Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final)


Very good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

All superior items — and Very good Job — ought to come to an finish, but our drama reaches new levels of suspense with its conclusion. Our villain is not going to go down with no a fight, and it is all hands on deck as our detectives (each amateur and police) group up to bring him to justice. But do not be concerned, there’s lots of romance and giggly cuteness, also.


Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final) Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

Though we ended our penultimate episodes with a extended awaited hot-and-steamy kiss amongst our major couple, our finale quickly dumps a cold bucket of water on us in the kind of a flashback to Sun-woo’s mother’s death — speak about a mood killer. In the aftermath of his mother’s murder, Sun-woo wandered the hospital hallways in a daze and stumbled upon a young Sera, who was suffering from a nightmare. With no a single about to comfort her, Sun-woo requires her hand, and so, it turns out our major couple did officially meet as kids.

I personally could have completed with no this added tiny detail, but the drama does attempt to connect the tragedy of the previous to the present by displaying these two coming complete circle. This time it is Sera who’s comforting Sun-woo via the lingering effects of a nightmare, and we get a slightly additional condensed replay of final week’s kiss. It is decidedly much less hawt this time about with the murder and traumatized childhood memory nonetheless fresh on the brain, so I want they’d just skipped the kiss and transitioned into our adult characters waking up just after the kiss — with matchmakers Na-hee and Jin-mo watching them sleep, like two proud ajummas who have effectively set their youngsters up on a blind date.

Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

Sun-woo wakes up from his nap with Sera with a clearer head and a nagging feeling that some thing is off about Wan-soo’s attempted suicide. That is correct, Wan-soo is nonetheless alive — albeit unconscious — and Sun-woo is not the only a single who concerns the situations of Wan-soo’s overdose and suicide letter. Tae-joon, who has been provided a short-term remain from prison due to his father’s situation, believes the attempted suicide is very out-of-character, and Gwang-ki’s cop intuition is tingling difficult sufficient that he’s prepared to meet with Sun-woo and swap notes.

Sun-woo reports that he saw Wan-soo’s hyperlipidemia medication on the table subsequent to the sleeping tablets, suggesting he took them about the very same time. But why would a man intending to kill himself be concerned about his cholesterol? Sun-woo advises Gwang-ki to test Wan-soo’s bloodwork to confirm if he’d taken the medication prior to his overdose. If the test comes back constructive for traces of the medication, then they have a valid explanation to suspect foul play. Gwang-ki agrees to do the test, but below the situation that Sun-woo keeps Sera out of the investigation. For after, the two guys agree on some thing.

Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

If Wan-soo didn’t attempt to unalive himself, then there’s only a single achievable suspect for the attempted murder: Jae-ha. Gwang-ki wastes no time cranking up the heat to make their prime suspect squirm. He approaches Jae-ha and reintroduces himself as a fellow alum from the very same orphanage. Not only is he now a police detective, he tells Jae-ha, but he also overheard Jae-hae’s conversation with Angel Ajumma way back when and knows that Jae-ha is Wan-soo’s son. In quick, he’s mad sus of Jae-ha.

At the very same time, Sun-woo sends Director Hong off on a solo spy mission to gather Jae-ha and Wan-soo’s DNA to prove that they’re father and son. Immediately after collecting a strand of Jae-ha’s hair, Director Hong sneaks into Wan-soo’s workplace and scours the furnishings with a blacklight, hunting for a further strand of hair for the DNA comparison. He’s virtually caught in the act — major to a extremely humorous hiding spot — but it turns out Sun-woo wanted Director Hong to be spotted by Jae-ha. If Jae-ha knows that they’re suspicious of him, then the anxiousness may possibly bring about him to slip up and make a error.

Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

But sufficient of this spy stuff. When the boys have been off gathering proof against Jae-ha, Sera has been left to her personal devices, patiently waiting for Sun-woo to do harm handle and manage the aftermath of Wan-soo’s “suicide” and the scandal brought on by his written murder confession. But all of the alone time has provided Sera the freedom to overthink her suitability for Sun-woo. She’s worried that her childhood connection to his mother will bring back negative memories for him. Na-hee, even so, reminds Sera that her worries are not an concern for Sun-woo. Sera deserves happiness and shouldn’t shy away from it.

And so, Na-hee assists Sera arrange a star-gazing date with Sun-woo. There’s a lot of giggling amongst the two females more than this selected date simply because, apparently, a confident-fire way to see stars for the duration of attractive instances — if you know what I imply — is to very first do some actual star-gazing. But neither Sera nor Sun-woo are overly romantic, so Na-hee and Jin-mo crash — er, save — the new couple’s very first date, bringing with them all the required picnic accouterments (e.g. wine, meals, and camping chairs) to take the date from blah to ta-dah!

Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final) Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

In the middle of the double date, Gwang-ki calls Sun-woo, so Sun-woo and Jin-mo excuse themselves, telling the ladies that they’re going to get some additional meals for their picnic. When they are out of earshot, Sun-woo returns Gwang-ki’s get in touch with and learns that Gwang-ki and Dong-hee have followed Jae-ha to the extremely very same campground exactly where Sun-woo and Jin-mo had been possessing their double date. At the very same time, Sun-woo notices a shifty hunting person (Jae-ha’s goon) watching him.

Sun-woo explains the circumstance to Gwang-ki, and tells him to go guard Sera. In the meantime, Sun-woo and Jin-mo — who comically claims to have been conditioned to take beatings from his mom and teacher — remain back and fight off Jae-ha’s goon. From a distance, Sera’s super-vision catches sight of the scuffle, but then she spies Jae-ha watching her via a pair of binoculars. When he’s shocked that she can see him from so far away, she’s even additional shocked to see that he has blue eyes, which he’s been hiding behind a pair of brown-colored contacts.

Seeing Jae-ha’s blue eyes triggers the memories that had previously manifested as her nightmares, and she faints from the shock. When she wakes up, Jae-ha and his goon have escaped, but she now remembers every thing, which includes the reality that she witnessed Jae-ha deal the death blow that killed Sun-woo’s mother. She blames herself for Angel Ajumma’s death, wishing she’d attempted to save her alternatively of watching passively in worry, but Sun-woo assures her that his mother’s death is not Sera’s fault.

Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

The group regroups briefly in the batcave prior to going their separate approaches. Sun-woo and Jin-mo join Gwang-ki and Dong-hee to search Jae-ha’s apartment, and Na-hee leaves Sera to sleep off some of her trauma when she bakes Sera some comfort meals. Sadly, what none of them are conscious of is that Jae-ha’s goon stole Sun-woo’s employee ID for the duration of their tussle, and so Jae-ha was capable to important into Sun-woo’s workplace and come across the elevator down into the batcave.

By the time Sun-woo and his expanding investigative entourage return to the batcave, it is also late. Sun-woo and Jin-moo can only play back the CCTV and watch in horror as Jae-ha corners Sera, chokes her into submission, and kidnaps her. Like just about every vindictive negative guy who requires the hero’s lady hostage, Jae-ha utilizes Sera as bait to lure Sun-woo to him. He calls Sun-woo and instructs him to come — alone — to the spot exactly where it all began: the woods exactly where he killed Sun-woo’s mother.

When Sun-woo drives straight to exactly where Jae-ha has taken Sera, the rest of the crew is delayed checking out an alternate place that proves to be a boobytrapped dead finish. Jin-mo pulls up the tracker he secretly installed in Sun-woo’s watch, but when the group hops in their vehicles to comply with, their tires are blown out by the spikes Jae-ha left in the road. Suspecting that Jae-ha has set up an equally elaborate trap for Sun-woo at his correct whereabouts, they have to hoof it the rest of the way to the orphanage.

Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final) Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

And the trap Jae-ha has set for Sun-woo appears plucked straight from a Dudley Do-Ideal cartoon, except alternatively of tying the damsel to some train tracks, he’s bound Sera to a chair and strapped a bomb about her neck. When Sun-woo locates Jae-ha at the spot of his mother’s murder, Jae-ha explains the circumstance to Sun-woo: do not do something funny — or else I’ll push this button and Sera will go boom! Sun-woo is instantaneously submissive, permitting Jae-hae to beat and kick him, and Sun-woo gets down on his knees and begs Jae-ha to let Sera go.

Alternatively, Jae-ha continues to study from the villain’s handbook and monologue all his grievances, revealing a enormous inferiority complicated on top rated of his currently complicated daddy difficulties. His jealousy clouded his perception, and he was in no way capable to really feel Angel Ajumma’s sincerity. All he saw was pity, so, yes, he killed her when he believed it would endear him to his father.

Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

Unable to include his rage, Sun-woo lunges at Jae-ha, but just after a tiny additional wrestling, Jae-ha puts Sun-woo in a headlock. Till — whack! — Sera hits Jae-ha more than the head with a rock. Sera, who is far from a damsel in distress, managed to undo her bindings, reduce the wire that disarmed the collar bomb, and come to her man’s rescue. That is my girl!

Jin-mo and the rest of our heroes lastly arrive on the scene, but they’re also late to capture Jae-ha, who has fled into the woods. Fortunately, Jin-mo taught Sun-woo effectively, and Sun-woo came up with his personal program B. When he was fighting with Jae-ha, he slipped his watch — which he knew Jin-mo was tracking — in Jae-ha’s pocket, enabling Sun-woo to comply with Jae-ha for a single final physical showdown.

Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

This time, with no Sera in danger, Sun-woo goes complete tilt and unleashes 20 years of discomfort and anger, but as he picks up a rock and aims to smash it at Jae-ha’s head, he realizes this is specifically what Jae-ha craves. He desires to corrupt Sun-woo and make him a murderer, also. Sun-woo struggles, hunting prepared to give into his fury, but then the scene abruptly cuts to Jae-ha getting loaded into the back of a squad automobile.

It is all more than for Jae-ha, specifically due to the fact Sera had the forethought to grab a voice recorder prior to she was kidnapped. She recorded Jae-ha confessing that he killed Sun-woo’s mom, which indicates he can not lie and pin the murder totally on Wan-soo.

Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final) Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

With Jae-ha arrested, our drama winds down to an finish with a series of optimistic and fluffy moments. Even Tae-joon appears to be on the path to a redemption arc when Sun-woo explains to him that he has a son — a son that his personal father attempted to kill.

If Tae-joon is prepared to admit to his crimes and atone for them, then Sun-woo promises to speak with Ah-ra and place in a superior word for him. It is nonetheless her selection, of course, whether or not or not she will let him meet his son, but demonstrating that he’s attempting to be a improved man than his personal father will most likely boost his probabilities. And speaking of Tae-joon’s father, Wan-soo wakes up.

Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final) Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

With the fate of our villains out of the way, the story turns to our several couples and platonic pairings. Director Hong is nonetheless annoyingly attentive to Sun-woo but entirely useless at assisting choose out a necklace for Sera, so Sun-woo offers Sera a additional meaningful cross necklace that his mother after gifted him. They sweetly exchange I-enjoy-yous.

But as they’re leaving the restaurant that Sun-woo rented out for their fancy date a paparazzi snaps images of them. News that Sun-woo is dating a regular lady hits the world wide web, and even even though Director Hong is capable to suppress the reporters, there’s not significantly he can do about the netizens.

Gwang-ki is outraged by all the nasty, speculative comments about Sera, so he hunts down Sun-woo and goes via the complete protective huge brother routine. But just after Sun-woo apologizes and calls Gwang-ki hyungnim, Gwang-ki softens. He’s virtually putty in Sun-woo’s hands just after Sun-woo loans him some pricey detective gear. Gwang-ki even calls him dongsaeng, and now Sun-woo is aspect of their located household! Dawwwww!

Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final) Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

But that is not the final we see of Gwang-ki. He wants a romantic conclusion, also, but he’s entirely dense and has no notion that Dong-hee has been crushing on him. Her eyes virtually roll out of her head when he tries to guess the identity of her mystery man. Miraculously, just after he watches her take down a perp with a kick to the head and physique slams a further on the ground, he lastly recognizes his partner’s attractiveness.

“About time you notice,” she says as she cuffs her perp, and I applaud her snarky self-assurance. I’m very disappointed that we did not get additional of her, so who do I have to get in touch with to get a Dong-hee and Gwang-ki buddy cop drama bankrolled?

Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

Moving back to our lead couple, they spend Sun-woo’s mom a stop by. Sera apologizes for not getting capable to guard Angel Ajumma, but she promises to guard her son. As they leave the cemetery, Sun-woo tells Sera about his most recent company venture, which is not a detective agency. Alternatively, he’s establishing a foundation developed to assistance teenagers who’ve aged out of protective solutions to grow to be independent, and he desires Sera to run it.

But what about the detective agency? Properly, even even though Jin-mo’s law practice has been flooded with requests just after it was leaked that he was somehow connected to the private detective that aided the police in arresting Jae-ha, it is not like a huge-shot chaebol can be a complete-time detective, correct? What about aspect-time? And what if they only take situations for men and women who definitely will need it?

Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final) Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

Possibly later, simply because very first Sun-woo desires to take trip with Sera, and in order to make it occur, he steals the RV that Jin-mo had rented for him and Na-ee. (Do not be concerned, people, Jin-mo has tickets to Paris as a program B.)

Immediately after parking the RV for the evening, Sun-woo prepares some tea for Sera, and she says that she desires to drink tea with him just about every day. Sun-woo objects to the implied proposal, but only simply because he plans on proposing. Cue a extremely delighted Sera who plants a bunch of kisses on his face. In response, he throws a blanket more than her and sweeps her up in his arms and boasts that he’s stealing her — wrapping up the drama with a further cute nod to Bossam: Steal the Fate.

Okay, it is not definitely the finish, simply because there is an epilogue in which Sera forces Sun-woo to quit the RV when she recognizes a place described in a single of the a lot of requests for their unofficial detective agency’s assistance. With some reluctance, Sun-woo agrees, and our couple undergoes a wardrobe alter. Jin-mo and Na-hee join them — simply because apparently solving mysteries is additional entertaining than Paris — and our favourite detective group offers us a thumbs up.

Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

It virtually feels like the setup for a sequel — like an open-ended guarantee for additional detective situations to come — but, fortunately, that most likely is not the case. Unless it is the aforementioned buddy cop spin-off focusing on Gwang-ki and Dong-hee, with some specific cameo appearances from the other cast members, I’m not interested in a sequel. Do not get me incorrect, I’ve totally enjoyed metaphorically hanging my brain on the coatrack by the door and just enjoying this wacky ride, but a massive aspect of this drama’s appeal is its oversimplification. Very simple does not will need — or deserve — a sequel.

I in no way got about to watching Bossam: Steal the Fate (it is on my list!), but even so, this drama nonetheless somehow managed to really feel like an alternate universe fanfiction that a person cooked up simply because they weren’t prepared to say goodbye to these characters. Once more, this is not so significantly a complaint as it is an observation. There had been a lot of components of this drama that had been intentionally added for the fans — of each Bossam and old college K-drama tropes and silliness — and I located that to be very entertaining, even if the writers seemed to have run out of suggestions close to the finish and reached back into the 1950s to come across tropes that they could exploit.

Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

As a person whose feminist ideals are frequently at odds with my appreciation for more than-the-top rated romantic tropes that are entirely rooted in sexism, I appreciated that this drama managed to come across a delighted balance that appeased my warring sides. I’m an absolute sucker for the moment just prior to the hero usually rescues his lady — the moment when he reveals how passionately he loves and cares for her via his palpable worry, which hits him like a wave prior to he rushes to save her. The drama definitely nailed this clichéd moment for the duration of Sun-woo’s showdown with Jae-ha, but it didn’t provide it at the expense of our heroine, who nonetheless had the strength and intelligence to save herself.

General, I’ve enjoyed this drama, and I will miss the laughs and the characters — specifically Jin-mo. Jung Il-woo is enormous eye candy, and his on-screen chemistry with Kwon Yuri is off the charts, but I’ve generally loved a man who can make me laugh. I’ve got my eye on you, Eum Moon-seok. If your subsequent drama is not a comedy, I’m going to be very upset!

Good Job: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

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