Seo Ji-hoon and So Joo-yeon reminisce amidst Seasons of Blossom

September 20, 2022September 20, 2022

Seo Ji-hoon and So Joo-yeon reminisce amidst Seasons of Blossom
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One particular ephemeral summer time, a likelihood meeting blooms into a serendipitous connection that nonetheless lingers several years on. Primarily based on the webtoon of the identical name, Wavve’s upcoming drama Seasons of Blossom paints a heart-fluttering campus adore story, underscored by a melancholic tale of loss and healing.

The drama’s premise starts six years ago, when our two leads had been nonetheless in higher college. Seo Ji-hoon (Imitation) stars as Lee Ha-min (yay!), a well-known student who receives lots of adore from his schoolmates till the day he decides to take his personal life. As Ha-min’s 1st adore, So Joo-yeon (Atonement) plays Han So-mang, who is the thread that hyperlinks each the previous and present collectively. (Double yay!)

Whilst Ha-min might look like the fantastic model student, from his very good grades to his pleasant demeanor, he’s fully unique behind closed doors. Soon after getting a present from one particular of his admirers, Ha-min requires cover in an empty art studio, exactly where he cusses out his classmates for getting annoying.
Except the studio is not that empty soon after all — turns out So-mang was inside all along, hidden by her easel. When Ha-min tosses the present box of chocolates in the trash, So-mang wonders why he even accepted it at all, and Ha-min explains that it is element of playing the social game. Of course, he does not look at any one his actual buddy.
Ha-min continues to use the art studio as his hideout, and quickly the two create a friendship that blossoms into a thing much more. Outdoors the studio, nevertheless, the two pretend not to know every other — Ha-min does not want his social life to turn out to be complex, and So-mang is content material with the art studio remaining as their tiny secret.

As the pair develop closer, So-mang introduces Ha-min to the several joys of life, ones that he’s under no circumstances had the freedom to expertise prior to. They devote their summer time operating in the rain, drawing every other, and huddling below a blanket collectively — to Ha-min, who’s lived his life only focusing on what he ought to do, So-mang opens his eyes to a dazzling happiness he hadn’t identified till now.
The present-day story focuses on Ha-min’s younger brother Jae-min, played by Kim Min-kyu (Idol: The Coup). With his very good appears, tall height, and vibrant character, he’s effectively-liked amongst his schoolmates. That incorporates Yoon Bo-mi, played by Iz*One’s Kang Hye-won (Greatest Error).

Six years soon after her dreamlike summer time with Ha-min, So-mang returns to Seoyeon Higher as a student teacher. Coincidentally, she crosses paths with Jae-min, and she cannot support but be reminded of her 1st adore Ha-min. Against her improved judgment, she impulsively asks him if he’s prepared to be her model — and Jae-min accepts her supply, wanting to devote time with a person who knew his older brother.
Nevertheless, So-mang is nonetheless living in her memories of the previous. In the hallway, she sees Ha-min approaching her, and she reaches out to caress his face gently, calling his name as tears glisten in her eyes — except it is not Ha-min standing in front of her, but Jae-min.
It is clear that neither of them has completely moved on from Ha-min’s passing, and by means of their art sessions, it appears they might be in a position to seek solace in every other and come to terms with their grief.
Directed by Wang Hye-ryung (The Guilty Secret, Pop Out Boy) and co-written by Park Yoon-sung and Kim Ha-nui, Seasons of Blossom premieres this Wednesday, September 21, on Wavve.

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