Love in Contract: Episodes 1-2


Like in Contract: Episodes 1-two

The rom-com queen is back, and she brought her fashionista closet with her! Her return also comes with the old-college contract marriage and its hijinks, enjoy triangles, lots of secrets, the “we met in the past” trope, and an opening sequence that I completely enjoy. I’m afraid this show currently has me in a chokehold.


Love In Contract: Episodes 1-2

I act like I’m okay, but deep down, I want to be our heroine CHOI SANG-EUN (Park Min-young) who lives the dream life of constantly coming household to fancy dinners ready by her eye-catching, wealthy, and properly-mannered husband, JUNG JI-HO (Go Kyung-pyo). Ji-ho is the ideal husband to Sang-eun, and all the things about their 5-year marriage is ideal – except there’s a small contract that binds them with each other. And no, I’m not speaking about a marriage certificate.

Sang-eun is a skilled wife with an array of customers. Irrespective of whether you have to have a trophy wife to enhance your self-esteem in front of your tacky buddies, a proficient golfer wife to enable you land a contract, a wife just to get your household off your back, or so your grandmother can pass away peacefully — Sang-eun is there to enable you out. For a charge, of course, and there’s an further charge if you want to register the marriage. Twelve divorces down the line with a dozen other abilities and certifications to boot, Sang-eun is fairly substantially committed to her job.

Love In Contract: Episodes 1-2

Sang-eun is not all about the cash, although, and she as soon as married a client, WOO GWANG-NAM (Kang Hyung-seok) for the reason that he didn’t want to disappoint his parents by coming out as gay. They’re amicably divorced now, and reside as roommates and very best buddies with a joint dream of relocating abroad, to fall in enjoy for actual. I enjoy their partnership so substantially! Location Canada is in view for them, and they happily countdown to Sang-eun’s upcoming retirement. Except retirement implies ending her marriage arrangement with Ji-ho.

Their arrangement is very simple: she is only necessary to have dinners with him on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It is actually cool when you believe about finding paid to consume fancy meals, but it is also unsettling that Ji-ho’s life is shrouded in secrecy. There’s a lady he seems to be stalking, and he’s a man of incredibly couple of words. Seriously, they do not even speak about the climate more than dinner! According to Ji-ho, “The ideal conversation ability to not reveal oneself is silence.” And if that does not creep you out, I do not know what else will.

Through a Timid People today Anonymous session of sorts, Ji-ho tells the other folks that his job does not make folks really feel great, and he typically just watches them plead. I get started to believe okay, perhaps he’s a judge, a prosecutor, or functioning some other law enforcement job, ideal?

But then he also says points like his job is to finish someone’s each day routine, and now he’s providing serial killer vibes. I imply, the lady he was stalking ends up dead, and he does not look to be impacted by the news? Come on! Now I’m not so confident I want to be Sang-eun any longer. Apart from, there are only so quite a few quiet dinners I can take prior to I bail on such a boring marriage.

Fortunately, this is exactly where KANG HAE-JIN (Kim Jae-young) comes in like a ray of sunshine! Hae-jin is an actor, and as opposed to Ji-ho, the only secret he keeps from the rest of the globe is that he’s the son of a chaebol (Kangjin) group. Hae-jin thinks wealthy folks are crazy, and thinking about he named his cat immediately after his initial enjoy – a girl named JAMIE who he met just as soon as – I’m inclined to agree. I cannot even blame his ex (cameo by Nana) who broke up with him for the reason that she believed Jamie the cat was his other lady. Who video calls a cat all the time and calls her “honey” anyway?

Love In Contract: Episodes 1-2

But the males in Sang-eun’s life are not the only ones with secrets. Sang-eun is also the daughter of an additional chaebol group (Eena), and the name she’s referred to as at household is — wait for it — Jamie. Yes, the 1 and only. From childhood, she was stiflingly managed by a director at Eena group, YOO MI-HO (Jin Kyung). When Sang-eun was 20, she walked out on her household immediately after violently ruining an arranged marriage meeting with Hae-jin’s elder brother KANG SUN-JIN (Oh Ryoong). Sang-eun’s actions price Mi-ho her job, but on the vibrant side, Hae-jin witnessed the complete scene and was quickly wowed by Sang-eun. Lol.

Considering that then, Sang-eun has been sending Mi-ho cash each and every month, but make no error, the girls are not buddies. Sang-eun is merely paying Mi-ho back for raising her, and immediately after 13 years, she decides to retire and reduce her off. Sang-eun is prepared to rub it in Mi-ho’s face, but Mi-ho steals her thunder, and tells her to quit sending the cash. Ooof! Nonetheless, Mi-ho is broke immediately after spending all the cash (and the occasional checks from Eena’s chairman) on the dozens of luxury products scattered about her tiny studio apartment. At some point, she even attempts suicide, and I wonder what her story is.

Love In Contract: Episodes 1-2

Anyway, back to our wife for employ, Sang-eun is reluctant to finish points with Ji-ho. And when he all of a sudden brings up a divorce, she gets upset for the reason that how dare he unilaterally determine to finish their marriage? Turns out that earlier on, Ji-ho saw a ticket to Canada in her purse, and believed it’ll be very best to finish points so she can chase her dreams of falling in enjoy abroad. But ideal now, location Canada is on pause as Sang-eun insists that she will go by way of with their arrangement for the rest of the month for the reason that she’s a skilled. Certain, Jan.

Previously, Gwang-nam attempted to make a move on Hae-jin even though hanging out with Sang-eun at a lounge. Hae-jin’s manager, YOO JUNG-HWAN (Kim Hyun-mok) mistook him for a reporter, and Gwang-nam ended up pondering Jung-hwan and Hae-jin are involved with every single other. Heh. Hae-jin quietly extracted himself from the hilarious mix-up, and he didn’t get to see Sang-eun. But there’s a lot of time for them to run into every single other, as he quickly moves into the apartment above Ji-ho’s. Okay, this is going to be exciting!

Our trio ultimately runs into every single other in the funniest of approaches. Initial, Ji-ho goes to choose up a package downstairs at the exact same time Jamie the cat is dropped off from a staycation at a cat hotel (seriously?!). Jamie is in a delivery box carried by Hae-jin, whose face is plastered on the delivery van as the brand’s ambassador. Naturally, Ji-ho thinks Hae-jin is the dispatch driver, and in a struggle for the box, Jamie jumps out. Jamie refuses to return to her owner, and Ji-ho has to carry the cat to Hae-jin’s apartment.

They meet Sang-eun in the elevator, and Hae-jin is shocked to see her, but he promptly comports himself as she certainly does not recognize him. Apart from, Ji-ho calls her Sang-eun, not Jamie, and Hae-jin sees matching wedding rings on their fingers. Sang-eun is miffed that Ji-ho didn’t prepare dinner, and in her annoyance, she does not recall that she insisted on producing the meals for the remaining time they have left on the contract. When she ultimately remembers, she scrambles to make dinner – and a complete mess in the kitchen even though she’s at it.

Love In Contract: Episodes 1-2

With Sang-eun’s actions, you’d virtually believe that she’s in enjoy with Ji-ho, but of course, she denies this to Gwang-nam. I comprehend her, although. 5 years is a lot more than adequate time to get applied to a routine with somebody even if the other celebration is the secretive Ji-ho. And even though he provides me serial killer vibes, he’s also providing psychotic vibes to Hae-jin. For the reason that who carries photographs of a murdered lady and goes out at evening to practice stabbing methods?

Hae-jin is traumatized on witnessing this, and he starts to be concerned about his initial enjoy who is married to the psychopath. Stated initial enjoy only comes about as soon as in two days, and he as soon as saw her leaving the apartment with out her ring. A murderer husband and a cheating wife make for a confusing couple to Hae-jin, but be concerned trumps confusion, and he tries to warn Sang-eun about Ji-ho. Like a great wife, Sang-eun refuses to listen to something adverse about her husband. But Hae-jin’s words get to her, and she becomes curious about her husband’s life.

Ji-ho does not believe his job is anybody’s enterprise, and tells Sang-eun that she’s totally free to make anything up the subsequent time Hae-jin asks. Apart from, she’ll quickly quit coming about, and Hae-jin will not be in a position to bug her about it any longer. With the way Ji-ho acts, you’d believe he’s also not impacted by their impending divorce. Pfft. All Sang-eun desires is to be acknowledged as the very best wife by the very best husband client she’s ever had, but it appears like she will not be finding that from Ji-ho. So, she decides that their subsequent dinner appointment will be their final.

The day ultimately comes, and even though Sang-eun is about to ring the bell to Ji-ho’s apartment, Hae-jin comes about. Like a great neighbor, he can not preserve his mouth shut about the possible danger he thinks she is walking into. But as Sang-eun prepares to give him a reply, the door opens and Ji-ho pokes his head out with a, “Honey, I’m hungry.” *Covers mouth to muffle excited squeals* Properly, I’m not the only 1, for the reason that Sang-eun is also taken by the “honey” bit, as it is acknowledgement — ultimately!

What a way to wrap up a such a beautiful premiere week! I was expecting a light and fluffy rom-com – which the drama delivers on – but I wasn’t expecting the complete backstory, and secrets and stuff. Hello, makjang, is that you? Heh. Not that I thoughts, although, as lengthy as they balance each components. I assumed the fake wife point was just for dramatic impact to push the plot, till I saw Sang-eun stroll away from the arranged marriage. Now it tends to make sense that immediately after becoming groomed with the sole goal to be married, she’d pick to profit off that exact same arrangement, but on her personal terms. I also see why she genuinely does not want to be bound by that institution, and it is virtually a miracle that she even has a dream of falling in enjoy at all.

I obtain Ji-ho intriguing, and I know he’s not a psychopath or something for the reason that it would be out of location in a rom-com (but hey, really feel totally free to surprise me, Show). I want us to promptly get previous the complete mystery of what his job is, although, so we can move on to other points like why is he such a man of couple of words? Why does not he enable folks to get close to him? And what is it about his previous that he’s avoiding?

Love In Contract: Episodes 1-2

As for Hae-jin, even though he seems to be so carefree, he’s certainly incredibly lonely at heart. For some explanation, he distances himself from his household, he does not look to have buddies aside from his manager and his brother, and his cat does not even return his affections. Fortunately, he has reconnected with his initial enjoy once more, despite the fact that she’s now “married.” But for somebody who nonetheless went back to warn Sang-eun about Ji-ho even immediately after becoming told off the initial time, providing up on his feelings/instincts is not in Hae-jin’s dictionary.

We know that he’ll quickly turn out to be 1 of Sang-eun’s customers, but I wonder how that’ll operate out thinking about Jamie the initial enjoy could possibly have an allergy to Jamie the cat. Heh. And this brings me to 1 of the highlights of a classic K-drama rom-com: the enjoy triangle! I’m not a super fan of either actor, and for now, I’m undecided on which ship to board. So it is left for their characters to win me more than in the coming weeks — which can not come quickly adequate. This is me impatiently counting down the days, for the reason that I have to have a lot more episodes ASAP. *grubby hands*

Love In Contract: Episodes 1-2

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