One Dollar Lawyer: Episode 1 (First Impressions)


1 Dollar Lawyer: Episode 1 (Initial Impressions)

1 Dollar Lawyer wastes no time with its premiere episode: we jump ideal into the tale of our low-charge lawyer, and see his eccentric approaches play out initially-hand. The drama excels at random offhanded moments of comedy, and that is entirely what I’m right here for.

Editor’s note: Continued drama coverage is pending primarily based on Beanie feedback.

Initial, in case you missed it, the animated opening sequence for 1 Dollar Lawyer is just sheer 80s anime goodness, so please appreciate it here. Immediately after watching the intro, my only believed was this: please take that entertaining power and bring it into the drama! And confident adequate, the anime intro appears like the best way to describe the rapid-paced zany show we’ve got in front of us.

We meet our hero LAWYER CHEON JI-HOON (Namgoong Min) beneath some appropriately crazy situations. A desperate man is on the truss of a bridge and about to jump into the Han River. No 1 can cease him, but there’s an individual crazy adequate to saunter more than, climb up the bridge, and then — pretending to be cool as a cucumber but internally freaking out from the height — secures his client’s security. Oh, and his 1,000 won charge (about $1 USD).

It is the best intro to our hero, but it only gets greater when we see him interact with his reluctant but also strangely committed helper, dry cleaning owner SA MOO-JANG (Park Jin-woo). Moo-jang nonetheless cannot think Ji-hoon only charges his customers 1,000 won, and asks if it is for the wordplay, considering the fact that his surname, Cheon, also indicates a “one thousand.” But we swiftly see that Ji-hoon is dead severe about the customers he requires on and protects. He’s equally severe about collecting the charge. And he’s even extra severe about fighting for justice by what ever crazy and unconventional indicates it requires.

We see this play out with the case Ji-hoon took on the bridge, and we move by means of this case with speed and with humor — two issues sorely required if I’m going to make it by means of a legal drama and appreciate myself.

Ji-hoon and Moo-jang camp out at a loan shark’s empty workplace, waiting for their return. In a best instance of the show’s campy humor, Ji-hoon suggests they order jjajangmyeon although they wait, and the two scarf their meals down regardless of circumstance or situations. It is hilarious.

Then our trainee prosecutor BAEK MARI (Kim Ji-eun) marches in with a crew of males and the notorious blue boxes. She assumes that Ji-hoon is the loan shark, and it sets up pretty the crazy scene of hijinks and misunderstandings in between them. (Also, her all-white pantsuit is wonderful!)

When the loan shark Fire Bear ultimately comes in (whom Ji-hoon hilariously keeps calling Fire Chicken rather), we confirm that Ji-hoon was a former prosecutor and that he’s there on behalf of the bridge ajusshi. But also, we understand that his program — concocted on the spot — is to defend Fire Bear against the prosecution. He charges this guy an exorbitant charge (which we understand about later), and then reveals his cleverness by rendering Mari’s search warrant illegal. It is a rapid, packed scene, complete of characterization and comedy — and really, that description goes for the complete initially episode as nicely.

Ji-hoon functions his magic with his legal charge for Fire Bear and the bridge ajusshi’s debts, and regardless of only possessing 3 or so scenes of this story line, it is somehow seriously touching — and satisfying — when Ji-hoon and his client bow to every other ahead of parting approaches. Ji-hoon has his 1,000 won the client has his crisis solved and his life turned about.

Ji-hoon’s subsequent case is ideal about the corner. A pickpocket with 4 convictions is becoming (wrongfully) prosecuted and Ji-hoon decides to represent him, seemingly convinced when he notices the man has a daughter who’s hospitalized with a heart situation. Dangit, I didn’t want to see Namgoong Min becoming all cute with this adorable small girl, but they went there, and I really like it.

Significant to note is that Ji-hoon visits the man in prison and confirms for himself that he’s innocent. We do not get a great deal insight into Ji-hoon’s specific brand of selecting customers but, but it definitely appears he falls extra on the aid-the-downtrodden-and-wrongfully-accused side of the fence — particularly these who are treated with bias that shouldn’t exist in the law. That equation tends to make for satisfying payoffs if you ask me.

When Ji-hoon is cooking up a program for the pickpocket’s trial — which he requests by jury — we see the other side of the case. The prosecutor in charge is none other than Baek Mari, and although she’s all fired up more than Ji-hoon’s unconventional approaches and indicates, he appears to have the respect of every person in the prosecution workplace.

Mari’s supervisor is PROSECUTOR NA YE-JIN (Gong Min-jung), and when Ji-hoon pays them a surprise go to, she speaks to him informally, and he calls her sunbae. The mutual respect is clear. It tends to make us mighty curious as to why Ji-hoon left the prosecution, but that is most likely the most exciting (and risky?) portion of this initially episode: we understand actually nothing at all about Ji-hoon. We observe the nature of his character by what he says and does, but we know nothing at all about him, and extra generally than not he’s hiding behind a pair of slick shades (and searching damn superior, I need to say). His backstory will most likely unfold as the drama progresses, and it will be entertaining to see it come to light as we go.

In our initially episode, the setup, characters, and planet-creating have been pretty nicely-executed, but it is the drama’s cheeky and random humor that seriously lights issues up. It is not possible to clarify with words the offhanded silly reactions we get from Ji-hoon, his penchant for drastically ripping up papers when he does not like what they say, or all the common goofy interactions in between the characters, but it was the highlight of the drama for me, and I was giggling all the way by means of.

The initially episode wraps up with a cliffhanger at the trial of the pickpocket. Ji-hoon and Mari are facing off in each probable which means of that phrase. For instance, with the jury choice segment of the trial, Mari asks meticulously-coded concerns to pull out the individual’s politics Ji-hoon asks them if they like their sauce on the side or mixed in LOL.

Ji-hoon seriously appears like he’s going to drop this 1, but of course he’s got a program up his sleeve. And in this case it is a wrapped-up lunch box. Characters maintain peering inside to see what he’s about to wow the court with, and by the time the episode closes, every person knows what’s in there but us. I didn’t anticipate to be pretty this invested in the contents of a lunch box, but yeah, I am.

All in all, it was a wonderful initially episode complete of colour and comedy. Far from boring, dragged out, or overly violent, the instances have been extra about assisting folks in want — the folks who society discriminates against — I like that far greater than the murder of the week.

Namgoong Min, of course, is just excelling and possessing the time of his life right here, and I have to say I was pleasantly shocked by Kim Ji-eun. My expectations have been low, yes, but she’s extra vibrant right here than I’ve observed her but, and I’m searching forward to extra of their interactions as these two begin operating with each other, as our plot has promised.

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