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So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for additional (or agonizing when there was no additional), and what produced you want to throw your remote by way of the screen? Time to weigh in…



Presently covering: Mental Coach Jegal

Seasons of Blossom: My heart! Oh man. There was a thing about the dreamy, atmospheric way the flashbacks among Ha-min and So-mang had been shot that I was certainly entranced. I could watch extended cuts of them performing absolutely nothing in the art space for hours. So, I truly wasn’t as invested in the present-day ulzzang characters’ story was a lot as I was the previous storyline. I guess I will develop to like it additional as So-mang and Jae-min connect additional, but essentially I watched by way of all 4 mini episodes living for the flashbacks. In reality, I liked it so a lot now I’ve got my eye on this PD and I’m hoping he gets a bump in his resume since of this 1. Oh, and Seo Ji-hoon ought to also get the accolades he deserves… but that goes with no saying, given that I believe his top rated 5 fans of all time create for this web page hehe.



Presently covering: Appreciate in Contract

It is Gorgeous Now: It had a excellent run aside that final minute cancer nonsense, which fortunately, was effectively resolved. I truly enjoyed the drama, and looked forward to watching it each and every week. It is the 1st weekender that held my interest given that After Once again, and now that I’m back in that space, I’m seeking forward to the subsequent 1.

Today’s Webtoon: My largest takeaway from the show is actor Kim Do-hoon. He won me more than with his portrayal of artist Shin, and I’m going to be on the lookout for his subsequent project — minus The Law Cafe which I dropped. Frequently, the drama was an okay watch, and that is about it.

After Upon a Tiny Town: Go away, Min! Go away, ajummas who interrupt with snacks when two men and women are inches away from kissing! Thank you for walking away, Officer Ahn, when two guys had been acting like petty small boys on your afternoon stroll. Far more female leads ought to stick to your instance.

Mental Coach Jegal: This drama will certainly take my feelings on a ride. A single minute, I’m laughing at Jegal’s antics, and the subsequent, I’m riled up at the corruption in the sports business. Nothing at all annoyed me this week like the mothers signing the petition to bring Coach Oh back. What are they teaching their daughters? That it is fine to get physically assaulted as extended as they can compete and get medals? This is specifically why men and women like Coach Oh exist. They know they can get away with something since of mums like these, and these corrupt overlords in the Olympics committee who think that the finish justifies the implies. Ugh! He’s not even remorseful, and it is apparent that men and women like him will in no way alter. Tsk.

Youth MT: This is crazy hilarious, and these guys are a riot! Scaredy cat Hwang In-yup and poor at guessing games Park Seo-joon had been enjoyable to watch. But I’d like to see additional of Chae Soo-bin, as she does not look to have a lot of a presence but. Frequently, it is so good to see these actors in their all-natural element, and I cannot wait for the remaining episodes.
PS: From the cast, I’m currently creating mental notes of pairings I’ll like to see in dramas. Ji Chang-wook has currently worked with Kim Yoo-jung and Nara, so can he perform with Chae Soo-bin subsequent? I want to see her with Park Seo-joon as effectively. Then a Jin-young and Nara pairing will also be good. I’m nonetheless undecided about who I want to pair Park Bo-gum with.
PPS: How a lot is the spending budget of this show?



Presently covering: After Upon a Tiny Town

The Golden Spoon: Nope. Not for me. And I’m disappointed since the premise sounded so excellent. I appreciate stories about humble beginnings (and middles and ends) but this is also more than the top rated. I have a equivalent issue with Small Girls. Sigh. I’m in want of a excellent slice-of-life ideal now.

Appreciate in Contract: I like it. I do not get it. But I like it.

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