Premiere Watch: The Empire, The Golden Spoon, One Dollar Lawyer

September 22, 2022September 22, 2022

Premiere Watch: The Empire, The Golden Spoon, 1 Dollar Lawyer
by missvictrix

Hot on the heels of our midweek drama premieres we have our new weekend dramas. From Kim Sun-ah major a new melo, to the great-seeking Yook Sung-jae fantasy, to a wacky Namgoong Min… what to watch 1st?!

The Empire

Time slot: Saturday-Sunday
Broadcaster: JTBC
Genre: Melodrama, law
Episode count: 16
Motives to watch: Kim Sun-ah is back right after tearing it up in Secret Boutique back in 2019. Now she’s headlining a melodrama about a wealthy and potent household that is been major players in law for generations. Nonetheless, Kim Sun-ah’s heroine desires to break totally free from the confines of her chaebol household and the life that comes as a outcome of prestige and energy. I have no doubt the acting in this drama will be top rated notch, but JTBC hasn’t worked that really hard to pull in any younger viewers — possibly intentionally, to offset all the rom-coms going on? — so we’ll have to see how this 1 goes.
TLDR: Kim Sun-ah is wonderful in every little thing, JTBC melo, acting will be wonderful but we’ll see about the script
The Golden Spoon

Time slot: Friday-Saturday
Broadcaster: MBC
Genre: Fantasy, drama
Episode count: 16
Motives to watch: Some characters in The Golden Spoon are painfully impoverished, when other individuals are disgustingly wealthy, but the 1 issue all our characters have in widespread is that they’re adorable. Yook Sung-jae leads as our “pauper” character whose life gets turned upside down with the assistance of an enchanted golden spoon. He switches areas with Lee Jong-won’s “prince” character, and the outcome is confusion, conflict, and extremely troubled lovelines. This drama appears so young and exciting, and amongst the fantasy premise and our two young guys in the lead, I’m counting down till this 1 premieres.
TLDR: Fantasy premise, prince and pauper theme, cute young cast, expectations are higher
1 Dollar Lawyer

Time slot: Friday-Saturday
Broadcaster: SBS
Genre: Law, drama, comedy
Episode count: 16
Motives to watch: Namgoong Min is back right after The Veil with fewer muscle tissues but way additional comedy. In 1 Dollar Lawyer, he plays a wacky lawyer who defends the downtrodden for the Korean equivalent of $1.00 per case. He’s joined by intern Kim Ji-eun and companion Choi Dae-hoon, and it appears like it will be a lot of exciting. That becoming mentioned, there are far as well several “case of the week” legal dramas taking place ideal now I’m hoping our characters’ stories and their scrappy fight for justice does not get weighed down by as well several disconnected side stories.
TLDR: Your explanation to watch is Namgoong Min becoming goofy but suave
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