Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 5-6


Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes five-six

With a single athlete icing him out, and one more a single — equally stubborn — that he’s attempting to aid, our mental coach spends most of his time attempting to win trust. With the occasional truth bomb thrown in for fantastic measure.


Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 5-6

I do not generally draw focus to episode titles but I just loved how they worked thematically this week for our episodes. Episode five was entitled, “Black Bird on My Shoulder” and fittingly, the episode is a lot about darkness, anxiousness, and premonitions. And not gonna lie, when we watched this inky black bird come and sit on Mu-gyeol’s shoulder immediately after his charged encounter with Gil — it was so spooky!

Not extended immediately after, Gil gets his personal blackbird: all through the episode he keeps seeing the suicide that was hinted at in a earlier episode. We have been led to think it was a flashback, but now it is clear it was a premonition, and the reality that he keeps seeing detailed flashes of it tends to make him nervous. The Group Korea jacket. The bandaid on the person’s finger. Gil is not so considerably haunted as he is on higher-alert.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 5-6 Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 5-6

A massive chunk of our episodes this week concentrate on Mu-gyeol I like this storyline fairly a lot, but Ga-eul also felt a bit sidelined from the plot (even though they make up for it later). Anyway, Mu-gyeol is our swimming prodigy who’s terrified the drugs he’s taking will come to light. And it only requires a hot second for the photo of him with the dealer to get leaked, and send him into a downward spiral. As Gil says, he’s in panic and mistrusting every person about him. Who ratted on him? It is the worst probable emotional state for him to be in, for the reason that he’s currently getting what appears like super intense panic attacks.

Although Mu-gyeol is suffering, all the leadership is scheming. Seriously, every person in a leadership position in this drama is totally incorrigible, even though on distinct levels. Tae-man is playing Gil, and the Mu-gyeol scandal, to oust his rival — or so he thinks. In the finish, he’s really been out-played by Gil and the No Medal Club.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 5-6

We return to the No Medal Club as if a sort of house base. They’re generally a step ahead, they’ve generally got some scheme rolling, and as opposed to the other individuals, they care about the athletes as humans (considering the fact that they know what it is like). So, when we saw Gil give the proof to Tae-man final week, it was bait, for the reason that they knew he’d use it. Tae-man was outplayed this as soon as — and furious about it — but I wonder if he’ll underestimate Gil again…

Meanwhile, Gil is nevertheless attempting to win Mu-gyeol’s trust (or at least a listening ear), but he strangely does this by letting the kid get caught by the Anti-Doping Association. Appears like a hard-enjoy play, but in actuality, he’s performed his investigation and he knows not only what Mu-gyeol is taking, but that it is not prohibited for swimmers.

Certain sufficient the benefits come back clean — what Mu-gyeol’s been on is an anti-panic drug. This, of course, spirals into its personal scandal, but it is Gil that is truly attempting to get at the heart of it. Gil knows what he’s witnessing in Mu-gyeol and tries to get by means of to him on a lot of (and very emotional) occasions. You have yips — not a panic disorder — that is why the drugs are not assisting you. You will need to treat your anxiousness now just before it destroys you, Gil says.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 5-6 Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 5-6

Significantly like we saw when Gil was attempting to get by means of to Ga-eul, he knows that: 1) the person in query demands to be in a position to ask for aid in order to be helped and two) that admitting the truth to your self is the 1st step. Properly, Mu-gyeol has no intentions of admitting that but — it is sad, he’s so freakin’ traumatized by his step-father and all the abuse and education and mental strain he’s been below.

Hey, that really sounds a lot like our tiny heroine! Like Mu-gyeol, she’s buckling below the weight of her personal traumas, abuse, and strain. Ga-eul and Mu-gyeol are really extremely related in character and in circumstance, and as hinted at previously, they share a previous.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 5-6

We see a flashback of them 4 years ago — as properly as other flashbacks and rumors of rumors. As suspected, they had a fledgling romance going on, but at some point it buckled below the weight of stated rumors. 1 evening Mu-gyeol asked desperately why Ga-eul was observed coming out of Coach Oh’s space in the wee hours, and he requires her lack of response as admission (meanwhile, we know she’s dying inside).

It is a rumor that nevertheless carries weight amongst the group, and also serves as a dividing line for Ga-eul when Coach Oh began his existing abuse pattern. And his abuse of her is nevertheless ongoing — he tends to make her life a living hell — pretty much as if he’s attempting to get back at her…

Amongst quite a few other awful actions, Coach Oh “coincidentally” tends to make Ga-eul’s group occasion and the national tryout test on the exact same day, and even when she shows up for the test and qualifies, he nevertheless will not concede her win. This guy gets worse by the day, and even goes to hit Dr. Park… seriously, I do not comprehend how this man has a job. Then, a single of the quick-track skaters relinquishes her spot for the reason that of him (creating space for Ga-eul), and I cannot blame her for leaving.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 5-6

By means of all of this, Ga-eul is continuing her miserable journey of based on no a single, trusting no a single, and attempting to convince herself she’s sturdy. Similarly, Mu-gyeol has his mantra about getting undefeatable, but it is a lot more like he’s attempting to convince himself than really believing it. Each characters are shown in moments exactly where they want to give in and accept Gil’s aid and trust him, but the unfavorable voices in their heads overpower them.

Ga-eul is a tiny ahead of Mu-gyeol in her healing journey, even though, so she ultimately reaches the point of getting in a position to ask for aid. Just after getting pushed to the finish of her rope with Coach Oh and her teammates, with attempting to make the proper selection, with the stress from her family members — and the massive reveal that her father is alive and in a facility — she cannot take any a lot more.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 5-6 Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 5-6

She epitomizes our Episode six title, “Crustacean Molting.” Her challenging outer shell is ultimately gone, and she’s the vulnerable weak creature underneath. But, as our fantastic coach says, “When you are at your weakest you commence to develop.” She runs by means of the rain to the No Medal Club and is greeted by Gil and the crew with so considerably enjoy and warmth (and towels! and hugs! and smiles!) — it was so heartwarming it created me cry.

Therefore far the drama is carrying out a terrific job of displaying us — by means of Gil’s experiences and the way he approaches the athletes – that what a person who’s hurting and weighed down by stress and anxiousness definitely demands is a person to really feel with them, and comprehend. It is what changed every thing for Gil back when (secret chaebol) Dr. Park cried more than him, and now we see it taking place with Ga-eul. And Mu-gyeol is subsequent! As it is, Gil provides so considerably assistance — and sorely required hugs — to these two. I enjoy what a mamma bear he is haha.

And outdoors of all the facing of traumas, acknowledging of truths, and accepting of aid to appear forward to, we also have the No Medal Club’s subsequent mission: ousting Coach Oh as soon as and for all. Let it be swift, and let it be satisfying.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 5-6

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