The Golden Spoon: Episodes 3-4


The Golden Spoon: Episodes three-four

Our newly wealthy protagonist rapidly adjusts to his new way of life, even though he encounters a couple of hiccups along the way. Much more people today may well be onto him than he expects, such as a person who’s all as well familiar with how the golden spoon functions.


The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4

We resume in the middle of the rifle confrontation, and Seung-cheon truly shoots — but it is a blank. Jang-gun ends up in the hospital not for a gunshot wound, but due to the fact he broke his arm when he cowered away so difficult he fell to the floor. Neither he nor his father can do something against Seung-cheon, who exposes Jang-gun’s bullying and his father’s illegal possession of firearms.

Immediately after the complete ordeal, Tae-yong’s nonetheless trembling from the residual worry, and Seung-cheon provides him a ride property. Wary, Tae-yong asks why Seung-cheon helped him, to which Seung-cheon answers that he felt sorry Tae-yong got hit in his location. Of course, Tae-yong does not have an understanding of what he indicates, and Seung-cheon waves it off by saying that he’s repaid his debt.

Seung-cheon’s definitely attempting, but it is not quick functioning from the shadows. Possessing had his generosity rejected just before, he cannot do something to outright assist his household as “Tae-yong” — not even when he witnesses his father debasing himself to wipe the landlord’s shoe with his sleeve.

The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4

Faced with the poverty he managed to escape from, Seung-cheon sneers that he created the ideal option to switch parents, but it sounds additional like he’s attempting to convince himself and his conscience.

Seung-cheon’s birthday rolls about, and with it comes lavish gifts and a resplendent garden celebration for the young master. Interestingly, Seung-cheon shares the identical birthday as Tae-yong — this cannot just be a coincidence…

As an alternative of her fiancé’s celebration, Joo-hee heads to “Seung-cheon’s” home rather. She surprises Tae-yong with a birthday present, and he cutely asks for assist with his homework, hee.

The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4

Then a cockroach abruptly scurries out from beneath the bookshelf, and Joo-hee yelps for Tae-yong to kill it — except Tae-yong’s even additional scared than she is, HAHAHA. They each shove the other in front to deal with the cockroach, which ends with them losing their balance and falling to the floor with each other.

Tae-yong stares dazedly down at Joo-hee, she blinks dazedly back up at him, and all the although I’m yelling at my screen due to the fact they’re on the pretty identical floor as the cockroach. Which sooner or later gets squashed beneath a book that Joo-hee throws at it, but y’know, that definitely took a although.

The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4 The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4

Back at Seung-cheon’s celebration, he’s busy attempting not to blow his cover. He barely scrapes by thanks to the handy list of attendees on his telephone, but a new crisis strikes when Stepmom reminds him that it is time to carry out the piano piece he often plays each and every year.

Then Tae-yong abruptly swoops in to save the day, heading straight for the piano as if that is his rightful location and playing the piece devoid of a hitch. Afterwards, he tells Seung-cheon that this is his birthday present, as repayment for the incident with Jang-gun.

The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4

Tae-yong’s piano recital leaves many people today baffled Stepmom cannot wrap her head about why “Seung-cheon” plays specifically like “Tae-yong,” and Yeo-jin appears to notice a thing amiss. Meanwhile, Seung-cheon realizes that post-swap, their habits and talents nonetheless stay their personal.

Joo-hee does not have a birthday present for Seung-cheon (due to the fact this celebration was thrown on her father’s dime, LOL), but she does have a thing to give him. Earlier, she passed by the peddler grandma, who gave her a letter to pass to “Tae-yong.”

The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4

Seung-cheon reads it, and it sends him looking for Tae-yong in a panic. Turns out the grandma forgot to inform him 1 pretty critical rule — if either individual meets their birth parents on their birthday, they’ll return to their original locations. In his rush to locate Tae-yong, Seung-cheon does not notice that the envelope has fallen out of his pocket and onto the ground.

In an really close shave, Tae-yong and CEO Hwang cross paths, but their gazes do not meet. Fortunately for him, Seung-cheon manages to block CEO Hwang from getting into the identical lift as Tae-yong, by enveloping him in a pretty sudden and pretty awkward hug. LOL, CEO Hwang’s expression is priceless.

The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4

Even though waiting for Seung-cheon, Moon-ki has a possibility encounter with Seung-cheon’s noona SEUNG-AH (Seung-yoo). She’s in the midst of an argument with the landlord and his minions for taking a peek by way of the window although she was showering, and she’s about two seconds away from beating them all up. LOL, Moon-ki tries to quit her, but he ends up acquiring a punch to the face rather. He appears taken by Seung-ah’s fighting expertise, which is cute.

Seung-cheon catches wind of this, and he bargains with the scenario by acquiring Moon-ki to beat up the landlord and his gang, all although he munches on his chips and enjoys the show. (Honestly, identical — Moon-ki can genuinely fight!) That effectively intimidates the landlord into apologizing to Seung-cheon’s household and promising to by no means harass them for rent once more, total with a fruit basket and a finger heart.

The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4

Immediately after her aspect time job, Joo-hee finds herself stalked by a strange man on her way property. Seung-cheon notices and saves her in the nick of time, and Joo-hee confesses that the man was the father of her dead middle college buddy Na-ra, who had to transfer schools right after she got caught stealing Joo-hee’s watch.

Considering that the watch was a keepsake from her late mother, Joo-hee couldn’t bring herself to forgive Na-ra and quit her forced transfer. Then Na-ra abruptly died of acute leukemia, and her father blamed Joo-hee for his daughter’s death.

Gently patting her head, Seung-cheon reassures Joo-hee that it wasn’t her fault, then muses that he understands her a small additional now. He thinks she likes “Seung-cheon” out of sympathy, like she felt towards Na-ra, but she disagrees — she likes Seung-cheon just due to the fact he’s him.

The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4

The subsequent morning, Seung-cheon finds the missing envelope slotted neatly in his textbook. Then he gets a text message: “I consider I know. You… are not Hwang Tae-yong, ideal?”

Seung-cheon’s shocked reaction is a dead giveaway, but no 1 in class is especially suspicious, even though the show attempts to fake us out with a charged moment in between him and Tae-yong.

Ultimately, Jang-gun admits to pulling a prank and sending the identical message to everybody with his mom’s telephone. Except that is not all there is to it, and we see that Yeo-jin was instructing him all along the mass messaging was basically to divert focus. She’s absolutely on to Seung-cheon, even though it appears she desires to toy with him very first, specifically due to the fact she was also the informant that filmed the video of our spoon boys dangling off the bridge.

The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4

Nonetheless, the reverse is accurate as nicely. Joo-hee’s backstory sparked suspicion in Seung-cheon, and he rapidly realizes that Yeo-jin may initially have been Na-ra. It would clarify her hatred of Na-ra’s abusive father, and Na-ra’s sudden illness.

Yeo-jin manages to deflect Seung-cheon’s suspicion, but we see that he’s ideal — Yeo-jin is the 1 who located his letter. She tucks it away in her secure, alongside her personal golden spoon.

Sick of her father’s violent methods, a young Na-ra had employed the spoon to swap locations with Yeo-jin in an act of desperation. Chillingly, present-day Yeo-jin does not appear the least bit remorseful about her actions.

The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4

Bit by bit, the secret of the golden spoon is starting to surface an offhand mention from Jang-gun has Tae-yong realizing that he (or rather, “Seung-cheon”) employed to personal a golden spoon. Considering that it is no longer with him, he heads to “Tae-yong’s” home to locate it.

Not only does he raise Stepmom’s suspicions due to his similarities to “Tae-yong,” but he also discovers the golden spoon in his secret drawer, alongside many sketches of Joo-hee. LOL, he gets annoyed at Seung-cheon for drawing Joo-hee, when he truly drew them himself pre-swap.

The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4

Seung-cheon arrives property just in time to snatch the golden spoon out of Tae-yong’s hand, angrily insisting that it belongs to him. His overreaction crosses the line, and Tae-yong leaves.

On his way out, Tae-yong crosses paths with CEO Hwang, and just his mere presence is sufficient to instill worry into the poor boy. CEO Hwang repeats his usual routine of squeezing Tae-yong’s shoulder difficult — ugh, he knows, does not he? The familiar action triggers an instinctive panic reaction that has Tae-yong hyperventilating and operating away. His thoughts may well not don’t forget, but his physique does.

The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4

It escalates into a complete-blown panic attack that has him calling Dad for assist, and Tae-yong can barely breathe by the time Dad finds him collapsed on a bridge. Dad cradles Tae-yong tenderly in his arms, assisting him by way of his panic attack till he calms down.

Interestingly, Dad mentions that he employed to struggle with panic attacks as well, adding yet another shared trait apart from their artistic talents. Provided that CEO Hwang when asked how lots of meals Seung-cheon ate at their home, I wouldn’t be shocked if he also employed a golden spoon to swap lives with Dad. CEO Hwang and Seung-cheon do appear additional alike, as do Dad and Tae-yong.

The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4 The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4

Tae-yong finds out about Seung-cheon acquiring a home for his household, and he mistakenly jumps to the conclusion that it is a bribe in exchange for him providing up on Joo-hee. He confronts Seung-cheon about it, who’s so exasperated that rather of clarifying the scenario, he requires a low blow at Tae-yong’s poverty.

Seung-cheon asserts that they reside in a globe exactly where people today would even abandon their parents for dollars, but Tae-yong scoffs at that. Altering his parents in order to turn into wealthy? Not in a million years. Declaring that he loves his parents additional than something in the globe, Tae-yong claims that he’d rather remain poor.

The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4 The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4

Challenging-pressed for dollars and determined to assistance his household, Dad ends up taking a building job. Nonetheless, it turns out to be aspect of a forced demolition project — it is much less building, additional fighting against desperate protesters.

Unsurprisingly, the riots land Dad in the hospital with extreme injuries. Seung-cheon’s present when Tae-yong gets a contact from the hospital, which indicates Seung-cheon races there just before any individual else. Upon seeing his dad lying on a hospital cot, panic and despair get the much better of Seung-cheon, and he cries out for his dad — only for the curtain to draw back and reveal CEO Hwang on the other side.

The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4

Ooh, is the cat out of the bag? Even though it appears like CEO Hwang currently knows, provided his option to strike “Tae-yong” from his will, and his deliberate statement that he does not location a great deal value on blood ties. It may well have been a test of Seung-cheon’s worth, due to the fact he began to alter his thoughts right after Seung-cheon demonstrated his small business acuity. CEO Hwang may well have caught on to the switch, and if he has, he’s definitely not as well torn up about it.

CEO Hwang is not the only individual Seung-cheon has to be concerned about, even though. Persons are beginning to develop suspicious, due to the fact no matter how a great deal study Seung-cheon does, there are some issues that just are not on the record. Discrepancies like asking for blanks to scare Jang-gun regardless of Tae-yong’s gun trauma, or drinking caffeine when Tae-yong does not — there’s only so a great deal he can clarify away just before it becomes as well dubious to think.

The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4

I’m not positive how I really feel about the adore triangle — positive, the person pairings are cute, but I’m not genuinely a fan of adore triangle dynamics in basic. Plus, it feels like they’re all communicating on various levels.

The way Seung-cheon and Tae-yong clash more than Joo-hee feels additional like a battle of egos, specifically with the way they speak about her like winning her more than is akin to asserting dominance. I guess it is not surprising provided that they’re immature higher college children, but I also cannot wait for Joo-hee to speak her thoughts and place the boys in their location.

The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4

Seung-cheon’s feelings appear to come from a location of wistful jealousy and indignation — such as his aggravation with Dad for only getting function right after the swap, Tae-yong becoming the newfound recipient of Joo-hee’s feelings, or his household spending pleased moments with each other with a son that is not him. All of the issues that Tae-yong is enjoying now really feel like they ought to be his. Except this scenario is of Seung-cheon’s personal producing, due to the fact he voluntarily swapped himself out of that position.

Even in his newfound affluence, Seung-cheon clearly nonetheless struggles with low self-worth. He’s consistently self-deprecating, like when he tells Joo-hee that there is not all that a great deal to “Seung-cheon.” He’s just becoming frank about what he thinks of himself, but he does not understand that by seeking down on himself and belittling “Seung-cheon,” it is only additional alienating Joo-hee from himself now that he’s “Tae-yong.”

The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4

Admittedly, I’m nonetheless confused by Tae-yong — how a great deal does he don’t forget? Most instances it appears like his unconscious habits and muscle memory kicking in, but it tends to make his character inconsistent in an intriguing way. One particular moment he’s all sweet smiles and innocent naivete with his household, and yet another moment he’s all suave arrogance when he’s back in his familiar wealthy atmosphere.

I do not doubt that Tae-yong would want to remain with the parents who genuinely adore him that scene exactly where he told Mom he didn’t have to have a birthday present, due to the fact he was basically grateful to have her, was so heartwarming. I personally consider that Tae-yong’s vibrant character is his genuine 1, and that his haughtiness stems from a mix of privilege and defense mechanisms, but then once more I could be incorrect.

The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4

It is refreshing how the drama moves along at a snappy pace, due to the fact I anticipated the Yeo-jin and Na-ra mystery to drag on for a great deal longer than it did. Even though there’s additional difficulty on the horizon for Seung-cheon, however Stepmom’s younger brother SEO JOON-TAE (Jang Ryul) is back from the States.

While he acts like a doting uncle in front of everybody, he aggressively chokes and threatens Seung-cheon when they get a private moment. Yikes. I wouldn’t be shocked if he was the lead to of Tae-yong’s gun trauma, and although I’m not specifically excited to locate out (I am so going to cry), I’m absolutely seeking forward to additional reveals subsequent week.

The Golden Spoon Episodes 3-4

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