Park Ji-hoon fights back against bullies in Weak Hero Class 1

September 24, 2022September 24, 2022

Park Ji-hoon fights back against bullies in Weak Hero Class 1
by solstices

Wow, I by no means believed I’d discover myself utilizing the word “menacing” to describe Park Ji-hoon (At a Distance, Spring is Green), but he’s definitely broken away from his preceding image to take on this function — I barely recognized him at 1st glance!

Wavve original Weak Hero Class 1 is shaping up to be an unflinching, action-packed take on college violence, if its 1st teaser is something to go by. Primarily based on the webtoon Weak Hero, the drama follows model student Yeon Shi-eun (Park Ji-hoon) as he fights back against his bullies.

The teaser opens with Shi-eun gradually advancing upon two college bullies, ominously clicking his pen all the when. A narration accompanies his methods:
Pavlov’s experiment. A bell is rung. Meals is provided. The dog salivates. Only a bell is rung.
Shi-eun is a leading student with superb grades, which tends to make him quick pickings for the class bullies. They attempt to get below his skin by tossing a book at him, instigating a physical fight, and sneering derisively in his face, but Shi-eun is not as quick of a target as he appears. When he appears up to meet the bully’s eyes, there’s steel in his gaze.
Cost-free-spirited Ahn Su-ho, played by Choi Hyun-wook (Twenty-5 Twenty-1), requires down a group of bullies with a series of sharp kicks. He’s Shi-eun’s buddy, and the buddy trio is completed by bespectacled nerd Oh Beom-seok, played by Hong Kyung (Lovers of the Red Sky).
In class, the bullying continues, and Shi-eun’s eye twitches in irritation. Obtaining lastly had sufficient, he snatches a book off a classmate’s desk and swings it suitable at the bully’s face. Whoa.
Written and directed by Yoo Soo-min, Weak Hero Class 1 is slated to premiere at the Busan International Film Festival in October. The eight-episode drama will be released on Wavve in November.

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