Blind: Episodes 5-6


Blind: Episodes five-six

On the run and desperate, our detective is about to discover precisely who he can — and cannot — count on in his time of have to have. As the murders multiply, so do the prospective murderers, so he’s going to have to have all the aid he can get just to keep alive, let alone collect proof.

EPISODES five-six

Sung-joon has managed to escape Moon-kang, but he’s barely staying upright at this point. He drags himself to a payphone and tries to contact his companion, who does not answer. He does not have a lot of other possibilities, but he does have Eun-ki’s enterprise card — and her guarantee of aid any time as thanks for saving her life.

Regardless of obtaining noticed the news, Eun-ki answers his contact and goes to come across him. By the time she arrives, Sung-joon has hidden below a nearby tarp, practically unconscious from the blood loss. But as she assists him into her van, a vehicle approaches — Moon-kang. Pondering quick, Eun-ki hides Sung-joon out of the way and pretends to be drunk and waiting on a designated driver. It performs, and Moon-kang leaves annoyed but none the wiser.

Eun-ki requires Sung-joon back to the children’s center exactly where she’s been staying considering that the hostage incident and tends to his wounds (although she does tie him down just to be on the secure side). When he ultimately wakes up and orients himself, he borrows her telephone to study the news.

Only then does he understand just how significantly he’s becoming accused of — and how a lot of persons have died. Worst and most puzzling is that Man-chun’s son was also killed. Sung-joon had located him face-down in the tub and resuscitated him just just before the other detective arrived on the scene.

For now, even so, Sung-joon is secure. Eun-ki has hidden him in the storage constructing, and as lengthy as he stays inside and out of sight, he need to be fine. Except, of course, that the van Eun-ki drove had the name of the center painted on it, and Moon-kang is as well cautious not to investigate. But Eun-ki bluffs her way via just adequate to convince him to leave once again.

Though all this unfolds, we ultimately get some critical confirmations. Sung-joon is certainly Yoon-jae, although he does not appear to try to remember significantly, if something, about Hope Welfare. And although there could nonetheless be a twist in shop, it is in all probability quite secure at this point to say Sung-joon is not the Joker Killer (thank goodness!).

As for the fantastic Hope Welfare escape, we discover two extra critical information: 1) #11 seems to have been Yoon-jae’s actual older brother, and two) #7 sold them out to Mad Dog in exchange for his personal release. Therefore the tragic failure of their program.

Now that Eun-ki has a tiny extra facts at her disposal, she suggests they attain out to Sung-hoon for aid. Sung-joon figures it is pointless, offered Sung-hoon’s unrelenting principles, but he agrees to attempt. Eun-ki sneaks a note to Sung-hoon… and he hands it proper more than to the detectives.

But it is all a ruse. Sung-hoon knows the only way to pull this off is to fool even Sung-joon, so he lets the detectives set up a trap for Sung-joon to stroll proper into. But aw, a couple of of the detectives, which includes Sung-joon’s companion, are in on Sung-hoon’s program, and they aid Sung-joon evade capture.

Sung-joon is devastated, till Eun-ki meets him back at the children’s center with Sung-hoon in tow. With tears in his eyes, Sung-joon jumps up to hug him (aww). But Sung-hoon clarifies that he’s only in this to catch the accurate culprit — and he’s nonetheless not one hundred% convinced it is not Sung-joon.

So Sung-joon begins winning him more than with proof. That fingernail (which he located close to the crime scene, phew) might have the killer’s DNA on it, and he currently turned it in for testing. There’s also an audio file of Man-chun’s conversation with the killer, which is at present in Moon-kang’s possession.

Sung-joon goes to Moon-kang’s home to search for the file. Regrettably, Moon-kang catches him, but Sung-joon escapes once again by a hair. Even extra however, an individual else has currently swiped — and burned — the USB with the file. In the wake of but a different failure, Moon-kang snaps, taking his rage out on his poor wife and, eventually, accidentally killing her.

Meanwhile, Quickly-gil, nonetheless angry more than a road rage incident the evening of the trail, has been stalking one particular of the troubled teens Eun-ki’s operating with. He ultimately gets her in his taxi and drives her out to the woods to murder her (!). The girl calls Eun-ki for aid, and Eun-ki rallies the police. When Eun-ki finds her, she’s badly beaten, but nonetheless alive.

From the girl’s description, they’re capable to pinpoint Quickly-gil. But a shadowy figure — #7, all grown up — gets to him initial. Sung-joon finds Quickly-gil’s front door open and Quickly-gil dead inside. He also finds Quickly-gil’s telephone hidden away to record the complete factor.

Though Sung-hoon mulls more than the recording, Sung-joon sneaks back to Quickly-gil’s home and walks via the murder primarily based on audio cues. One thing feels off, although, till Sung-hoon has a burst of inspiration and calls to recommend Sung-joon match the sound going downstairs. As he does, he finds himself shuffling unevenly. The killer has a limp. And so did one particular of the jurors.

I have to say, this was my favored pair of episodes Blind has offered us but. Sung-joon and Eun-ki make a fabulous group, even extra so when you add Sung-hoon’s straight-lacedness into the mix, and their quieter scenes added some significantly-required levity to all the murdering. Plus, I’m a sucker for a wrongly accused fugitive.

Even although Sung-joon began the episode with pretty much no one particular to turn to, it was sweet seeing just how a lot of persons had his back by the finish, from his fellow officers (minus one particular) to the mortician to the restaurant ajumma.

Though Sung-hoon is not entirely off my suspect list just but, I do consider he cares extra about his tiny brother than he lets on. He was surely impacted when Sung-joon described his kidnapping and torture, and he did come via in some massive approaches when Sung-joon required him.

And now I’m a tiny bit in adore with this investigative trio (the scene exactly where Sung-hoon supplied Sung-joon with every little thing from handcuffs to a motorcycle and Sung-joon just looked so proud was my favored of the week!), so I’ll be pretty much as devastated as Sung-joon himself if Sung-hoon does turn out to be a killer.

Anyway, Sung-hoon is not the only suspicious character of the bunch. There is, of course, our limping juror, who really properly could be #7 (although I’ll be shocked if he’s also the Joker Killer himself). And there’s also one particular juror who keeps flying below the radar and but normally appears to be present: the young workplace worker who was conveniently late to the gathering the evening of Quickly-gil’s murder.

One thing about him felt a bit as well completely charming from the really commence, and his hassle-free but not entirely verifiable excuses are beginning to pile up. But he appears to have taken an interest in Eun-ki, so if his stories do commence displaying holes, I envision she’ll be the initial to notice.

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