A look at the colorful cast of Bad Prosecutor

September 28, 2022September 28, 2022

A appear at the colorful cast of Undesirable Prosecutor
by missvictrix

KBS’s legal-action drama Undesirable Prosecutor has dropped a further teaser ahead of the premiere, and we get not only a peek at the action, but keyword intros for our most important characters. Each are enjoyable to see, considering that the drama adds a lot of colour by way of its exciting and break-the-mold characters, and the action and craziness that is sprinkled all through. At the extremely least, this will not be a dry courtroom drama.

Immediately after initially seeing our hero, his colleagues, and his crew in action, the teaser offers us freeze-frames exactly where we’re introduced to them by name and hashtag descriptors.
Very first up is Jin Jung (D.O. of one hundred Days My Prince), our delinquent prosecutor, who has no trouble making use of his fists (or his helmet, as we see in the teaser) to bring baddies to justice. His key phrases are: #disturbingspeciesintheecosystem and #crazydelinquentprosecutor.
Subsequent up is Shin Ah-ra (Lee Se-hee of Young Lady and Gentleman), the senior prosecutor who’s desperately attempting to hold Jin Jung in verify. Her key phrases are: #hasbigdreams and #aimingtobefirstfemaleattorneygeneral.
The subsequent character is Lee Chul-gi (Yeon Joon-seok of My Strange Hero), who: #soundsseriouswhenjoking #soundslikeheisjokingwhenserious #manwithadocumentarylife
And ultimately we have Baek Eun-ji (Joo Bo-young of Twenty 5 Twenty A single) — whose hashtags are: #illprotectmyhusbandmyself and #neighborhoodvelociraptor — and my individual preferred Go Joong-do (Lee Shi-un of Crazy Like): #passionisprohibited and #hackerskillsdoubtful
In the teaser we also get glimpses of our ambitious prosecutor Oh Do-hwan (Ha Joon of Crazy Like), the head of civil affairs (Kim Sang-ho of Insider), and our head prosecutor (Kim Tae-woo of Cleaning Up).
Written by Im Young-bin (Sketch) and directed by Kim Sung-ho (Move to Heaven), KBS’s Undesirable Prosecutor premieres October five in the Wednesday-Thursday slot.

Through KBS, Sports Planet
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