Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 3-4


Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes three-four

1 flying kick is not adequate to take down a entire planet of corruption, but it is a commence. As our mental coach ultimately begins to get via to his reluctant pupil, a new hope and a new self-confidence commence to take more than.


Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 3-4

Oh, I truly am loving this show — happily, it is maintaining all the humor and heart from its premiere week, and adding to that equation with additional (wacky) characters, moral dilemmas, and lots of new players.

1 criticism, even though, is that the asynchronous editing got a bit confusing. I fully grasp dramas get a lot of mileage out of displaying us a pivotal scene and then backing their way into it once again, but at times it more than-complicates anything that is not as well difficult at all. Right after all, the simplicity of this show is its charm.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 3-4

Anyway, the star of this week’s episodes is undoubtedly the No Medal Club characters — they act as Gil’s group of superhero helpers, each and every placing their athleticism to use, no matter whether that is gymnast CHOI SOO-JI (Lee Jini) kicking down CCTV cams, marksman PISTOL PARK (Heo Jung-min) “shooting” with a camera, or my preferred cardigan-wearing Young-to, whom we met final week.

This week, on the other hand, we find out that the injury that expense Young-to his leg was in fact brought on by none other than our most-hated-coach-in-the-planet, Coach Oh. Also critical (and beautiful) to note, is that Gil has helped and coached each and every of the No Medal gang via their emotional and psychological injuries. The closeness in between him and Young-to is specially touching, as is Young-to’s bravery in approaching and facing Coach Oh. The two could possibly not precisely appear like previous teammates, but I like this plot line — and Kang Young-seok — so a lot that I’ll let it slide.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 3-4

Gil and the No Medal Club pull all the stops (and comedy) although they investigate what’s going on with the brief track group, and come up with adequate proof to commence influencing alter. Very first is a press conference beautifully destroyed by the truth that JO JI-YOUNG (Kim Shi-eun) faked her injury and accepted bribes. Coach Oh is dragged off the stage and it is damn satisfying.

As his abuse of the group is ultimately exposed — even though only temporarily — he’s pulled from his spot just as Ji-young is from hers. This opens up a spot on the national group for our girl Ga-eul — and with her rests the true heart of the story. She fights her way via the prior race, so desperate to rank that she’s prepared to harm her injured leg additional. But there’s additional at stake than just points, and what offers this entire issue heart is her inner struggle. She’s packed with a lot of emotional conflict, but I believe my preferred is the yearning packed in one particular of her lines: “Why was I offered a want that is far higher than what my talents can accomplish?”

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 3-4

Thanks to Gil’s rather relentless pursuit of rapport and trust with Ga-eul, his words commence to get via to her. The two share so numerous good scenes this week, and in between all their heart-to-hearts and his secret support with Coach Oh, she begins to trust him additional. All although admitting that it is extremely really hard for her to trust folks, but that she desires to be in a position to.

Gil could possibly be operating endlessly to develop rapport with her, but it gets simpler when they each wind up at the national education center once again — Ga-eul as a national athlete, and Gil as the reluctantly-hired new mental coach. For Gil, this signifies a (willful) return to hell for Ga-eul it is the good results she’s been craving for 4 years.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 3-4

As the national education center becomes our new primary setting, Gil gets numerous additional possibilities to butt heads with Dr. Park (who is by far the most unnecessary character in this drama this far let’s hope they use her additional as the story progresses). The education center also signifies a lot additional of Gil and Tae-man interactions — which, not gonna lie, I adore the frenemy issue they have going on. Certain adequate, we see them conferring and operating collectively more than the Coach Oh assault case, but at the very same time there’s a thinly-veiled contention in between the two at all occasions (plus, Kwon Yul in glasses!).

And that leads us to most likely my preferred motif from this week’s episodes, which is the concept of needing other folks — and conflict — to develop. We see it initial with Ga-eul, as she admits she wants to train with the group, not on her personal, mainly because competing against the clock is absolutely nothing like competing with other skaters and feeding off their power.

Later, Gil confirms the very same motif in his interactions with Tae-man — a fascinating dynamic that is much less “keep your mates close and your enemies closer” for him, and a tiny additional akin to “keep your competitors close mainly because you want anything to strive against in order to persevere and develop.”

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 3-4

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 3-4

You could argue the story has adequate to preserve itself going with the Gil/Ga-eul coaching angle, and the Gil/Tae-man backstory, but we meet an additional player who difficult factors. He’s the prodigy swimmer LEE MU-GYEOL (rookie Moon Yoo-kang), and he has a seemingly difficult history with Ga-eul. We see her parting from him when they have been leaving the national education center 4 years ago, but by the time we hit Episode four, he’s also returned.

I truly like the addition of this character for a number of factors. Very first, his presence virtually guarantees that there’s no adore line in the performs for Gil and Ga-eul. Second, he appears to hate Coach Oh as a lot as every person else, and when Coach Oh returns to taunt Ga-eul however once again, it is not Gil but Mu-gyeol that punches his lights out. Third, Mu-gyeol has a bit of an fascinating story himself.

When we meet him he’s just returned to Korea soon after education abroad, but there’s anything larger at stake, mainly because throughout their investigations the No Medal club appears him in an illicit exchange with a delinquent from the previous they all know pretty properly.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 3-4

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 3-4

But most likely the ideal aspect of Mu-gyeol’s look on the scene is that he’s forced to accept a mental coach – and that mental coach is none other than Gil. In order to be taken seriously, Gil scares Mu-gyeol with the inside expertise he has on his doping, and it comes off a bit threatening, but truly, we all know that Gil will be the ideal issue that ever occurred to this swimmer boy.

The lessons that Gil performs so really hard to instill in Ga-eul are certainly coming for swimmer boy subsequent — and beyond mere plot points, the depth also permeates the drama’s numerous uplifting and encouraging messages, like “Finish powerful,” or “Face your fears head on. Do not ignore them but expose them for what they are.”

Our crew will want these mantras and additional as they re-enter the fight. And with a entire lot of corruption and bureaucracy threatening to bury the truth — once again — there are numerous additional battles in retailer ahead of correct athleticism is restored for our brief track group.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episodes 3-4

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