May It Please the Court: Episodes 1-2 (First Impressions)


Might It Please the Court: Episodes 1-two (Very first Impressions)

Might It Please the Court introduces us to our heroine – an ace lawyer — in what feels like a slow-paced however fast commence to the drama. Just after she uncharacteristically does a great deed, our heroine attempts to discover her footing as her planet is all of a sudden turned upside down.

Editor’s note: Coverage will continue with weekly hangouts.

Like with most dramas, this very first week is all about setup. The show opens on a somber, rainy day as a slew of black vehicles head to a cemetery. Stepping out from the vehicles are a quantity of significant-searching men and women, who all rush to greet the Jangsan Law Firm’s chairman prior to they spend respect to his late father. Standing up front with the chairman is his household: his son, his wife, and somebody who is mistaken to be his granddaughter. It is our protagonist NOH CHAK-HEE (Jung Ryeo-won).

She’s usually mistaken as the daughter of the chaebol household for her tender and close partnership with the chairman, who essentially treats her as his personal granddaughter. That does not win her brownie points with the rest of this snobbish group at all, and she’s ordinarily treated with condescension.

The subsequent day, at Jangsan Law Firm, personnel are tense as they wait for the “Dark Lord” — yup, they’re speaking about Chak-hee, recognized for her cutthroat character and strict operate ethic. Absolutely everyone is holding their breath as soon as she arrives, but she promptly leaves immediately after getting a contact.

Operating up towards getting a law companion, she’s at present functioning on a case for Kangsung Pharmaceuticals with regards to their birth handle tablets, immediately after a former employee accused the corporation of making and distributing the drug even though realizing of its side effects. Chak-hee’s on the hunt for proof she can use in her argument for the case.

But cutting her operate brief is some workplace drama. As the board discusses her promotion to companion, Jangsan CEO JANG KI-DO (Jung Jin-young) calls her back to defend herself.

As established earlier on, the men and women about her do not like her extremely a lot, and it appears Ki-do’s wife OH HA-RAN (Kim Hye-eun) has it out for her, questioning the validity of Chak-hee’s logged hours at operate. Nicely, immediately after they watch the CCTV footage of her workplace, exactly where she logged 124 hours for just one particular case, they couldn’t say something against her promotion. Just after the meeting, Ki-do tells her to do a great job so she can get what she desires. I do not trust him. He has that sus vibe.

Elsewhere, we lastly meet our other lead JWA SHI-BAEK (Lee Kyu-hyung), who gets accused of not getting a job immediately after he pilfers an ice cream from a compact retailer even though not paying for it. But as it turns out, he does have a job as a lawyer. He just does not get paid a lot for it for the reason that he’s a public defender.

Getting into a pharmacy, he purchases Kangsung’s birth handle pills… and even swallows a couple himself?! The clerk appears at him weirdly, but Shi-baek does have a cause for undertaking that: he’s investigating the pill’s side effects for the reason that he’s the lawyer of the former employee suing the corporation.

Upon returning to his workplace, he finds himself in a meeting with Chak-hee, who comes to provide a settlement prior to the case gets to court. As they trade barbs, we find out how notorious they each are, but on opposite sides of the spectrum. As an ace with a 92% win price, Chak-hee is about to be promoted as a companion — but she’s also recognized as Jangsan’s dog, prepared to bite everyone at her master’s order. In contrast, in spite of getting at the top rated of his law college class, Shi-baek only has a three% win price and is recognized as a wacko for his eccentric methods.

Shi-baek rejects her settlement provide, but he does enable her repair a crick in her neck, LOL. A wacko certainly. Off to a great however not-so-great commence!

Nicely, Shi-baek really should almost certainly have taken the provide for his client, for the reason that at court, Chak-hee ends up winning with a hidden card. She exposes the affair in between the plaintiff and Kangsung’s CEO, earning her his ire and a slap in the face. Ouch. Nicely, she does get Jangsan’s chairman fussing more than her — and an provide of his shares. Oh my, she’s definitely his preferred.

Later, Ki-do asks Chak-hee if she’s interested in the chairman’s shares. She vehemently denies it, but he encourages her to dream large, even praising her for a great job on the Kangsung case. (Why is this guy setting off so several alarms in my head?!)

He tells her to continue undertaking a great job, for the reason that Kangsung’s issues are not more than however. The side effects of the birth handle tablets definitely do exist: hallucinations and delirium. A lady even stabbed her husband for the reason that of the pill’s side effects. Chak-hee is tasked with resolving the case — discover a motive, get a settlement, or do what ever she can as extended as it does not get as well connected to the tablets. But Chak-hee is conflicted, for the reason that the lady in the case is her childhood pal, who has helped her in the course of difficult occasions. Oof.

Perform is operate, so Chak-hee visits her pal as her lawyer, presenting her resolution: to encourage her pal to kill herself for the sake of her husband and little ones. OMG?!? And her pal definitely tries to finish her life. OMG?!

But not to be concerned, our protagonist does have some sort of conscience. In a flashback, we see Chak-hee admitting the pill’s side effects and what Kangsung’s plans are to hide it. And when Chak-hee visits her pal immediately after her suicide try, our protagonist provides her no cost legal suggestions on what she can do to hold Kangsung accountable for the tablets.

Outdoors, Shi-baek is waiting to confront Chak-hee immediately after understanding about the suicide try. He accuses her of getting heartless and inhumane, promising to quit her at all fees. Chak-hee merely brushes him off and walks away.

Significantly later, a “drunk” Chak-hee calls him out to consume — and to give him an incriminating piece of proof that proves the pill’s side effects. Shi-baek asks her why she’s providing it to him, realizing the dangers, but she says by the time Jangsan finds out what she did, she’ll currently have every little thing she desires, such as getting created companion.

The subsequent day, Jangsan Law Firm holds a corporation-wide gathering to welcome her as companion. But just as she basks in the glory of her achievement, the police barge in to arrest her for instigating her friend’s suicide. Yikes!

When Shi-baek arrives to ask for some missing pages from the file, Chak-hee accuses him of turning her in. But it is not Shi-baek. According to the detective, Ki-do ordered her arrest. And that is only the starting.

When she gets to her workplace, she sees men and women removing her stuff, for the reason that she’s basically been fired. She begs for one more likelihood, so Ki-do puts her on a year-extended suspension and orders her to operate as a public defender in the meantime.

So Chak-hee goes from the city to a compact town, from a spacious penthouse to a rooftop space, from driving a auto to taking the bus, and from a prestigious law firm to a cramped dusty workplace — with none other than Shi-baek.

Just after an awkward very first day at operate, Chak-hee is stuck waiting for the rain to quit. When she does try to goad Shi-baek for a ride, their rocky commence prompts him to refuse. So, when the Kangsung CEO arrives to provide her a ride, she accepts. Sadly, this sleazy pervert has his personal motives, organizing to take her to a hotel and basically sexually harasses her. What an ass! But Chak-hee is not a pushover. She butts her head with the pervert to fight him off… just as one more auto bumps into them. It is Shi-baek to the rescue!

Seething and furious, Shi-baek almost punches the pervert, but Chak-hee is in a position to quit him. Shi-baek requires her household, supplying her a blanket, an apology, and some sort words. Chak-hee appears to just brush it off, even telling Shi-baek to use this incident against Kangsung. But Shi-baek refuses, not wanting to “create one more victim.”

Even if she place up a sturdy front, as soon as she gets household, Chak-hee appears quite shaken, cursing out the pervert. And in the early hours of the morning, she gets woken up from her sleep by a contact from the pervert, who’s moaning and screaming in discomfort. The sleazy CEO has his hands tied in a complex knot and is getting tortured to death by a mysterious guy in black wearing a fancy watch. The subsequent morning, we reduce to a related complex knot applied as a keychain as a man with the exact same watch walks to his auto. It is none other than Shi-baek. Oh damn?!

This very first week has a lot of setup taking place, in particular about our protagonist Chak-hee. We find out of her humble beginnings as an orphan, and then see her notorious achievement at the law firm. She requires the condescension and criticism of these above her silently even though plotting her personal rise to the top rated. She has accepted her location in the planet, but that does not imply she’s not prepared to transform it.

In contrast, we know almost practically nothing about Shi-baek. We know he’s eccentric, and we know he requires on a range of customers devoid of asking them to spend dollars. And we know he’s a killer…? Not definitely, for the reason that it is as well early to inform. But the show does look to be setting him up as some sort of vigilante — or it could all just be a red herring meant to distract us from the truth. But kudos to Lee Kyu-hyung for his phenomenal acting! I loved him in Hi Bye Mama as a devoted dad, but I also really like him when he plays a crazy wacko (Intelligent Prison Living, yes?). It appears like he’s taking the crazy aspect to the other path this time, but we’ll know extra in future episodes.

Offered the legal theme of the drama, it is extra usually than not a small dark, tackling something from corrupt corporations to serial murders. So if you are not prepared to dive into one more dark, edgy planet, Might It Please the Court may possibly not be your cup of tea.

That getting mentioned, there are pockets of humor right here and there, ordinarily due to the dynamic of our two leads. Anytime they share a scene, factors take a humorous turn with the mixture of an ambitious, aggressive, no-nonsense lady and an eccentric, deadpan guy. Although a really like line appears to be anticipated in future episodes, I essentially hope there is not one particular — our leads are honestly extra enjoyable as friendly rivals functioning with each other to resolve circumstances even though bickering like kindergarteners. They may possibly just be the cause I stick about to watch.

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