Kim Hye-soo takes her sons to task in The Queen

September 22, 2022September 22, 2022

Kim Hye-soo requires her sons to process in The Queen’s Umbrella
by tccolb

They say parenting is universal, regardless of status, and if the newest teaser is something to go by, even the Joseon royals of tvN’s The Queen’s Umbrella struggled with finding their youngsters prepared in the morning.

The black comedy sageuk stars Kim Hye-soo (Juvenile Justice) as Queen Hwa-ryung, wife of reigning King Yi-ho, who is played by Choi Won-young (Golden Spoon). Though Joseon is at present nicely in order – thanks to the King – the princes are in no shape to lead the nation’s future and Hwa-ryung is determined to make them worthy of their royal name.
Hwa-ryung is not the only prideful mom in the palace, although, a precedent set by the Queen Dowager Kim Hae-sook (Tomorrow). We also have to watch out for the royal concubines, such as Ok Ja-yeon (Massive Mouth) and Kim Ga-eun (Kiss Sixth Sense).

The new video teaser opens on an irate Queen Hwa-ryung, who tries to keep calm as she fumes, “It had to be right now of all days…” She rushes to wake up her youngest son – Park Ha-joon (What’s Incorrect Mr. Poong-sang) – threatening, “Hurry! Get the crust out of your eyes and get prepared to run. Otherwise, you and me, we’re each dead.” Racing by means of the courtyards collectively, they arrive for class just in the nick of time, and an anxious Hwa-ryung leads her son to his seat. We then study in the appearing text screen: “If it is for the sake of your youngsters, items like dignity are thrown away.”
The other palace moms take measures to assistance their sons as nicely and we hear (and see) the most current superstition that has secretly taken trend: “They say there’s a specific way to wash your face which will assistance increase your research.” But when their sons are agreeable, Hwa-ryung’s princes sing a various tune. In spite of her wailing, Moon Sang-min (My Name) refuses outright: “I’m not even taking into consideration going.” Yoo Sun-ho (The Terrific Shaman: Ga Doo-shim) avoids her gaze and Yoon Sang-hyun tries to make it conditional: “Let me get married 1st!”
The final text screen then prompts us: “Make way for Her Royal Highness, the Queen!” Jumping back to Hwa-ryung, the teaser comes to a close as she research by means of the evening herself – attempting to figure out a tactic for her sons. With fierce determination, she turns to the camera and we finish on her competitive resolve: “I cannot sleep if I shed.”
Directed by PD Kim Hyung-shik (About Time, Secret Door) and written by Park Ba-ra, tvN’s The Queen’s Umbrella will be launching subsequent month on October 15.

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