Blind: Episodes 3-4


Blind: Episodes three-four

Just following the verdict is reached and the sentence pronounced, an additional murder throws the case of the Joker Killer wide open once again. At this point, no one particular appears completely trustworthy — not even these who are supposed to stand for justice and truth.

EPISODES three-four

Blind: Episodes 3-4

Like final week, every single episode starts with extra of the Hope Welfare backstory. Only one particular of the children — Yoon-jae, the youngest — is referred to by name for the other people, we only have numbers as identifiers.

The leader of the group, #11, is the one particular who escaped but was betrayed by officer YEOM KI-NAM (Jung In-gi). He was punished — tortured, rather — and would have been killed if Mad Dog hadn’t been feeling celebratory about his wife’s pregnancy. As quickly as #11 reunited with the other people, he began arranging their significant escape.

Blind: Episodes 3-4

In the present day, as our characters attempt to recover from the traumatic events of the previous couple of days, they’re wracked by but an additional tragedy. One particular of the jurors, influencer YEOM HYE-JIN (Baek Seung-hee), was murdered the similar evening following the trial. Her injuries match Ji-eun’s precisely, appropriate down to the length of the Joker scars, which means this is either the similar killer or an really meticulous copycat.

Just about quickly, Man-chun is ruled out as a suspect, considering that he was holding Eun-ki hostage at Hye-jin’s time of death. Given that the other jurors had been the final to see Hye-jin alive, Sung-joon and his colleagues start off by questioning every single of them. Some act shiftier than other people, but pretty much all have verifiable alibis.

Blind: Episodes 3-4

One particular of the two who do not is taxi driver CHOI Quickly-GIL (Choi Jae-seop). He’d provided numerous jurors a ride residence following their dinner celebration, and Hye-jin was the quite final to be dropped off. Not only that, but Quickly-gil had displayed an uncanny burst of road rage when a motorcyclist reduce him off, and he’d been leering at Eun-ki and Hye-jin in his mirror for substantially of the drive.

The extra Sung-joon appears into Quickly-gil, the extra suspicious he appears. Turns out, he was in the unique forces with Moon-kang, and the two even have matching spider tattoos, which Moon-kang says was one thing a group of old colleagues did collectively on a whim. What he does not inform Sung-joon is that Quickly-gil also worked at Hope Welfare Center, and had approached him just following the trial to say he’d spotted one particular of these children.

Blind: Episodes 3-4 Blind: Episodes 3-4

It is rapidly becoming clear that all the things taking place in the present is associated to Hope Welfare. Hye-jin was the daughter of Ki-nam, who’s now a police chief. Even prior to Hye-jin’s physique was found, Ki-nam heard from Moon-kang that his loved ones may be in danger — and confident adequate, an ominous whistling man had taken Hye-jin’s son out of kindergarten to give him a bag of snacks. The similar snacks Ki-nam purchased #11 prior to driving him back to Hope Welfare.

As Ki-nam desperately searches for clues, he recognizes Sung-joon’s necklace as one particular belonging to Yoon-jae. Sung-joon says it was a present from his noona who died a lengthy time ago, and that checks out, as well: Yoon-jae had entered Hope Welfare alongside his older sister. And it is implied that Ki-nam either assaulted or killed her (or each).

Blind: Episodes 3-4

What does not rather verify out is that according to official paperwork, Sung-joon wasn’t adopted, and his present parents had been the ones who filed his birth record. Even though they do mention “taking in” one particular of their sons, it is unclear which they’re referring to. (Although they have no difficulty explicitly stating which son is their mutual favored. Hint: It is not Sung-joon.)

Meanwhile, the favored son is performing some sleuthing of his personal. He hands his telephone more than to the detectives, considering that he’d texted every single juror to confirm their security following Man-chun’s escape, and makes use of that chance to casually ask Sung-joon about his personal whereabouts that evening.

Blind: Episodes 3-4 Blind: Episodes 3-4

Sung-joon either does not catch on or pretends not to know what Sung-hoon is actually asking. He happily answers that he was out hunting for Man-chun, element of the time alone and element of the time with his companion.

Sung-hoon can not get Man-chun’s accusations out of his head, so late one particular evening he searches Sung-joon’s auto. And what does he come across but one particular of Ji-eun’s earrings. At that similar moment, Sung-joon is sitting in bed, staring thoughtfully at one particular of Hye-jin’s fingernails. Eeek.

All these investigations merge when Man-chun asks to speak to Sung-joon alone on the hospital rooftop. Sung-joon complies, although he completely expects this to be an additional murder try. As an alternative, Man-chun falls to his knees and begs for assist.

Blind: Episodes 3-4

His young son has a brain tumor and was about to be discharged if they couldn’t spend his bills, but an anonymous caller promised to spend their debt if Man-chun would take the fall for a murder that was about to come about. Almost everything — from holding Eun-ki hostage to Man-chun’s wife’s Joker scars — occurred according to that man’s orders.

Proper following Sung-joon leaves the rooftop, the officer guarding Man-chun is knocked out by a blow from behind, and Man-chun falls off the roof to his death. Sung-joon is not selecting up anyone’s calls, so a manhunt ensues. They track his telephone to a motel… exactly where an officer finds him holding a knife that is buried in Man-chun’s now-dead wife.

Needless to say, this does not appear excellent. The officer has his finger on the trigger and will not listen to Sung-joon’s attempts to clarify, so Sung-joon fights him off and flees. But Moon-kang’s guys are waiting in his auto to kidnap him.

Blind: Episodes 3-4 Blind: Episodes 3-4

When Sung-joon comes to, he’s in a dark basement. It appears a lot like Hope Welfare, and his disorientation increases as Mad Dog gradually walks toward him, whistling. Although Sung-joon reacts when Moon-kang calls him Yoon-jae, he does not appear to recognize that Moon-kang actually is Mad Dog, or to completely have an understanding of he’s getting accused of killing Ji-eun till Moon-kang spells it out for him.

When Moon-kang moves closer with a knife, arranging to rather actually reduce Sung-joon to pieces, Sung-joon somehow manages to fight his way free of charge with his hands nonetheless tied. They chase him by means of the woods to the edge of a compact cliff. With nowhere else to go, Sung-joon jumps off the cliff, hitting his head on the way down and knocking himself unconscious.

Blind: Episodes 3-4

Possibly it is Taecyeon’s winsomeness, or possibly it just feels as well clear, but I actually hope Sung-joon is not the actual killer. That moment with the fingernail was surely creepy, but it could nonetheless be a misdirect. Sung-joon could have swiped it from one particular of the jurors he interviewed, or discovered it in Sung-hoon’s space, or even taken it from the crime scene. And just simply because the killer utilised Yoon-jae’s name does not necessarily imply he is Yoon-jae.

Speaking of the jurors, they bring an fascinating and one of a kind dynamic to the story. As humans are normally wont to do, they bonded quite rapidly by means of their shared knowledge — only to understand in a quite sudden and sobering way that they essentially know nothing at all about every single other.

If the killer’s voodoo dolls are any indication, their collective nightmare may perhaps be just starting. So here’s hoping the innocent ones can band collectively and assist recognize the killer prior to lots of extra of them meet the similar fate as Hye-jin.

Blind: Episodes 3-4

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