If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 15-16 (Final)


If You Want Upon Me: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

It is time to say goodbye to our hospice household, and it is bittersweet. But we get a strong finale that returns to what this drama does greatest: heartwarming moments and healing. Our small supervisor has come a extended way given that he 1st arrived at the hospice, and he’s prepared to do what ever it requires to safeguard his newfound household. Fortunately, that devotion goes each strategies.


If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Our final episodes genuinely emphasize the which means of household and who gets to claim that title. I enjoy a great located household, so that is been one particular of my preferred elements of the drama, and I’m glad the finale brings us residence, so to speak. But just before we get back to the heartwarming stuff, it is time to wrap up the gangster shenanigans and evil father drama.

We ended final week with Ki-joon’s underling aiming his bat at Gyeo-re’s head. As anticipated, Ki-joon calls him off, angry that he’s attacking his son that no one particular was conscious he had. Gyeo-re, becoming who he is, gets his father to leave by going with him, breaking Tae-shik and Yeon-joo’s hearts. No one particular buys Gyeo-re’s challenging act that he’s carrying out it for selfish causes given that it is apparent to any individual who’s met him that he’s sacrificing himself to safeguard the hospice.

Gyeo-re tells Yeon-joo more than the telephone that he has no regrets given that his want of becoming content at least as soon as came correct at the hospice. If it sounds ominously final, that is mainly because it is – Gyeo-re currently set a strategy in motion, and leads his father to exactly where Seok-joon is waiting.

Seok-joon watches as the gangster boss beats Gyeo-re on Ki-joon’s orders. When Gyeo-re stands and grabs his father, begging for mercy, Ki-joon says he’s only attempting to teach Gyeo-re just like when he was a kid. Ugh. Gyeo-re holds Ki-joon tight and signals to Seok-joon across the way who then drives his automobile straight at them.

Correct at the moment Gyeo-re is ready to die, Tae-shik drives his ambulance in between him and the oncoming automobile. Tae-shik and Seok-joon each finish up unconscious. In the course of the commotion, the gangster boss requires this chance to stab the unsuspecting Ki-joon. He’s angry that Ki-joon claimed he was his son but then dropped him the second his genuine son showed up.
If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Reaping what he sowed, Ki-joon calls out for Gyeo-re in his final conscious moments, but his son is busy attending to Tae-shik, the man who definitely loves him like a father. Ki-joon later dies in the hospital, alone. Gyeo-re does stand as chief mourner at his funeral, although, which is extra than he in all probability deserved. Group Genie and Joon-kyung are the only ones who come to spend their respects, but they’re just there for Gyeo-re.

It is a fitting finish for Ki-joon who drove absolutely everyone away with his abuse and stayed unrepentant all through his life, in no way acknowledging how he hurt these about him. I’m glad they didn’t give him a redemption arc – some men and women opt for to be awful till the finish rather than becoming the particular person you hoped they’d be.

Tae-shik stayed with him a lot longer than Ki-joon deserved. He only turned him in 4 years ago soon after seeing the abuse the girls endured in their “business.” I’m not confident how it took him that extended to recognize what was going on, but perhaps he just didn’t want to see it. Either way, that was the finish of his 20-year friendship with Ki-joon.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 15-16 (Final) If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Ki-joon may possibly in no way have discovered from his blunders, but the younger generation does. Seok-joon survives the accident and goes to prison, but he appears prepared to turn more than a new leaf. And then there’s Joon-kyung who acts like a diverse particular person. She all of a sudden desires to reside, cares about men and women, and respects Gyeo-re’s opinion, prepared to leave him alone if he in no way desires to see her once again. She even assists the other exploited ladies turn proof against the gangster boss to get him place away.

I located her turnaround frustrating and unrealistic. Mental illness constructed upon decades of trauma is not resolved by just mastering that your parents didn’t abandon you. Her character was genuinely mishandled, which is a shame given that I believe she could’ve been an fascinating character.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 15-16 (Final) If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

It feels fitting that our final wisher is Tae-shik. He worked so really hard to grant others’ wishes, and now it is his turn. He’s illness is progressing quickly, but Gyeo-re cannot acknowledge the inevitable. He gets a text saying that Tae-shik’s final want is to have his funeral prior to his death with absolutely everyone, so the complete gang heads to the beach.

When they get there, Gyeo-re is stunned to come across out that they’re in fact there to celebrate his birthday. Tae-shik’s final want was to give Gyeo-re his 1st-ever birthday celebration. It is genuinely touching, despite the fact that it is dampened a bit by the truth that they type of traumatized Gyeo-re by saying it was Tae-shik’s funeral. There had to be a further way to get him there that wasn’t so imply.

Tae-shik passes on his watch to Gyeo-re as his birthday present. Then, he tends to make Gyeo-re cry when he tells him, “Happy Birthday, son.” Gah, these two are so sweet.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

A couple of odds and ends are wrapped up as nicely: the social worker who was stabbed by Ki-joon is carrying out fine and dating a nurse, Dr. Yang is happily dating an individual new, and Gyeo-re and Yeon-joo are going robust. Oh, and Gyeo-re adorably got Son tattooed more than his burn scar. We even get to see some of the former wishers’ household living nicely.

We then jump ahead a year to soon after Tae-shik has passed away. Group Genie is nevertheless going robust with Gyeo-re getting taken more than Tae-shik’s supervisor part. Tae-shik left all his revenue to Group Genie for want granting, so they had been in a position to develop their personal dementia village for Deok-ja and other individuals. We finish complete circle with Gyeo-re welcoming a rough-about-the-edges neighborhood service volunteer (cameo by Lee Yumi). She arrives on a motorcycle searching more than every little thing, bringing her pet turtle with her.

What a fitting ending. I loved seeing Gyeo-re take more than his adoptive father’s part, readying to pass on the healing to a further troubled young particular person. I’m glad we got to return to the warmth and lighter tone of the earlier episodes at the finish. The drama was at its greatest when focusing on healing and household.

The characters had been genuinely the core of this drama. I loved Gyeo-re and the hospice household, and it was beautiful to watch him gradually achieve self-assurance and come across his location amongst them. I nevertheless believe we could’ve performed with no the gangster stuff, but I genuinely enjoyed the drama nonetheless and will miss our want-granting household.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

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