Wealth determines rank in MBC

September 23, 2022September 23, 2022

Wealth determines rank in MBC’s The Golden Spoon
by solstices

It is ultimately premiere day! MBC’s fantasy drama The Golden Spoon continues to provide on the teasers, as if I wasn’t excited sufficient currently. Primarily based off the webtoon of the identical name, the drama follows poverty-stricken higher college student Lee Seung-cheon — played by Yook Sung-jae (Mystic Pop-up Bar) — as he harnesses the energy of a mystical golden spoon to turn his life about.

Lee Jong-won (Hospital Playlist two) plays Hwang Tae-yong, the wealthy chaebol son that Seung-cheon magically trades areas with. The rest of our most important cast is filled out by Jung Chae-yeon (The King’s Affection) as Tae-yong’s fiancée Na Joo-hee, Yeonwoo (Dal-li and Gamjatang) as goddess-like beauty Oh Yeo-jin, and Kim Kang-min (To My Star two) as bully Park Jang-gun.


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“Humans are equal,” or so the gods, the philosophers, and the laws say. Nonetheless, Seung-cheon begs to differ — every person knows that equality only exists in textbooks. Seung-cheon’s most current delivery job requires him to a cram college, a spot he can only afford to step foot into as a delivery boy and not an enrolled student.
In a planet ruled by the wealthy, a person’s position in society is determined by their level of wealth. A montage of our cast shows their a variety of ranks — Park Jang-gun is level 260, Oh Yeo-jin is level 340, and richest of the wealthy Hwang Tae-yong is at maximum level.
On the other hand, Seung-cheon has maxed out his level as well — but from the bottom. He struggles day by day to make ends meet, but whilst he’s nonetheless hanging on by a thread, the identical cannot be mentioned for his buddy Jin-seok. Poverty drives Jin-seok and his father to take their personal lives, leaving Seung-cheon wailing more than his friend’s dead physique.
To no one’s surprise, the wealthy have tiny empathy for the poor. Jang-gun shoves Seung-cheon and sneers in his face that Jin-seok humiliated their elite, private college. Oh, will not somebody feel of their reputation!
Helmed by PDs Song Hyun-wook (The King’s Affection) and Lee Han-joon (Verify Out the Occasion), with scripts penned by Yoon Eun-kyung and Kim Eun-hee (Prime Minister and I), Golden Spoon premieres tonight, Friday September 23, on MBC.

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