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So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for a lot more (or agonizing when there was no a lot more), and what produced you want to throw your remote by means of the screen? Time to weigh in…



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Seasons of Blossom: I’ve decided to savor this a single and watch the episodes gradually, and Episode five was a true treat. That hair-cutting scene almost killed me. I have a weakness for hair-cutting scenes in fiction (I’m truly not confident why), and Seo Ji-hoon may just have a single-upped my fantasy. Add in the small hair clip and the apology post-it and I’m a goner.



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Adore in Contract: To be sincere, I’m not a substantial fan of Park Min-young, but I’m prepared to admit that — Forecasting Adore and Climate aside — she’s quite fantastic at selecting dramas that turn out to be “classics.” She may have an additional hit on her hands with Adore in Contract, but as soon as once more, my factors for tuning in have small to do with Park Min-young and almost everything to do with, nicely, almost everything else. I’m drawn in by the exclusive notion of a experienced contract wife, the side characters, the complicated (albeit overly dramatic) chaebol planet, and, of course, Go Kyung-pyo. I adore his socially awkward character to bits, and any scene he’s in is my favored. With Great Job wrapped up, this is now the show I appear forward to just about every week.

Alchemy of Souls: I waited till this a single completed airing so I could binge it, but now it turns out I do not have the consideration span for a lengthy binge fest. (What is incorrect with me!?) I’ve enjoyed the 1st three-four episodes that I’ve watched, although. The planet is so gosh darn quite, and I have legit currently purchased the OST even although I’ve barely place a dent on this drama.

Today’s Webtoon: I’m 3 episodes away from the finish, but I’m dragging my feet to total this drama. I’m so close to the finish line, that I really feel compelled to total it for the sake of my bean count, but on the other hand there are so quite a few new dramas that I want to verify out rather. I have a powerful feeling this a single will be place on pause till the holidays, when I will not only have a bunch of free of charge time on my hands but a stronger need to up my bean count ahead of the finish of the year.



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Seasons of Blossom: I’m watching only for the previous timeline. I locate it heart fluttery but depressing — a mixture I apparently require proper now.

Adore in Contract: This is so nonsensical. And I’m completely addicted to it. I maintain attempting to turn it off and then questioning how an additional episode went by. I typically do not have any distinct like or dislike for Go Kyung-pyo but he’s charming right here. Despite the fact that, it may be saying some thing that I locate the antisocial a single the only likeable character.

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