Lee Sung-min in Disney+

September 30, 2022September 30, 2022

Lee Sung-min is a Shadow Detective in Disney+’s new mystery thriller
by stroopwafel

It appears like Disney+’s developing K-drama slate is generating area for slightly darker stories, judging from the newest promos for upcoming drama, Shadow Detective.

Lee Sung-min (Juvenile Justice) plays the protagonist in this mystery-thriller, and he’s a veteran of the police force with 30 years of practical experience beneath his belt. One particular day he requires a telephone contact that alterations his life — with that a single contact, he goes from veteran to the prime suspect in the murder of a fellow officer. Soon after getting framed — and getting unceasing threats from a caller whose identity remains unknown — our hero ought to re-examine his previous in order to clear his name.
Joining Lee Sung-min will be Jin Gu (Superior Day), Kyung Soo-jin (Mouse), Lee Hak-joo (My Name), and Kim Tae-hoon (Navillera).
In the newest show poster, our hero stands hunting worn but resolute. The text above him reads, “I will catch you, no matter what the expense.” In a single of the new stills, we see our hero getting that fateful contact, and we also have a couple of shots of him with Jin Gu’s character, who will prove to be an ally of sorts as he operates to clear his name and catch the killer. Although Jin Gu’s character is initially skeptical of our hero’s innocence, his suspicions give way to trust and the two group up to uncover the truth.
Kyung Soo-jin will be playing a newly transferred section chief to the precinct exactly where this whole mystery requires spot. There’s no information on Lee Hak-joo’s character but, so portion of me hopes he’ll be a squishy, puppy maknae form and not terrifying like his earlier characters in A Couple’s Planet and My Name. (Even though it ought to be stated that he’s superb at getting scary, in a “love to hate” sort of way.)
Kim Tae-hoon will play a character who holds a crucial piece of the mystery that surrounds the calls and the murder. He and our hero had been after closer than close, but as Kim Tae-hoon’s character rose up the ranks, their partnership grew strained.

And considering the fact that this is a promo bonanza, we also have a quite cool, specially created director’s preview reduce. When the video begins, two automobiles are just barely visible in the distance. The automobiles race into a tunnel and as they come into view, a single automobile swerves into the other, causing a collision and epic flip. Two figures emerge, a single from every single automobile, and the particular person whose automobile has flipped struggles to run away as the other figure pursues.
The automobile-collision-causer is Lee Sung-min’s character — and he’s laser focused on the other particular person. He pulls out a gun and shoots, with each shots locating their mark. Extremely, the other driver is nonetheless mobile but when he stumbles and falls, our hero shows no mercy. He continues to advance and shoots, once again and once again. He’s eerily calm and as he bleeds from his forehead the screen alterations to superimpose Shadow Detective more than his face and it leaves him with a single devilishly red eye.
Directed by Han Dong-hwa (Navillera), with the script written by rookie writer Im Chang-se, Shadow Detective will premiere in October on Disney+.

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