Five drama recommendations… with memorable scene-stealers


5 drama recommendations… with memorable scene-stealers

Although our drama heroes and heroines usually take the limelight – as they really should — each and every so frequently a drama characteristics a side character that just steals the scene away from whoever else is it in. Every single. single. time.

You could argue it is just the script, but much more frequently than not it is that stars-aligning moment exactly where you have the excellent actor cast for the excellent supporting character. They give life to what could have been a common ol’ supporting part, and the drama just wouldn’t be the similar devoid of them (they may even make you overlook about the rest of the cast). Right here are some of our favourite scene-stealing side characters.

Five drama recommendations… with memorable scene-stealers
Liar Game (2014)

Judging by her 1st look, you most likely wouldn’t spend Lee El’s Jaime a second glance. Disguised as a timid and mousy girl, Jaime leveraged on her unassuming persona to manipulate the other contestants of Liar Game like putty in her hands. And when she had them all wrapped about her thumb, she lastly bared her claws in what is nevertheless a memorable reveal to date.

Of course, that is not all. Jaime absolutely is not a one particular-trick pony, and she proved her competence more than and more than once again with her sharp wit and her cunning schemes. It is no compact feat to finest one particular of the most intelligent antagonists in K-drama history, and Jaime pulled it off effortlessly in fierce red lipstick and killer heels. I will not spoil the twist simply because it demands to be knowledgeable firsthand for the complete satisfaction to sink in, but that scene exactly where her double-crossing is revealed and she stares her adversary down with a smirk playing on her lips? So satisfying.

The finest element about Jaime is how effortlessly she straddles the line in between pal and foe, and how she draws you in with her captivating charisma regardless of no matter if you really like or hate her. In the midst of a spectacular cast, she nevertheless stands out very easily, establishing her spot as the most memorable contestant even nicely immediately after the drama’s conclusion. –@solstices


Five drama recommendations… with memorable scene-stealers
Healer (2014)

When you assume “ajumma” in K-dramas, the 1st issue that comes to thoughts is either a middle-aged female neighbor, or the mother of one particular of the characters. A laptop or computer guru is not who you will image as a stereotypical ajumma, however that is specifically who Jo Min-ja (Kim Mi-kyung) is. Ajumma – as she’s fondly known as by the titular Healer (Ji Chang-wook) – is the badass hacker whose expertise place each the police cyber division and her rivals in the evening errand enterprise to shame.

1 of her finest foot soldiers in the enterprise is Healer, who would do just about something for the proper value – and although he prefers to fly solo on his missions, he’s not totally alone. Ajumma is the voice in his ear, the eyes behind his back, and the hyperlink in between him and his consumers. She’s fairly substantially a scene-stealer in Healer’s personal life, and that is impressive thinking of they in no way met in particular person all through their partnership, till towards the finish!

We hardly see Ajumma outdoors the dimly lit area exactly where she’s surrounded by dozens of laptop or computer screens, and it is simple for us to really feel sort of isolated from her, in particular due to the fact she does not interact with most of the other characters in the story. However Ajumma commands our focus, with the epic-ness of her hairstyle, her undying really like for kimbap, spyware devices, and knitting. She tends to make such a sturdy influence that you cannot assume about Healer devoid of considering about Ajumma, and it cannot get any much more scene-stealer than that! –@unit


Five drama recommendations… with memorable scene-stealers
Sensible Prison Living (a.k.a. Prison Playbook) (2017)

With such a significant ensemble cast, it is unsurprising that Sensible Prison Living would have a scene-stealer or two, but the award for the most constant and memorable goes to Loony (Lee Kyu-hyung), the lovable recovering drug addict. His oddball mannerisms, which earned him his prison moniker, are a side impact of his withdrawals, and despite the fact that his behavior is frequently a supply of slapstick comedy, his battle with his addiction is an evolving side story that captures viewer’s hearts as it progresses by way of the complete length of the drama.

As opposed to a lot of of the drama’s supporting characters who transfer in and out of the prison (and our male lead’s life), Loony is a continuous. At 1st, he’s just a goofy and very easily dismissed druggie, but as we understand much more about his backstory, we turn out to be much more and much more invested in the outcome of his prison stint and the achievement of his rehabilitation. We all rooted for him to overcome his addiction, obtain peace with his parents, and reconnect with his companion, so there was a collective outcry amongst viewers when he fell victim to a method made to have him fail.

And if you want any additional proof that Loony was a fan favourite who lived on in our hearts, appear no additional than screenwriter Jung Bo-hoon’s subsequent drama Racket Boys. Despite the fact that the characters have various names, Lee Kyu-hyung’s cameo in Racket Boys is an intentional nod to Loony, providing us all closure and assuring us that he ultimately discovered happiness. –@daebakgrits


Five drama recommendations… with memorable scene-stealers
Thirty But Seventeen (2018)

I knew Jennifer (Yeh Ji-won) was going to steal the show (and my heart) when she 1st appeared on-screen, strutting down the road with her signature sunglasses, and whipping the male lead (Yang Se-jong) with spring onions minutes later. Heh. Located households are one particular of my favourite tropes, and Jennifer is a housekeeper living with two 30-year-olds who are nevertheless stuck at 17, an actual 17-year-old and his two close friends who pop in sometimes, plus a dog and a chick.

Amidst this colorful family members, Jennifer stands out, and not just simply because of her decision of outfits – essentially, there’s nary a decision thinking of her closet is filled with an totally monochrome choice! Jennifer is a “human Wikipedia” whose quirks incorporate dropping quotes at each and every turn, acting like a robot, and speaking in a monotonous voice. And it is in particular hilarious the way she introduces herself with her catchphrase-like “Please get in touch with me Jennifer.” If there was an award for housekeeper of the year, she’d undoubtedly win it simply because there’s just about practically nothing she cannot do.

But like the usual K-drama character with a painful previous, Jennifer shares a tragic connection with the female lead (Shin Hye-sun). In spite of the incident that turned her into the robotic particular person she is, Jennifer is nevertheless in a position to offer warmth and emotional help for the family members — and it is such a rewarding journey to go along with her as the family members embraces her in return, and gradually thaws the ice about her heart. –@unit


Five drama recommendations… with memorable scene-stealers
The Secret Life of My Secretary (2019)

Amidst the delightful story of a romance in between a grumpy chaebol boss and his adorable and extended-suffering secretary, we have the lady that was at 1st accountable for their budding romance: “Veronica Parrrk-i-e-yo.” The vibrant and eclectic chaebol Veronica is no shrinking violent. With a killer wardrobe, the sharpest “r” in town, and eyes for one particular man only, she could have been the heroine of this drama. Or perhaps she really should have been?

Veronica’s antics necessitate that our story’s heroine, Jin Ki-joo, cosplay Veronica (which she does really fabulously), and quickly the two are caught in a mistaken identity mixup that leads to confusion for our face-blind (of course he is!) hero, Kim Young-gwang.

Kim Jae-kyung took the part of Veronica Park and created her into somebody that was not possible to ignore. And it is not just simply because you can see and hear her coming a mile away — there was a wacky power that she brought to the part, and her scenes became some of the finest in the drama. It is refreshing adequate when a second lead female is not a witch-like meanie — and right here, all these expectations have been turned on their head, and created into some thing (or is that somebody?) unforgettable. –@missvictrix

Five drama recommendations… with memorable scene-stealers

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