Kim Yoo-jung is a 20th Century Girl in Netflix

September 27, 2022September 26, 2022

Kim Yoo-jung is a 20th Century Girl in Netflix’s upcoming romance film
by missvictrix

Did you just study that headline and discover your brain failing to connect the words “Netflix” and “romance”? Have no worry, you study it correct. Netflix’s anticipated new film 20th Century Girl stars Kim Yoo-jung (Lovers of the Red Sky) as a higher schooler in 1999 and tells the story of her 1st really like. And also her BFF’s. And there’s not only 1st really like and summery filters, but 90s style and technologies. Oh the nostalgia!

The teaser opens with our heroine Na Bora (Kim Yoo-jung) loading up a VHS tape, and we quickly see footage of her frolicking amongst cherry blossoms. We also see how close she is with her bestie Yeon-du, who’s played by Roh Yoon-seo (Our Blues).

Yeon-du is in the midst of her 1st really like, and even though she’s away, Bora promises to observe almost everything about him and report back to her. Therefore starts Bora’s observations of Baek Hyun-jin — who is played by Park Jung-woo (D.P.) — and it is all chronicled in the most adorable and heart-warming way attainable. Is this actually a Netflix production?
In the course of her observations, although, a new boy seems in her camcorder viewfinder, and it appears like romance instances two. OMO it is my beanstalk Byun Woo-seok (Moonshine)! Quickly Bora’s observations from afar come to be a lot more private, and we see her operating about and interacting with each boys with maximum fluttery cuteness.
Written and directed by Bang Woo-ri, Netflix’s film 20th Century Girl releases on October 21. Possibly to make up for the truth that this is a film and not a drama (boo!), according to reports we can also count on cameos from Gong Myung, Ong Seong-wu, and Han Hyo-joo. No complaints right here!

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