Fighting crime D.O. style in KBS

September 20, 2022September 20, 2022

Fighting crime D.O. style in KBS’s Undesirable Prosecutor
by tccolb

An additional round of promos has been released for KBS’s Undesirable Prosecutor, featuring our hot-tempered hero along with the crime-fighting group.

The legal-action drama stars D.O. (one hundred Days My Prince) as the delinquent prosecutor Jin Jung, who has tiny patience for pretensions like how a prosecutor need to dress or behave. His sole concentrate is on placing criminals behind bars and he is not shy about letting his fists do the speaking.
Attempting but failing to preserve him in verify is senior prosecutor Lee Se-hee (Young Lady and Gentleman), who plays the principled Shin Ah-ra. Additional complicating the group dynamics is Ha Joon (Crazy Enjoy) as the ambitious prosecutor Oh Do-hwan.
The supporting cast also contains the head of civil affairs Kim Sang-ho (Insider), the token but not-so-skilled hacker Lee Shi-un (Crazy Enjoy), the powerful-willed Joo Bo-young (Twenty 5 Twenty One particular), and head prosecutor Kim Tae-woo (Cleaning Up).

The new teaser starts with Jung kidnapping capturing one particular culprit as he monologues, “Do you know what I discovered although functioning in this field? If I want to catch jerks like you, I need to have to fight dirtier and come at you from behind.” The appearing text screen reveals his motto: “Delinquently, not diligently!”
A frustrated Ah-ra rants, “How did a guy like you even turn out to be a prosecutor?!” And our hero humbly replies, “There was practically nothing unique, it was just a mix of talent and great luck.” But we flash back to his oath-taking ceremony exactly where a tracksuit-clad Jung had hilariously stood out amongst his robed colleagues and mischievously grinned for the group photo. The following text screen reads: “The mad, poor prosecutor is coming!”
In a curious reduce, we see a severe-faced Do-hwan aiming his gun at our hero. We then jump to each Ah-ra and Jung gesturing at a person off-screen. The teaser comes to a close with Jung back on the job, chasing an additional criminal, and he resolves: “I do not treat poor guys like people today. Let’s go! We need to have to catch some poor guys.”
With scripts by Im Young-bin (Sketch) and directing helmed by Kim Sung-ho (Move to Heaven), KBS’s Undesirable Prosecutor premieres October five in the Wednesday-Thursday slot.

By means of KBS, Sports Globe
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