Jung Hae-in and Go Kyung-pyo share a special connection in new Disney+ drama

October two, 2022October two, 2022

Jung Hae-in and Go Kyung-pyo share a specific connection in new Disney+ drama
by stroopwafel

A further dark tale is becoming spun out from Disney+’s studios, and thriller Connect has released its initially teaser video and poster. Adapted from a webtoon, the story follows the advent of a new breed of human that can by no means die. These immortal beings are named Connects, and Jung Hae-in (D.P., Snowdrop) will be playing a Connect named Ha Dong-soo.

Jung Hae-in’s character can not look to catch a break he is kidnapped and has a single eye forcibly removed. Whilst he recovers, he realizes he can nevertheless see by way of his eye and that he’s develop into connected to a man who has thrown the nation into disarray with a series of murders. Desperate to eliminate the hyperlink in between them, he decides to hunt down the serial killer.
The serial killer in query will be played by Go Kyung-pyo (Seoul Vibe). Named Oh Jin-seob, he has two faces like the Roman god Janus. At his day job, he seems each and every inch a excellent particular person and a cool colleauge but this all masks an unimaginable monster.
The third protagonist will be played by Kim Hye-joon (Inspector Koo). Her character, Lee Yi-rang, hides behind a metaphorical curtain as she aids Dong-soo. She holds secret understanding behind the entire Connect phenomena.
The complete cast has not been confirmed but, but we know that Jang Gwang (Small Girls), Kim Roi-ha (Crime Puzzle), and Yang Dong-geun (Human Disqualification) will have roles as nicely.

The video teaser is not for the squeamish, just a heads up if you do not like blood or tentacles! Two drops of blood sit on a desk, and abruptly they move of their personal volition as a voice asks, “Did you say it was a Connect?” A unique voices sings softly as a figure is approached in the evening by a vehicle. “Heavy metals, a low heat / Melt with each other, they crash…”
Reduce to Dong-soo, in discomfort and exerting himself attempting to rip off an eye patch. He runs across a roof as although he’s becoming chased, and leaps from the constructing. He lands in a heap and blood beings to pool about his head. The screen adjustments to copy: “Official Choice at the 27th Busan International Film Festival.”
We go back to Dong-soo as he lies on the ground, seemingly lifeless. From the blood, tentacles emerge and push him upright. He appears to be in immense discomfort, but he’s alive. Director Miike Takashi’s name flashes across the screen. We shift from Dong-soo to Go Kyung-pyo’s character, Jin-seob. 1st focusing on his spectacled eye, Dong-soo narrates that he can see what “that bastard” sees. As he states this, there’s a succession of swift cuts exactly where we see Dong-soo join a crowd gathered at a crime scene and then at a public telephone booth. There is Jin-seob in all his bowl-reduce glory, and although it flashes by, a bloody lady appears to be tied aloft behind him. We also get swift shots of Kim Hye-joon and Kim Roi-ha.
A disembodied eyeball pops up and then we switch to a close-up of Dong-soo’s eye. The text screen reads: “He’s connected to him.”
As Dong-soo screams, “Get out of my head!” we get a different sequence of swift shots. It is a frenzied series of moments: Dong-soo in a physical struggle with an unknown man, two people today falling atop a vehicle, Jin-seob searching rapturous and then spinning a person about in a wheelchair. Dong-soo in extreme discomfort as sparks fly is followed by a moment of Yang Dong-geun’s character partying in a club, then a horrified-searching man grasps a severed hand with tentacles flying out of a single finish. A physique bag in a cold storage unit is tied in mid-air, with Jin-seob suited up in killer gear. Dong-soo rips his eye patch off in a fury and there’s nothing at all but a dark void exactly where his eye utilized to be. The teaser ends with a tangle of tentacles spell out the word “Connect.”
Disney+ may perhaps be producing drama history: could this be the initially-ever wrist grab completed with a severed arm? Wrist grabs aside, it appears like tentacles will be a major point for the drama and frankly I’m not positive I’m right here for it. I can be squeamish, and although I appreciate Jung Hae-in, I do not know if I can manage tentacles popping out of him consistently (after or twice would be the limit for me lol). Also, are they actually going to have him put on an eye patch for the duration of the drama? I admire his willingness to appear much less than excellent, but I want that didn’t outcome in a appear that says “Pirate in search of lost boat.”
Connect will be directed by Japanese maestro of film Miike Takashi and will have its initially screening at the Busan International Film Festival. The drama will have its streaming premiere on Disney+ in December of this year.

Through Newsis, eDaily
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