News bites: September 29, 2022

September 29, 2022September 29, 2022

News bites: September 29, 2022
by tccolb

Lee Dong-wook (Poor and Crazy) is on the casting table for A Excellent Man (roughly translated), a heartwarming comedy that follows the ups and downs of a man who is just attempting to take care of his loved ones, job, and the appreciate of his life. The a single tiny tiny difficulty is that he’s also the heir to a loved ones of mobsters, dating back 3 generations. With scripts by Kim Woon-kyung (Yoo-na’s Street) and filmmaker Song Hae-sung (Boomerang Family members) at the helm, filming is scheduled to start out early subsequent year as soon as casting has been finalized. [YTN]

Youth drama Sajangdol Mart (roughly translated) announced their most important lineup and the fresh-faced cast consists of: Lee Shin-young (Rookie Cops), EXO’s Xiumin, Monsta X’s Hyung-won (Fly, Once again), Choi Jung-woon (The Empire) , Choi Won-myung (Greasy Melo), Lee Se-ohn (Jang-geum, Oh My Grandma), and Kim Sha-na. In a story about an idol group who open a shop with each other immediately after disbanding, PD Lee Yoo-yeon is attached to direct with writing by Jang Kyung-rim. [News1]

Clockwise: Lee Shin-young, EXO’s Xiumin, Monsta X’s, Hyung-won, Kim Sha-na, Lee Se-ohn, Choi Won-myung, and Choi Jung-woon

Lee Sang-yi (Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha) and Bae Da-bin (It is Wonderful Now) have been added to the cast of Han River, joining Kwon Sang-woo (Curtain Contact). Delving into the day-to-day function of the police force, the crime procedural is at present in the arranging stages with PD Kim Sang-chul heading the production group. [Xports News]
Kim So-hyun (Adore Alarm two) has been cast in a new webtoon adaptation named Is It a Coincidence (roughly translated), playing an animation production PD who is scared of appreciate. The romance is set to start out filming later this year, with scripts penned by Park Geu-ro and PD Song Hyun-wook (Golden Spoon, The King’s Affection) as the talent behind the camera. [News1]

New character posters have been released for TVING’s upcoming drama Bargain. Starring Jin Seon-gyu (Via the Darkness), Jeon Jong-seo (Income Heist Korea: Joint Financial Region), and Jang Ryul (Golden Spoon), the disaster-thriller will be premiering subsequent month on October 28. [News1]
The very first promos are out for Disney+’s Connect, unveiling new character stills of Jung Hae-in (Snowdrop), Go Kyung-pyo (Adore in Contract), and Kim Hye-joon (Inspector Koo). Directed by Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike (The Fantastic Yokai War: Guardians), the mystery-thriller will be featured at the Busan International Film Festival in October, prior to releasing to a wider audience this coming December. [MBC]

Disney+ released their very first poster for Casino, showcasing leads Choi Min-shik (In Our Prime), Sohn Seok-gu (My Liberation Notes), and Lee Dong-hwi (SF8). Written and directed by Kang Yoon-sung (Lengthy Reside the King, The Outlaws), the crime-action will be coming to our screens in November. [News1]

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