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September 25, 2022September 25, 2022

Could I Assist You’s Lee Jun-young will be your errand boy
by missvictrix

Hyeri (Moonshine) is generally a hoot, but yeah, it is Jun (a.k.a. Lee Jun-young) (Let Me Be Your Knight) I’m searching most forward to right here right after his great turn in Imitation. They each star in MBC’s upcoming hijinks-filled drama Could I Assist You, which tells the story of a lady who can speak to the not too long ago deceased, and an errand boy/butler who charges subsequent to nothing at all and will do practically something.
The new teaser opens with Jun’s character Butler Kim and his companion marketing the opening of their errand organization and their dirt low cost charge. We see Butler Kim performing random jobs from dog-walking to carrying heavy water jugs although dripping with manliness (and LOL on the blur more than his supposed abundant armpit hair). But just before their organization can even get going appropriately, they come across themselves getting boycotted and in danger of going broke.

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It is not clear from this trailer how funeral director Baek Dong-joo (Hyeri) gets acquainted with them but, but we see her searching mischievous, somehow entangled with Butler Kim, and also saved by him in an epic crosswalk save-grab. The trailer focuses largely on the comedy and ridiculousness — which appear to run robust with this drama — but there’s also the fantasy angle of Dong-joo’s story that will certainly add even a lot more complications.
Also starring are Song Deok-ho (Hyperlink: Consume, Like, Kill) playing a police officer, Han Dong-hee (The A single and Only) playing a medical professional, Tae In-ho (Ghost Medical professional) as Dong-joo’s boss, Lee Kyu-han (Sunbae, Do not Place on That Lipstick) as Butler Kim’s uncle, and Oh Dae-hwan (Adamas) as a priest (!).
Co-directed by PD Shim So-yeon (Welcome two Life) and PD Park Sun-young, and written by Lee Sun-hye (20th Century Boy and Girl), Could I Assist You premieres on October 19 in the Wednesday-Thursday slot.

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