Come live forever in TVING

September 25, 2022September 24, 2022

Come reside forever in TVING’s sci-fi drama Yonder
by Jenzy

What would you do if there was a way to bring your loved ones back from the dead? In the new teaser and stills for TVING’s Yonder, we get to see our lead Shin Ha-kyun (Unicorn) grapple with that incredibly query.

Set in a close to future, Yonder is a mysterious location exactly where the memories of the deceased can be employed to recreate physical versions of late loved ones, enabling them to continue living. We discover this location by way of the lens of Jae-hyun (Shin Ha-kyun), a science reporter. Following losing his wife Cha Yi-hu — played by Han Ji-min (Our Blues) — to terminal illness, Jae-hyun decides to upload her memories into Yonder.
Operating Yonder’s secretive — and frankly, ominous — operations are the equally spookily named Medical doctor K and Siren, played by Jung Jin-young (My Unfamiliar Loved ones) and Lee Jung-eun (Our Blues) respectively. As they facilitate Jae-hyun’s reunion with his wife, he will commence to query the ethics of Yonder, the grieving procedure, and the which means of life.

In the teaser, we see Jae-hyun, dressed in mourning clothing, uploading the memories of Yi-hu onto a database. He is then woken up the subsequent morning by a video contact from her telling him, “It’s tough to clarify what occurred, but I’m… right here.” This spurs Jae-hyun to make the lengthy drive to Yonder exactly where Siren confirms that, yes, his dead wife was the one particular who sent him that message.
We’re shown an incredulous and emotionally-stricken Jae-hyun reuniting with Yi-hu in Yonder, alongside clips of them obtaining cozy dates, each in the previous and present. In voiceover, we hear Medical doctor K ask Jae-hyun, “Why do you assume your wife decided to take painkillers in lieu of therapy? It is due to the fact she could image her life right after her death.”
But factors take a chilling turn when we see shots of Siren and Medical doctor K in areas that absolutely are not the cozy forest of Yonder, and we’re left to wonder what’s genuinely going on behind the scenes as Medical doctor K tells us, “You’re memories can reside forever right here. Now anybody can design and style the way they die.”
With Oh Seung-Hyun behind the screenplay and Lee Joon-ik (The Book of Fish) as the director, Yonder will commence releasing episodes on TVING on October 14.

Through KStar, Newspim, MBN Star
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