The Law Cafe: Episodes 7-8


The Law Cafe: Episodes 7-eight

This week our story is decisively split into two components as our heroes 1st tackle the fallout from their lies and attempt to rectify their blunders in an honorable and legal manner. But when feelings run higher for the duration of a suspenseful predicament, our hero measures more than the line he wasn’t ready to cross however, and his annoyingly mixed signals leave our frustrated major lady wanting to hurl objects at his stubborn head.


The Law Cafe: Episodes 7-8

I was currently a quite huge fan of Yuri, specifically just after her current story arc exploring sexual harassment and consent, but I became her individual cheering squad this week when she voiced the similar objections I had in the aftermath of Eun-kang’s misguided vigilante justice. At the police station, Jung-ho and Eun-kang are totally committed to their lie, but Yuri has a poker face that is practically as poor as Park Shin-Hye’s character from Pinocchio. Her face clearly telegraphs her objections.

To make matters worse, Seo-yeon — straight off maternity leave — is the officer in charge of their case, and she’s quickly suspicious of almost everything coming out of their mouths. Even if you ignore the truth that Seo-yeon has recognized Jung-ho and Yuri forever and is familiar with all of their tells, their story reeks of bull feces. Why would great samaritans, who supposedly followed the bullies when they saw them grab Min-kyu, not attempt to interfere? Why stand by idly and film almost everything as an alternative?

The Law Cafe: Episodes 7-8 The Law Cafe: Episodes 7-8

Absolutely everyone sticks to their fabricated version of events when they’re at the police station, but just after they’ve reassembled at the cafe, Yuri voices her dissent and tries to convince the other people to appropriate their blunders. It is a crime for them to report a false kidnapping and frame the bullies for the arson, she reminds them, and two wrongs do not make a ideal.

Thank you, I yelled at my Television screen, at least an individual has some sense! I swear, the longer this show airs, the additional convinced I am that Yuri is a actual particular person that has somehow been magically transported into a K-drama, and now she’s on a mission to contradict all our trope expectations and contact out the fictional characters for their idiocy.

Joon and Woo-jin — like me — agree with Yuri, and just after a small additional convincing, Jung-ho and Eun-kang guarantee to ideal their wrongs and recant their story. But in undertaking the suitable point, Jung-ho swears to punish the bullies in an honorable way. And how may well he do that, you ask? Properly, just after Jung-ho and Eun-kang recant their preceding lies and somehow go unpunished for them — yay, for handy circumstantial loopholes! — Jung-ho, with help from the rest of the group, prepares to prove the extent of the bullies’ crimes at Min-kyu’s college violence hearing.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 7-8

At the hearing, the opposing lawyer, who’s there mostly in defense of lead bully HONG JI-HOON (Park Sang-hoon), is speedy to point out that this is not a courtroom trial when Jung-ho begins utilizing a bunch of technical jargon. Sadly, pointing out the distinction backfires on the lawyer, and Jung-ho requires benefit of all the techniques the hearing is not an actual courtroom trial. Namely, there’s no require for his video proof to have been obtained legally, and when the other lawyer tries to paint Min-kyu as an equally culpable delinquent simply because of the current arson, Jung-ho reminds the lawyer and parents present that the fire was began by an unrelated adult who only got involved simply because even he — a sensible stranger, no significantly less — was appalled by the extent of the bullying.

Jung-ho turns the entire hearing into adequate of a circus that the only clear outcome is to punish the bullies, but the bullying case does not finish there. Seo-yeon and the police continued their personal investigation into the college violence and found — with some further support from Group Law Cafe, of course — that Ji-hoon’s father, the mayor, had been blackmailing the college and teachers to cover up the bullying scandal. But that is not even the extent of his father’s crimes. Offered that Ji-hoon’s father was golfing buddies with Pyun-woong, it is not all that surprising that he had some further criminal skeletons in his closet.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 7-8

Even just after his father’s arrest, even though, Ji-hoon is mostly concerned for himself. Jung-ho had led Ji-hoon to think he’d obtained incriminating videos of Ji-hoon and his buddies from their telephone, so when Ji-hoon sees Jung-ho at his property in the aftermath of his father’s arrest, he follows him and whacks him more than the head with a brick.

When Jung-ho regains consciousness, he’s tied up and Ji-hoon is attempting to unlock his telephone in order to delete the incriminating videos he thinks are stored on there. Ji-hoon’s fellow bullies are anxious, even though, and sensing the increasing tension amongst the teenagers, Jung-ho is capable to convince the other two to leave and contact for support, which is how Seo-yeon and the police are capable to find him.

Even though the police struggle to acquire entry to the property, Yuri shows up, and she is not about to waste time when her man is in danger. She hops behind the wheel of her SUV and drives it via the garage door — reckless, but really efficient. Cannot argue with these final results.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 7-8

The police swoop in and detain Ji-hoon, and Yuri frets more than Jung-ho’s wounds. She’s overcome by emotion as her worry and adrenaline collide, but even when she’s shaking and crying, she nonetheless has it in her to give Jung-ho shit for having kidnapped by a middle schooler. To calm her down and show her that he’s all ideal, Jung-ho does the only logical point: he kisses her. And then he promptly runs away — actually.

Welp, there it is people, the prophesied kiss-and-run. Certain, it is two episodes later than we had been expecting, but it is not terribly surprising that Jung-ho would default back to his preceding cowardice when gut-punched by his ongoing internal conflict. Jung-ho could have taken a step towards Yuri final week, but he’s nonetheless got that ugly, unpruned side of his loved ones tree to contend with prior to he’s prepared to method her romantically. Plus, when he ultimately did get about to wooing her, he wanted to do it the suitable, romantic way.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 7-8 The Law Cafe: Episodes 7-8

Jung-ho goes to excellent lengths to stay clear of Yuri — significantly to her confusion and aggravation. But just after meeting with a trusted sunbae and handing more than proof that his father omitted important proof for the duration of the trial for the Dohan warehouse fire, Jung-ho resolves to inform Yuri the truth. But then he finds out that Woo-jin has invited Yuri and her employees to join him on his travels to a modest rural island exactly where he frequently delivers cost-free healthcare checkups for the locals. Now that he plans to inform her the truth, he can not let her travel — with his cousin, no significantly less — without the need of him.

Jung-ho unexpectedly beats the cafe crew to the island, and he’s waiting for them when they arrive. Yuri is not amused with his cavalier and unannounced reintroduction to her each day life just after his unexplained absence, and so the two resume their usual bickering. This leads to them each separately providing cost-free legal suggestions to the locals. Inadvertently, they take opposing sides on their subsequent case, which is truly a not-so-subtle allegory for their connection.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 7-8

On the surface, their case is about PARK WOL-SUN (cameo by Kim Young-ok) and NA MAK-RYE (Kim Ja-young), two buddies who have neighboring properties. The catch is that Wol-sun’s house can only be accessed by way of a road that cuts via Mak-rye’s land. The two females have lived harmoniously for years with this arrangement, but then Wol-sun began behaving oddly. She wouldn’t let Mak-rye reduce across her house to acquire access to the mountain to gather herbs, and she was also inexplicably stingy with her mugwort rice cakes. In retaliation, Mak-rye blocked Wol-sun from utilizing the only road major to her house.

As Jung-ho and Yuri argue in defense of their customers in front of the town council, their words turn into overly passionate and individual. Yuri sympathizes with Mak-rye, who does not fully grasp why her pal has all of a sudden turn into secretive and imply, but Jung-ho can relate to Wol-sun’s need for privacy. She’ll share her troubles on her personal time. Eventually, each sets of buddies tentatively reconcile, with Yuri and Mak-rye each deciding to be additional patient and understanding of their buddies who are really clearly dealing with one thing they are not prepared to speak about.

And what specifically is Wol-sun going via? Properly, just after Yuri sneaks a handful of bites of Wol-sun’s mugwort rice cakes, just to see what all the fuss is about, Wol-sun’s secret — make that her secret ingredient — is exposed. She’s been increasing marijuana! Initially, she began harvesting and consuming the plants she’d located increasing in the wild for medicinal purposes, but then her son located out about her weed plants and started to develop and sell the marijuana.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 7-8 The Law Cafe: Episodes 7-8

Even though Yuri sleeps off her higher, Wol-sun and her son are arrested. Jung-ho accompanies Wol-sun to the station and assures her that as a 1st time offender, she will probably be let out with a warning. (Just for the record, I really feel all sorts of conflicted seeing actress Kim Young-ok — everyone’s favourite halmoni — behind bars for cooking up edibles. It is an odd mixture of depressing and amusing.) Her son, on the other hand, will get a stiffer punishment. Soon after reflecting on her existing predicament, Wol-sun gives Jung-ho some sage suggestions: do not waste time pushing away and hurting the folks you care about.

With Wol-sun’s words in thoughts, Jung-ho runs back to inform Yuri the truth, but it is also late. She’s currently observed the breaking news report exposing his father’s corruption and connection to Dohan Group. Yuri tearfully appears at him and admits that she’s beginning to hate him, just as he’d predicted and feared. This time, even though, Jung-ho appears to have located the courage to hold on. He tells her that she can hate him, but he begs her not to leave him.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 7-8

Ultimately the secret is out! If they’d dragged it out 1 additional week, I would have located a way to inform Yuri myself — a la W: Two Worlds style. As funny as it was to see Jung-ho run away from his most current kiss with Yuri, the back and forth of Jung-ho’s commitment was emotionally exhausting, and I half-wished the brick to the head would have knocked some sense into him. Alas, the brick didn’t support, but a poorly timed news report did.

And funnily adequate, we can thank our villain Pyun-woong for ultimately exposing the dark loved ones secret that has been maintaining our lead couple apart. He didn’t get a lot of airtime this week, but I located myself missing his chaotic evil. The additional he’s on screen, the additional I want to attempt and figure him out.

How significantly of his behavior is calculated? And is it all an intentional ruse to stay unpredictable and unassuming, or is he just acting like a man-youngster simply because he knows it pisses off his father? Likely each, but what I wasn’t expecting was for him to expose — rather than bury — the scandal about Dohan Group’s influence more than Jung-ho’s father and other prosecutors. Does he actually hate his father so significantly that he’s prepared to self-sabotage if he can bring his ungrateful bio-dad down with him? It surely appears that way, It tends to make me curious to see what he does subsequent.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 7-8

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