September 23, 2022September 23, 2022

Netflix’s Glitch releases complete trailer and it is complete of aliens and quirky humor
by missvictrix

Netflix’s upcoming sci-fi drama Glitch has released its complete trailer! The trailer adds onto the scenes we saw in the earlier teaser, but definitely offers us a lot extra of the drama’s tone and surprising quantity of dry humor.

Jeon Yeo-bin (Vincenzo) and Nana (Genesis) star as two colorful characters that reconnect when Jeon Yeo-bin’s boyfriend goes missing. And when I say missing I imply abducted by aliens.

The trailer shows us the strange occurrences that take place about Jeon Yeo-bin’s character — from the weird CGI alien to the news of humans disappearing. What we get a lot extra of in the trailer, although, are the interactions in between the two females, and it is sharp and funny. The two give off amazing quirky power and I feel watching them play off of each and every other will be the most effective component of this drama — from the dorky vibes of Jeon Yeo-bin to the sarcastic and edgy Nana (with killer styling, I have to say).
Glitch is directed by Noh Deok (SF8: Manxin) and written by Jin Han-sae (Extracurricular). As with other Netflix dramas, all ten episodes will release in a single drop, and we can appear forward to Glitch on October 7.

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