The Golden Spoon: Episode 1-2


The Golden Spoon: Episode 1-two

In a globe exactly where wealth determines hierarchy, poverty can drive a individual to make intense choices. When our impoverished protagonist is presented a mystical tool that can turn his life about, he grasps it like it is his final lifeline — but all items come at a expense.


The Golden Spoon opens with an introduction to our young golden spoons — our protagonist LEE SEUNG-CHEON (Yook Sung-jae) surveys his classmates, assigning ranks to them primarily based on their net worth. A single student stands out as the richest of the wealthy that is the chaebol son of Doshin Group, HWANG TAE-YONG (Lee Jong-won, yay!).

Even education is a luxury to an individual like Seung-cheon, whose only likelihood of acquiring prized study notes is by swiping them when he delivers meals to an academy. Seung-cheon is the epitome of a dirt spoon, and he performs a second aspect-time job at a comfort retailer.


A buyer rudely demands a pack of cigarettes, refusing to show his identification card, till Seung-cheon twists his arm — HAHA, it is his buddy! PARK JIN-SEOK (Shin Joo-hyup) greets his pal with a wide grin on his face, displaying off the fancy new sneakers his mom purchased for him.

Of course, when a drama begins out with an adorable friendship, you know it is going to pull the rug out from beneath you. Mired in the debt brought on by Doshin Group’s forced redevelopment plans, Jin-seok’s parents take their personal lives, and a devastated Jin-seok follows suit.


Outdoors the funeral hall, Seung-cheon gets shoved about by bully PARK JANG-GUN (Kim Kang-min), who sneers that Jin-seok’s suicide tarnished their school’s prestigious reputation. He eggs Seung-cheon on to punch him, but Seung-cheon holds back — if he hits Jang-gun, it’ll expense him dollars. Revenue that he does not have.

As opposed to Seung-cheon, Jang-gun can afford it. He slaps Seung-cheon tough, then tosses a fifty-thousand won bill down at Seung-cheon’s feet to cover the expense. Ugh, that is so demeaning.


Noticing the confrontation, Tae-yong walks up to the group, and the bullies straight away quit to bootlick him. LOL, Tae-yong gets each Seung-cheon’s and Jin-seok’s surnames incorrect, searching adorably confused when 1 of the cronies corrects him. Hey, at least he managed to defuse the scenario?

Left alone, Seung-cheon has no option but to swallow his pride and choose up the crumpled note — and it is witnessed by Tae-yong’s father, CEO HWANG HYUN-DO (Choi Won-young).


Not only is CEO Hwang a snob that thinks Tae-yong need to only invest time with folks on his level, but he also holds small empathy for his son. When Tae-yong does not reside up to his expectations, CEO Hwang harshly calls his function trash and warns him to make the most of the likelihood he’s been offered.

It sends Tae-yong into a panic attack, causing him to hyperventilate so badly he can barely attain for his medicine bottle. He downs a pill to calm himself, suggesting this is not an uncommon occurrence, and he slumps against the cabinet as his legs give out from beneath him. Oh, Tae-yong…


The subsequent day, Seung-cheon heads to Tae-yong’s home, obtaining been named there by Jang-gun to pass him the assignment he wrote for him. Seung-cheon passes by a roadside peddler promoting antique wares, and a golden spoon catches his consideration.

Supposedly, the spoon can make him wealthy — the old lady tells Seung-cheon that he just has to consume 3 meals with the golden spoon, at the home of a boy the identical age as him, in order to swap parents and switch lives. It is a tempting offer you, offered how deep in debt his household is. In spite of his skepticism, Seung-cheon ends up acquiring the spoon.


When Seung-cheon arrives, Jang-gun humiliates him however once more by handing him his payment in complete view of absolutely everyone. Except Tae-yong has a great heart, and he invites Seung-cheon to keep for a meal, to the disbelief of each his stepmother and Jang-gun. (Ha, Tae-yong cocks an eyebrow at them, as if daring them to disagree.)

Haughty Jang-gun instructs the housekeeper to give Seung-cheon stainless steel cutlery, alternatively of the gold ones absolutely everyone else gets. That is the cue for Seung-cheon to brandish his personal golden spoon, and as he tucks into his meal with gusto, the golden spoon glows for a short moment.


At the college library, Seung-cheon notices Tae-yong struggling to fully grasp the reports his father assigned to him. Heading more than to his table, Seung-cheon quickly explains the ideas to Tae-yong, impressing him. Just before extended, he’s teaching Tae-yong and assisting him with his report.

That report earns Tae-yong a uncommon word of praise from his father, and he can barely hide his relieved smile. Tae-yong invites Seung-cheon out for dinner, placing meals on his plate and beaming as Seung-cheon eats heartily. Aww, their budding friendship is so cute — give me far more smiley Lee Jong-won, please!

“The “The

At Seung-cheon’s comfort retailer job, there’s a new aspect-timer — it is NA JOO-HEE (Jung Chae-yeon), a vibrant-eyed girl with an equally radiant smile. It is clear she’s creating a budding crush on gruff but great-natured Seung-cheon, and it is adorable.

Tae-yong pays Seung-cheon a check out outdoors the comfort retailer, and he offers him an envelope of dollars as a token of gratitude for his aid, explaining that he didn’t know what present to get him. Seung-cheon attempts to refuse, but Tae-yong insists, calling him his buddy. Yay! Tae-yong declares that he knows how to differentiate what’s genuine from what’s fake — and Seung-cheon’s a genuine buddy.

“The “The

However, Seung-cheon’s suffering never ever ends. He narrowly edges out Jang-gun for the final spot in the elite Eagle Class, which has a furious Jang-gun smacking him about and spitting on his uniform vest.

His resolve to escape his existing life renewed, Seung-cheon heads to Tae-yong’s home, fibbing that he’s hungry and asking for a meal. Aww, Tae-yong notices the bruises on Seung-cheon’s face and worriedly asks if he got into a fight.

Supper is served, but CEO Hwang arrives house ahead of Seung-cheon can take a bite. Terrified of his father’s wrath, Tae-yong swiftly ushers Seung-cheon out, apologetically asking him to go house.


Nevertheless, Seung-cheon can not give up. He rushes back into the dining area just as the housekeepers are clearing away the dishes, grabbing his bowl back and slurping down the noodles — only to appear up and see Tae-yong’s parents gaping in shock and disapproval. Ashamed, Seung-cheon hastens to leave, nearly leaving his spoon and its case behind.

Calling for him to quit, Tae-yong’s stepmom gingerly picks Seung-cheon’s belongings up with the strategies of her fingers, as if they’re ridden with germs. She holds the products out to Seung-cheon at arm’s length, declaring that she hopes he never ever returns to their home. Utterly humiliated, Seung-cheon angrily tosses the golden spoon into a garbage heap on his way house.

“The “The

Tae-yong gets named to his father’s workplace, exactly where CEO Hwang reveals that he knows Seung-cheon wrote his reports for him. Possessing received a tip-off from Jang-gun, CEO Hwang is furious that Tae-yong let himself get caught. He pulls his son into a terrifyingly patronizing hug, saying that Tae-yong wants to be punished for his wrongdoing. Need to he send him back to the States?

Just the mere mention of that is sufficient to send Tae-yong into a close to-catatonic state of panic. A flashback reveals glimpses of dead bodies, a gun, and a young Tae-yong in a state of shock. Back in the present, Tae-yong falls to his knees, begging his father that he’ll do something else alternatively. Sobs, the worry in Tae-yong’s eyes is heartbreakingly palpable.

Devoid of a shred of compassion for his personal son, CEO Hwang orders him to deal with Seung-cheon, then. Ugh, if he’s attempting to run for the Worst Father of the Year award, he’s got it in the bag.


Oh no, Tae-yong’s worry of his father drives him to lie that Seung-cheon extorted dollars from him. As they stroll out of the parent-teacher conference, Dad falls to his knees to beg Stepmom to show mercy.

Dad crawls more than to Tae-yong, grabbing his leg in desperation and pleading for him to let Seung-cheon off the hook. Their classmates spill into the hallway and record the scene on their phones, and it is an awful scenario all about — Tae-yong’s clearly wracked with guilt, and all Seung-cheon can do is watch in tearful fury as his dad humiliates himself for his sake.

“The “The

That evening, Seung-cheon calls Tae-yong out to a bridge, confronting him about the lie. Tae-yong admits it quickly, but he acts like he was just applying Seung-cheon all along. Playing the aspect of the entitled wealthy boy to a tee, Tae-yong scoffs that he could never ever be close friends with an individual as poor as Seung-cheon.

Except Seung-cheon is not fazed — he’s recorded their complete conversation, and he’s going to reveal the truth to the college. Terrified of the possible repercussions, Tae-yong lunges for the telephone, and it escalates into a tussle that ends with Seung-cheon skidding more than the edge of the bridge.


Tae-yong instinctively scrambles to grab hold of Seung-cheon, all pretenses forgotten, but the rain causes Seung-cheon’s hand to slip from Tae-yong’s grasp.

Frantically, Tae-yong rushes down to the river, browsing for Seung-cheon and dialing emergency solutions. The operator’s voice snaps him out of his panic, even though, and Tae-yong goes silent — and then he hangs up and leaves Seung-cheon behind. Nooooo, Tae-yong!


As Seung-cheon gradually sinks deeper into the lake, he nearly resigns himself to his fate, but then the magical golden spoon seems ahead of him like a mirage. His determination renewed, Seung-cheon fights his way to the surface, then digs the golden spoon out of the rubbish.

He rushes straight to Tae-yong’s home, smelly and dripping wet, and resolutely asks for a meal. Tae-yong’s parents are repulsed, but they grant his request anyway, and Seung-cheon swallows his pride to consume his meal beneath CEO Hwang’s watchful eye.


Meanwhile, the guilt is consuming Tae-yong alive. Unable to bear it any longer, he pleads with his bodyguard-cum-chauffeur JANG MOON-KI (Sohn Woo-hyun) to pull more than, and he sprints down the highway back towards the lake.

Then all of a sudden, Tae-yong comes to a halt in the middle of the road, as if a strange wave of dizziness has all of a sudden washed across him. The golden spoon glows in Seung-cheon’s hand, and Tae-yong stares blankly as he’s illuminated by an incoming car’s headlights.

“The “The

Back in the home, Seung-cheon tentatively calls CEO Hwang “Dad,” but CEO Hwang responds in bewilderment. Confused that the spoon didn’t function its magic, Seung-cheon apologizes for his misstep, then leaves.

Only, he runs into Joo-hee in the hallway, who greets him with a slap and yells that he, Hwang Tae-yong, is a terrible jerk. She saw them outdoors the comfort retailer, and it absolutely wasn’t extortion.

Ooh, the magic worked! That was a entertaining fakeout turns out CEO Hwang demands that his son address him formally as “Father,” therefore his shocked reaction towards Seung-cheon’s informal use of “Dad.”

“The “The

To everyone’s relief, “Seung-cheon” is in the hospital, obtaining been discovered passed out on the road. Seung-cheon rushes to the hospital, browsing for Tae-yong, till he’s stopped quick by an individual calling out his genuine name. He turns, and it is Tae-yong, who’s supposed to be “Seung-cheon” now. Omg, does Tae-yong try to remember??

It nearly appears like he does, but it quickly becomes clear that Tae-yong is just confused and disoriented. Most of it appears to be an unconscious instinct bleeding via, at least for now. Tae-yong’s earlier memories have merged with the magically fabricated ones, leaving him unsure of what in fact occurred.


The subsequent day, Seung-cheon wastes no time placing his newly-acquired energy and status to great use. Not only does he retract the extortion case lodged against “Seung-cheon,” but he also puts the bullies in their spot when he catches them terrorizing his two close friends.

Seung-cheon also splurges on luxury goods for his genuine household, considering the fact that it is the only factor he can do for them. Of course, to them, it comes across as him attempting to purchase their forgiveness for what he did to “Seung-cheon.” Preserving her dignity, Mom returns all the products to Seung-cheon and turns down his proffered verify also, to his dismay.


More than a fancy dinner, Seung-cheon learns that he, or rather “Tae-yong,” is engaged to Joo-hee. He’s barely offered a minute to let that sink in ahead of Joo-hee announces her want to get in touch with off the engagement, considering the fact that she desires to reside as herself, not as an individual else’s daughter or fianceé.

Joo-hee leaves for her comfort retailer job, and Seung-cheon follows. Ha, he ends up teaching her how to do her job adequately, resulting in a pretty perplexed Joo-hee asking yourself how “Tae-yong” is so familiar with a comfort retailer of all areas.

They leave function with each other, but Joo-hee trips more than her personal feet and falls proper into Seung-cheon’s arms, HAHA. The pair swiftly proper themselves, even though it is clear the moment flustered them each.


Oh no, turns out Jang-gun’s father is abusive, and he delivered a brutal beating when he discovered out about his cheating. Mistaking “Seung-cheon” as the whistleblower, Jang-gun gets his revenge by dragging Tae-yong to his home and viciously beating him up.

Of course, that is not sufficient to satisfy Jang-gun, who requires his father’s rifle off the wall and aims it at Tae-yong. Noooo, his gun trauma! Tae-yong falls to the ground in terror, fearfully cowering away from the muzzle, all though the bullies cackle and film his reactions.


Just then, they’re interrupted by the doorbell — it is Seung-cheon! A flashback reveals that Jang-gun when terrorized Seung-cheon applying the precise identical rifle tactic, and Seung-cheon’s not about to let it occur to Tae-yong, also.

Seung-cheon does not hold back, loading a bullet into the rifle and turning it about on Jang-gun alternatively. All his posturing gone, Jang-gun grovels and snivels for Seung-cheon to spare him. Nevertheless, Seung-cheon is determined to teach the cocky bully a lesson, and he does not comprehend Tae-yong is quivering in worry just from the sight of the gun alone. Sobs.


It is only the very first week, and I’m currently loving The Golden Spoon — it is so considerably entertaining! Admittedly, I was currently predisposed to liking the show considering the fact that Lee Jong-won is a preferred actor of mine, but inside just two hours I’m currently immersed in the globe and invested in the characters.

The show does a wonderful job at balancing its lighthearted humor with its heavier themes, and it usually has me bursting into peals of laughter. There are blink-and-you will-miss-it hilarious moments interspersed all through, like the bully clutching his hand in discomfort following punching Tae-yong, or chauffeur Moon-ki awkwardly averting his eyes when Joo-hee trips into Seung-cheon’s arms.


So far, The Golden Spoon appears to be supplying a nuanced take on wealth inequality. A single scene that stood out to me was Jin-seok’s funeral, exactly where their creditor was wailing in despair that they ought to have at least paid her back very first ahead of dying, since she can not reside with no that dollars.

On the surface, it is a callous remark, but it goes to show how even creditors themselves usually subsist on the dollars they squeeze out of the poor it is a vicious cycle. Poverty is a losing game in which there are no winners.


Joo-hee is a winsome and endearing heroine, and I like that she’s got spunk. It turns out she got expelled from her UK college for beginning a fight with a group of racist British girls, and if she hadn’t won me more than currently, that would have sealed the deal. Plus, Joo-hee stands up for Seung-cheon since she admires him for supporting himself, in contrast to her and Tae-yong who can coast comfortably on their parents’ dime.

We do not know considerably about OH YEO-JIN (Yeonwoo) however, but there’s 1 exciting tidbit about her. Yeo-jin was middle college close friends with Joo-hee, but she hides the truth that she was sick for a though in middle college. Worse however, she’s a hypocrite though she’s friendly to Joo-hee’s face, when Joo-hee’s back is turned, Yeo-jin accuses her of killing their buddy. There’s surely far more to this story, and at the moment, I’m inclined to distrust Yeo-jin.


Of course, the primary stars of the show are our spoon swap duo. Tae-yong is unexpectedly endearing — I like the operating joke of how he can never ever get people’s surnames proper, as nicely as his exceptionally picky taste in luxury goods even when he’s turn into “Seung-cheon.” Some items never ever modify, ha.

It breaks my heart to see the extent of the psychological harm Tae-yong’s father inflicted on him, to the point that he’s created an anxious habit of selecting at his finger till it bleeds. It is especially poignant that regardless of Tae-yong’s privileged upbringing, he calls Mom’s homemade kimchi stew the tastiest meals he’s ever eaten — since it is the very first time he’s eaten a thing ready with like.


Seung-cheon’s steadfast mettle had me rooting for him from the pretty get started, and it is clear he has a mature and empathetic heart. His situations have forced him to prioritize pragmatic choices, but that does not make him unkind — in truth, it is fairly the contrary. I’m excited to see how he continues to use his newfound energy to aid the underprivileged, considering the fact that he knows specifically what it is like to be on the bottom rung of society.

I feel it is exciting how Seung-cheon has great intentions, but he does not usually pick the most effective procedures for instance, he desires to pamper his household by acquiring them all the items they can not afford, but he does not quit to look at how it could really feel like a burden from their point of view. Similarly, it is satisfying to see him fight back against Jang-gun, but it does not resolve the root of the challenge.

“The “The

Seung-cheon and Tae-yong’s friendship is beautiful, albeit quick-lived, and I can not aid but hope that they’ll reconcile quickly. What Tae-yong did is not excusable, but it clearly stemmed from worry rather than malice. Tae-yong’s deeply traumatized by his father and his time in the States, and the abject terror on his face anytime he expects his father to lash out at him is so heartwrenching.

Now that he’s ultimately embraced by a loving household, it is attractive to see Tae-yong’s pure and unfettered smile — the identical smile he lets slip about Seung-cheon. On the contrary, Seung-cheon’s currently starting to really feel the stress of CEO Hwang’s greed and the strained connection Tae-yong has with his stepmother. I suspect it will not be extended ahead of Seung-cheon starts to have second thoughts about his selection, and I’m interested to delve deeper into the dilemma that will adhere to. Seung-cheon has 3 possibilities to switch back, in a month, a year, or ten years — will he take any of them?


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