If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 13-14


If You Want Upon Me: Episodes 13-14

It is a heavier week as we deal with our significantly less than welcome guest at the hospice, gangsters, and some emotional turmoil. Soon after understanding the mysterious patient’s identity, our small supervisor tries to deal with the scenario on his personal. And he’s not the only one particular – you’d believe Group Genie would act as a group to resolve troubles, but alternatively, they every attempt to take on the burden alone to disastrous consequences.


If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 13-14

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 13-14

Soon after the Ki-joon identity reveal, Gyeo-re is rightfully suspicious of his father’s uncharacteristically meek demeanor. Gyeo-re even visits the unpleasant director of the orphanage exactly where he grew up. She confirms that his father didn’t ever come to see him – in truth, Gyeo-re was the only youngster with no a single visitor, which she attributes to his parents getting horrible.

I believed Gyeo-re could possibly hide his identity from Ki-joon, but I should’ve identified he’s as well simple for that. He comes appropriate out and tells Ki-joon his name. Ki-joon tears up and promises that he definitely lost his memories, but the moment Gyeo-re leaves, his mask drops.

The jerk has identified from the commence who Gyeo-re is, and now that he’s been identified out, Ki-joon begins causing difficulty. At this point, half of the hospice has observed him awake and roaming, but due to the fact NO 1 TALKS TO Each and every OTHER, nothing at all is genuinely completed about it. Absolutely everyone just tries to resolve it themselves (surprise, surprise – that does not function).

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 13-14

We get some accidental secret sharing when Yeon-joo overhears a conversation in between Ki-joon and Gyeo-re and learns that they’re father and son. She brings it up with Gyeo-re who confirms it is accurate. Naturally, Yeon-joo feels guilty for unwittingly placing them in every other’s paths.

Meanwhile, the orphan siblings’ grandmother passes away, leaving them with no a property. Gyeo-re is determined to save these youngsters and even appears into irrespective of whether he could be their guardian. But their aunt nevertheless desires to take the youngsters, so he has no option but to let them go. He does purchase a telephone in particular so they can contact him, even though. His bond with these youngsters is so sweet.

In Gyeo-re style, he threatens the aunt and her companion that he’ll be watching to assure they treat the youngsters nicely. Fortunately, the aunt turns out to be okay. She even thanks Gyeo-re for his interference and vigilance, crediting him with creating her improved with the youngsters.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 13-14

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 13-14

Now that Ki-joon is back, Gyeo-re can not assist but see his father in himself anytime he loses his temper or practically gets into fights. When he gets down about it, Yeon-joo reminds him that he’s a fantastic individual who is loved by several.

In case we necessary additional proof that Gyeo-re is not like his father, Ki-joon’s evil is on complete show. In spite of getting an abusive, horrible father who does not deserve the title, Ki-joon gets angry that his son likes Group Genie adequate to leave them his cash. So Ki-joon freaking stabs the good social worker who’s on Group Genie and then begins rumors that Gyeo-re did it. He also begins a rumor that Gyeo-re came to the hospital to steal their morphine.

I knew Ki-joon was terrible, but what the heck? How dare this man ruin his son’s life for a second time out of pettiness?! If he desires Gyeo-re to like him that significantly, I do not know, possibly attempt not getting horrible. Yeon-joo is not possessing his nonsense and confronts Ki-joon about it, but it does no fantastic. And now I’m just worried that he’ll target her mainly because she admits to loving Gyeo-re.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 13-14

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 13-14

In Ki-joon’s twisted thoughts, this is all Tae-shik’s fault. I can fully grasp him getting mad that Tae-shik landed him in a coma, but he’s basically angrier that Tae-shik “stole” Gyeo-re, the son he’s presently framing for murder. He may possibly not adore Gyeo-re, but he’s super possessive of him.

He goes so far as to attempt to get Gyeo-re to turn Tae-shik in by promising to let Yeon-joo and the other folks off if he does. Ki-joon took a video of Tae-shik attacking him, so there’s no doubt that he’ll be charged. Gyeo-re is not about to play his father’s games, but he can not go so far as to kill him either – he tries to strangle him but can not go by way of with it.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 13-14

Oblivious to the dramatic goings on at the hospice, Tae-shik tends to make saving Joon-kyung his new mission at the hospital. When she recognizes him as Gyeo-re’s mentor, she’s borderline good to him and hopes he can assist her be satisfied as well.

Tae-shik does some digging and discovers that she was a survivor of an apartment fire. Joon-kyung’s mother died receiving her out. Mastering that her household didn’t abandon her adjustments her point of view, as does the realization that Seok-joon is a survivor of that exact same fire. His backstory is specifically awful: his parents poisoned themselves and him, and only he survived. Afterwards, he and Joon-kyung had been taken to the orphanage collectively, which she had forgotten.

When she sees a text from Seok-joon agreeing to her murder proposal, Joon-kyung is healed adequate to care, I guess. She warns Gyeo-re and apologizes. So not only does Gyeo-re have to deal with his abusive father ruining his new life, he now has to stay away from receiving murdered.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 13-14

Ki-joon tends to make his subsequent move and calls Tae-shik, spilling the beans about possessing been at the hospice this complete time. As Tae-shik rushes to the hospice, Ki-joon gets back in touch with his gangster minion, the exact same gangster gunning for Gyeo-re mainly because of the cash. They then steal a bunch of morphine and prepared a second victim to blame on Gyeo-re.

For the reason that no one particular has discovered to cease maintaining hazardous secrets to themselves, Yeon-joo sneaks about the hospice by herself and records the theft. She gets caught by Ki-joon but is saved by Tae-shik’s arrival. He’s had it and begins strangling Ki-joon who appears to be enjoying himself.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 13-14

Gyeo-re gets there subsequent and reminds Tae-shik how tough everybody worked so he wouldn’t be a murderer. Plus, he’s just providing Ki-joon what he desires. That convinces Tae-shik to cease strangling Ki-joon.

Then, the gangsters join the celebration. Ki-joon appears shocked that they know Gyeo-re, but he just stands and watches as Gyeo-re struggles unsuccessfully to fight them off. The episode ends as the gangster boss swings a bat toward Gyeo-re’s head.

Not that Ki-joon genuinely cares if Gyeo-re gets hurt, but I seriously doubt he’ll be okay with his subordinate possessing the audacity to attack his son. I hope we get all this gangster and evil daddy stuff resolved promptly mainly because we’ve only got a week left, and I’d like to get back to the warm, healing aspect of the drama. Extra Gyeo-re bonding with adorable youngsters and significantly less bloody fights, please and thank you.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 13-14

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