesday-Thursday slot is right here, and I am all about the pairing of Choi Siwon and Lee Da-hee. I’ve been fans of each of them for a lengthy time, but collectively? In a contemporary rom-com? About lengthy-time buddies that fall in adore? Sign me up! ENA hasn’t been in a position to crack the magic of Extraordinary Lawyer Woo, but they certain are bank-rolling some truly exciting dramas and actor pairings. No matter whether it is a smash hit (and the most current and greatest rom-com to go down in history), a hidden gem with a passionate fandom, or just a middling story that has a couple of moments of greatness — I’m all in.
TLDR: Great Choi Siwon and Lee Da-hee pairing, buddies-to-lovers storyline, appears spunky and exciting
Undesirable Prosecutor

Time slot: Wednesday-Thursday
Broadcaster: KBS
Genre: Crime, action, legal
Episode count: 12
Causes to watch: We could all be feeling the legal drama fatigue, but a legal drama about a prosecutor that does not care about the law? Who wears a track suit, has fizzy hair, a gang of delinquent buddies, and goes about with a baseball bat when negative guys will need to be taught a lesson? Could be a blast! With D.O. in the lead — one particular of the idol actors whose performances I’ve on a regular basis enjoyed — and Lee Se-hee hot off her results in Young Lady and Gentleman, I assume I like the cast as significantly as I like the premise. Legal shows have a tendency to just be so damn significant and repetitive, so if Undesirable Prosecutor truly has the nerve to pull this one particular off — and will have D.O. beating folks up and wreaking common havoc — I will be there for it.
TLDR: D.O., Lee Se-hee, legal drama that appears a lot more like action, superior delinquents beating up negative guys (how’s that for a drama logline?)

Time slot: Friday (single drop)
Broadcaster: Netflix
Genre: Sci-fi
Episode count: ten
Causes to watch: If you weren’t currently convinced that the Jeon Yeo-bin + Nana pairing was going to be the main draw of this drama, their pictures from the press conference will do it all for you. They virtually sell the complete show just standing there getting great. Girl crush squared! Anyway, Netflix’s Glitch is a sci-fi story that appears like it will add a heavy dose of colour, comedy, and quirkiness to the story of alien abductions, cults, and otherworldly happenings.
TLDR: Jeon Yeo-bin + Nana, aliens, quirky tone, Netflix
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