Good Job: Episodes 9-10


Excellent Job: Episodes 9-ten

Excellent Job has been serving up heaping doses of fanservice considering that Episode 1, but this week issues get a tiny meta as the writers use tropes to repeatedly tease a very anticipated 1st kiss amongst our major couple. Although the romance heats up, so does the tension amongst our villains as secrets are revealed and trust is lost.


Final we saw our chaebol detective, he had risen from the dead (not genuinely) and set out to reclaim his kingdom! And just in case Sun-woo’s dramatic entrance didn’t burn itself onto your retinas, we rewind and watch the complete extent of his stylin’ slow-mo stroll down the stairs towards the boardroom all more than once again. This time, even though, we get to witness the adorably heartwarming welcome from his staff who are clearly pleased he’s returned — a giant contrast to the depressed and fearful expressions they wore when Wan-soo and Tae-joon produced a comparable entrance into the boardroom.

Now that the rightful heir has reappeared to sit on the corporation throne, the weak alliances Wan-soo was in a position to type in Sun-woo’s absence crumble. The majority of the board members just want to pretend that the complete emergency meeting to replace the (decidedly not dead) chairman under no circumstances occurred. No hostile corporation takeover to see right here, people! Move along!

Wan-soo’s lackluster defeat stings, but he has larger issues: Tae-joon and his many screw-ups. Due to the fact Sun-woo is alive and kicking, Wan-soo can not simply use the chairman title to cover up Tae-joon’s incompetence and embezzlement. Not to mention the complete kidnapping and attempted murder factor. So, Wan-soo orders Jae-ha to repair issues somehow, and Jae-ha’s option is to bury the proof pertaining to Tae-joon’s illegal activities and coerce President Byeon into confessing he masterminded Sun-woo’s kidnapping.

As generally, even though, Sun-woo and corporation are 1 step ahead, and Jin-mo and Na-hee had been currently tailing President Byeon in the batvan — OMG, Jin-mo feeding her snacks even though she drives is the cutest! The new lovey-dovey couple comply with President Byeon to the police station, exactly where they witness his false(ish) confession. They relay this information and facts to Sun-woo, who guarantees the police get the backup copies of all the proof he gathered against Tae-joon.

What follows Tae-joon’s arrest can only be described as pure fanservice, as each of our couples burn up the screen with their romantic chemistry. Jin-mo and Na-hee are the quintessential sugary sweet couple: complete of aegyo and more than-the-prime romantic gestures, such as the private dinner Jin-mo ready — full with heart-shaped balloons, Na-hee’s favored foods, and a view overlooking the Han River.

Jin-mo has dived headfirst into the function of doting boyfriend, and even though his exaggerated enthusiasm tends to make portion of me feel he may well have lost some of his marbles along the way, I have to say this side of his characterization has grown on me. I nevertheless miss the bickering amongst Jin-mo and Na-hee, but now that Jin-mo is dating and considers himself some thing of an specialist on romance, I like how this adds a further layer of teasing amongst him and Sun-woo.

Although Jin-mo and Na-hee have turn into a couple, Sun-woo and Sera are nevertheless skirting about 1 a further, taking turns quietly catching feels and then straight away switching back to getting in denial about it, which leads to a number of charged moments and a couple of just about-kisses. And this ideal right here, people, is the 1 downside to following a drama exactly where the writers are so attuned to our desires.

Yeah, they can give us specifically what we want — and so far they have accomplished a tremendously very good job entertaining us — but they can also torture us. They know we’re waiting for our major couple to kiss, but as an alternative of catering to us this time about, they tease us and dangle the kiss prior to us like 1 of these fishing rod cat toys with a feather on the finish.

And just when issues are receiving spicy amongst our major couple, Sun-woo finds a new lead to comply with. Although he was playing residence in the countryside with Sera, he located a image that proves Wan-soo was in town the day his mother was murdered. Director Hong identifies the second man in the photograph as Wan-soo’s former private driver, so Sera and Sun-woo set out to locate him.

Just after 1st receiving lost and then taking a short detour to find a missing kid (who coincidentally turns out to be the granddaughter of the really man they’re hunting for), the former driver confirms that Wan-soo was certainly in town that day. However, he can’t don’t forget something else noteworthy about the day the photograph was taken. Just after some much more believed, even though, he recalls that a couple of days later, on the day of Sun-woo’s mother’s funeral, Wan-soo asked his driver to appear into sponsoring a kid from the orphanage.

So the subsequent process for our amateur detectives is to locate Kim Nam-gyu, the orphan Sun-woo sponsored and sent to study abroad. Although Jin-mo tests out the new facial aging software program he’s created to attempt and render a feasible present-day image of an adult Nam-gyu, Sera and Sun-woo do some old-fashioned sleuthing. They commence with the orphanage, but the lady in charge does not don’t forget something valuable.

Back to square 1, Sera and Sun-woo fill the time amongst leads in the case by dancing about their growing attraction for 1 a further. And even though the two of them are nevertheless firmly in denial about their mutual interest, every person else is waiting for Sun-woo and Sera to recognize how they really feel about every other. Even Director Hong senses some thing, but he’s as well busy getting worried that Sera is going to usurp him as Sun-woo’s key secretary to recognize that his jealousy is very misplaced.

Sooner or later, Jin-mo has to spell it out for the clueless Sun-woo: you like Sera, and if you maintain moving at a snail’s pace, you are going to drop her to an individual else. Offered that he just had an encounter with her overprotective “oppa,” Jin-mo’s truth-bomb proves helpful, and Sun-woo has an awkward sit-down with Sera and asks her to define their connection. Sera cautiously responds with the apparent and platonic answers (e.g. boss and employee), and then turns the query back on him. To which he replies — and I got some really serious The Law Cafe deja vu with this 1 — “Not family members!” Oh yeah, he unquestionably feels threatened by her entirely-wouldn’t-be-incestuous-if-they-dated brother.

Sadly, the advancing romance amongst our leads ought to be interrupted by new developments and revelations about our two remaining villains. Not only is Jae-ha the orphan that Sera and Sun-woo are attempting to track down, but Jae-ha is Wan-soo’s son! Oh, and Wan-soo killed Sun-woo’s mother! Confident, these plot “twists” are about as shocking as sticking your tongue on a three-volt battery, but are any of us genuinely right here for the mystery and astonishing birth secrets? Yeah, I didn’t feel so.

It does not take Sun-woo and Sera extended to track down Nam-gyu’s identity by way of his former higher college teacher, and when Sun-woo confronts Jae-ha, he admits that he is, certainly, the orphan formally identified as Nam-gyu. He thinks owning up to the partial truth will make him significantly less suspicious and will permit him and his father to stall for time even though they plot to take down Sun-woo. Now that Tae-joo, the prodigal son, is behind bars, Wan-soo promises Jae-ha a seat at his side. But is he really serious or just employing Jae-ha?

Wan-soo, employing information gleaned from Tae-joo’s intel, blackmails Sera into attending the charity occasion in honor of Eunkang Group’s sponsorship of Sera’s orphanage. He puts her on the spot in front of the attendees and asks a bunch of queries intended to expose her connection with Sun-woo. But Wan-soo’s poorly believed out program does not take into account Sun-woo’s charisma or Sera’s in depth job history, and getting a former dog trainer unquestionably qualifies her to have been Tae-joon’s secretary.

Privately, Wan-soo tries to get in the final word. He queries Sera’s qualifications to be by Sun-woo’s side, and when she responds and speaks informally, Wan-soo attributes her rudeness to her parentless upbringing. Sun-woo, nevertheless, drops the mic on the complete exchange when he reminds Wan-soo that he genuinely shouldn’t be speaking smack about poor parenting when his personal son is in prison.

It is a very good factor Wan-soo has a spare heir, ideal? Yeah, not so substantially. Jae-ha realizes he’s just a further pawn in his father’s quest for corporation domination — only valuable till abruptly he is not. So Jae-ha branches out on his personal, determined to prove that something Sun-woo can do, he can do improved. What ever his nefarious plans are, they commence with him confessing to Sun-woo that he witnessed Wan-soo murder Sun-woo’s mother, and out of loyalty to his benefactor, Jae-ha had kept Wan-soo’s secret.

Even even though Sun-woo had his suspicions that Wan-soo murdered his mother, getting them confirmed unleashes a wave of rage. Sera, who had been listening outdoors his workplace door, rushes in and provides him a back hug. She tries to calm him down so that he’s pondering much more rationally, but he’s determined to locate Wan-soo and punish him. However, he does not get to confront his mother’s murderer. When he locates Wan-soo, he’s slumped more than in his chair, getting overdosed on sleeping tablets.

Sera drives Sun-woo household from the hospital, exactly where he’d lamented the dissatisfaction of not getting in a position to kill Wan-soo himself. Later that evening he wakes up from his personal nightmares, which have not gone away considering that obtaining his mother’s killer. Sera comforts him, holds his hand, and admits that she has feelings for him. Just after hiding behind her glasses for so extended, she’s lastly located an individual she desires to cherish and to be with in the course of the very good instances and the poor. For the 1st time, she has an individual she desires to see so clearly that she’s pleased to have super-vision.

Her honesty moves Sun-woo, and without the need of saying a word, he inches closer. As he decreases the distance amongst them, he gradually increases the physical affection. He begins by grasping her hands, and then he sweeps her hair from her forehead so he can spot a chaste — but oh-so-romantic — kiss on her forehead. And lastly, just after an excruciatingly extended create-up, he presses his lips against hers.

That was 1 helluva kiss! I do not know about you, Beanies, but it went on extended adequate that I legit began to really feel like I really should appear away to give them some privacy. But did I? Nope! The writers spent all of Episodes 9 and ten taunting us with tiny moments that produced us feel we had been going to get a kiss by means of 1 classic trope just after a further: a slip-n-fall kiss, a leaning more than to adjust seat/seatbelt kiss, or a medical doctor treating his injured patient kiss. You feel I’m going to appear away when they lastly give it to us?

We also produced a lot of headway with our villains this week. There weren’t any true surprises, but I do like how the story has sort of shifted concentrate from Tae-joon, to Wan-soo, and now to Jae-ha more than the course of the drama. Rather of attempting to hide the identity of the killer from us and make a major production out of a bunch of red herrings, the drama has just been shifting our concentrate from 1 poor guy to the subsequent to maintain up the momentum anytime the drama is not providing us huge doses of fanservice.

I could be incorrect, but I do feel there will be 1 final reveal about the evening Sun-woo’s mother died. Gwang-ki is very adamant that Sera not be involved in the investigation and does not want her to regain her memories, so she is unquestionably going to be involved. I’m just hoping there’s much more to it than the reality that Sera witnessed the murder from afar with her super-sight. Primarily based on her nightmares, we know she witnessed some thing, but perhaps Sun-woo’s mother didn’t die when her head hit the rock? What if a young Jae-ha completed the job in order to endear himself to his father? I guess we’ll locate out in subsequent week’s conclusion. Aww… I just produced myself sad. I do not want to say goodbye to these characters!

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