Today’s Webtoon: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

It is time to draw a close to this chapter, as our characters ultimately reap the rewards of the seeds they’ve been painstakingly sowing all this even though. They’ve come a lengthy way from exactly where they 1st began, and adversity has only created them stronger.


Dae-ryuk and Dong-hee toil away at their tablets, and at the finish of it, they handle to submit Dae-ryuk’s manuscript just before the deadline. The most up-to-date chapter goes up correct on time, and Ma-eum’s eyes tear up as she reads it. For the 1st time, there’s colour in Dae-ryuk’s art — the yellow flowers reflect the hope that has begun to bloom in his heart.

Ma-eum asks Dae-ryuk how he believed of adding colour to his manuscript, and he answers that he recalls doodling with his mom as a youngster, making use of colored crayons. It was a delighted memory that had gotten lost with the sands of time, till now.


Reminding Dae-ryuk to generally try to remember that he’s not alone on this journey, Ma-eum reassures him that he has the assistance of the webtoon group and his readers. She holds her hand out for a no-get in touch with air fistbump as they’ve generally carried out, except this time Dae-ryuk tends to make get in touch with. He’s gotten more than his worry of touch!

Ma-eum instinctively pulls back in shocked disbelief as Dae-ryuk smiles sheepishly, and then she fistbumps him once again excitedly. Aww, Dong-hee asks if he can get a fistbump also, and Dae-ryuk happily obliges.


Ma-eum walks property with Joon-young soon after operate, and he thanks her for teaching him how to trust folks once again. Pointing to each ends of the bridge, Ma-eum muses that they when employed to be polar opposites, but now they’ve met in the middle.

In response, Joon-young says that he’s glad their variations brought them collectively then, and that the individual at the other finish of the bridge was her. Flustered by his sincerity, Ma-eum laughs the moment off lightheartedly.


Ma-eum returns property to obtain her father reading — and crying more than — the most up-to-date chapter of Dae-ryuk’s webtoon. He remarks that it is quite remarkable, and Ma-eum says that she’s glad to be in this line of operate.

As lengthy as she keeps operating challenging, she can make even a lot more folks delighted with the operate that she produces, and no one particular has to get hurt. Aww, Dad sheds proud tears of joy as he gazes at Ma-eum. He may possibly be gruff and obstinate at occasions, but it is clear that he treasures his valuable daughter deeply.


Ji-hyung and Ma-eum head to a quaint small restaurant for lunch, exactly where they notice that its walls are plastered with scribbles and drawings created by preceding consumers. Ma-eum suggests that they attempt drawing every other, only to finish up shocked by Ji-hyung’s drawing capabilities.

Ji-hyung admits that he employed to dream of becoming a webtoon artist, except he ended up picking out to grow to be a “shadow artist” alternatively — i.e., a person who functions behind the scenes. He told himself it was due to the fact he didn’t dare to grow to be an actual artist, but as time passed, his point of view changed.

“Today’s “Today’s

So lots of folks pour in work behind the scenes just to generate one particular piece of inventive operate, and their presence is equally vital. We’re shown a montage of the drama’s production group challenging at operate, which is a seriously sweet acknowledgement of their challenging operate.

Ji-hyung admits that he was skeptical of Ma-eum at the commence, considering the fact that she would’ve been employed to getting appreciate as an athlete, rather than providing other individuals assistance. Nevertheless, she’s considering the fact that verified him incorrect, and he encourages her to continue undertaking effectively.


The day of the Neon executives’ meeting rolls about, and Ma-eum is so anxious she ends up going to the pantry so she can flip her fortunate coin. Except she misses as it falls, and it rolls all the way to someone’s feet. It is Ji-hyung, who picks it up and says he’s taking his coin back. There’s no want for it any longer, considering the fact that he tells her to think that luck is generally on their side.

Man-cheol presents his pitch to the Neon executives in order to stay competitive with Youngtoon, he suggests setting up an affiliate corporation for Kang-nam. This studio can be helmed by Ji-hyung, who will deal with the management aspect, even though Kang-nam oversees the inventive content material.


Fortunately, the executives are convinced and Man-cheol is offered the green light to go ahead with his strategy, but the news is bittersweet. As the co-CEO of the newly-minted Studio Ginger, Ji-hyung will have to leave his position in the webtoon group.

At their group dinner, everybody congratulates Ji-hyung with teary-eyed smiles. Afterwards, Ji-hyung contemplates the coin that he when gave Ma-eum. He reminisces about the day he gave it to her at the Neon interview, and then as if tying a neat bow on his feelings, he makes use of that coin to invest in a drink from a vending machine.


Following a group meeting, Man-cheol tells Ma-eum to remain behind. He asks her how lots of years she practiced judo, and when she says 15 years, he requests that she operate with them for specifically that quantity of time, also. Omg, she’s obtaining hired as a complete-time employee!

The group surprises her with a cake and handfuls of confetti, and Ma-eum cannot enable but burst into overjoyed tears. Aww. Her challenging operate has ultimately paid off, and I’m so glad it all worked out in the finish.

“Today’s “Today’s

Chief Heo’s workplace gets searched by the audit group, below CEO Yoon’s orders. It turns out that Joon-young ultimately reported Chief Heo’s corruption and backstabbing to the CEO, along with the proof he’s painstakingly collected. Hah, Chief Heo’s fallen into the extremely trap he laid. He’s created to take a lengthy break from operate, soon after which he’ll have to resign.

When Chief Heo runs into Man-cheol in the hallway, he’s as unrepentant as ever, placing on an air of superiority. Nevertheless, Man-cheol is not cowed, and he asserts that his webtoon group will continue to develop even stronger. Ever the larger man, he advises Chief Heo to quit sabotaging other individuals and playing dirty, and to alternatively treat the folks about him with sincerity.


Following a meeting, Pomme asks Joon-young if he’s confessed to Ma-eum however. When she realizes he hasn’t, she urges him to, coyly musing that she may just confess 1st. Joon-young freezes in surprise, asking if she… possibly… likes Ma-eum? HAHAHA. Hey, at least he’s supportive?

Joon-young heads to Ma-eum’s manhwa cafe that evening, and he tells her that he’s moving out considering the fact that he’s ultimately paid off all his student loans he does not have to operate at the rental service any longer. Joon-young asks her to suggest him a manhwa to study as he wraps up this chapter of his life, and she deliberates for a even though just before pointing to herself. Ma-eum gives to be his listening ear, and he says he’ll take her up on her give when he’s carried out moving.

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Now that the webtoon group is ultimately creating great final results, they have a lot more leeway to launch projects, and they choose to hold a different webtoon contest. When the winners are announced, 1st location turns out to be the author of a slice-of-life travel comic that each Young-bae and Ma-eum have their eyes on.

Oh no, the artist is Seul-ah, who submitted her entry making use of a pen name. Following the traumatic knowledge operating with Young-bae previously, Seul-ah is extremely a lot inclined to pick out Ma-eum as her PD in charge.


Nevertheless, Young-bae’s years of knowledge and expertise about the webtoon business would undoubtedly be a lot more useful to Seul-ah, and everybody knows it. In the finish, Seul-ah chooses Ma-eum, but Ma-eum gives a suggestion — how about she functions with each of them?

Considering the fact that Ma-eum cares about undertaking justice to Seul-ah’s story above all else, even though Young-bae focuses on exposure and raking in views, Seul-ah can get the very best of each worlds. It is a good resolution to the arc, with each Ma-eum and Young-bae maturely recognizing the merits to every other’s operate.

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At evening, Joon-young considers calling Ma-eum, but chickens out at the final minute — till his ringtone has him tripping more than himself to answer Ma-eum’s contact, HAHA. She calls him out to their usual pojangmacha for a drink, and she tells him that she also feels like she’s ended a chapter of her life.

Ma-eum recounts her final judo match, confiding in Joon-young about how she ultimately mustered up the courage to see that pal once again. She muses that she does not consider she could’ve carried out it devoid of the lessons she discovered and the strength she gained from the webtoon group, but Joon-young disagrees, saying that he thinks she’s completely capable as her personal individual.


The subsequent morning, our webtoon group starts packing up their issues. Thanks to their regularly enhancing overall performance final results, the webtoon group ultimately gets to move to the Neon major creating like they’ve generally dreamed of. Yay! As they carry their boxes to their new workplace, Joon-young great-naturedly teases Ma-eum that she hasn’t offered him an answer however.

We flash back to the rest of their conversation at the pojangmacha — Ma-eum asks Joon-young what sort of individual he thinks she is, and he replies, “A great person… as effectively as a person I like.” Eeeee! He ultimately confessed!

Joon-young great-naturedly reassures her that she does not have to give him an answer correct away, and that he’ll be waiting for her response. Back in the present, he walks off with a smile, leaving Ma-eum flustered.


We see a montage of the team’s previous moments, as Ma-eum narrates that we may possibly stumble and fall, but in the end we nonetheless persevere in the pursuit of our dreams. At times, we have to make challenging options, but that is how we hold on writing the story of our lives.

The group calls out to Ma-eum, beckoning her to join them, and she runs soon after them with her trademark exuberant grin. In voiceover, she says that a new story unfolds every single day — just like today’s webtoon. (Heh, title drop!) Collectively, the group walks towards a superior and brighter future.


I consider one particular of the motives why I loved this show was also one particular of my greatest gripes with it — it was hopeful, but at times also hopeful. That created its story heartwarming, but it also ended up oversimplifying complications at occasions. For instance, Young-bae’s now a lot more generous with deadlines, and he even shows concern for his authors’ wellness. That is due to the fact he’s now the new deputy editor, and he can afford to take issues slow alternatively of rushing deadlines to meet sales needs like just before.

Maybe this was intended to show that Young-bae was a great individual all along and was merely constrained by situations. Except this insinuates that the moment issues take a turn for the worse, he’s going to go straight back to becoming unreasonable and uncompromising. This narrative robs him of character development, and feels somewhat like a cop-out.


I suppose that is why it is challenging to sum up how I really feel about this drama, considering the fact that its lots of contradictions give me mixed feelings. I appreciated the sensitivity with which it handled its character’s struggles for instance, I believed Ma-eum’s guilt more than hurting her pal and her struggle to obtain a new identity outdoors of judo was woven very effectively into her character trajectory, shaping her choices and outlook on life. Similarly, Joon-young’s steadily increasing trust in the group felt organic, generating it all the a lot more rewarding when he ultimately created a sense of belonging there.

But, other crises had been dialed up to the max for dramatic impact, which diluted the realism and broke immersion. Maybe some of it could be chalked up to an intentional quirkiness that was meant to reflect a webtoon style, such as Han-seul’s childlike temper tantrums. Nevertheless, other individuals came across as contrived, such as that one particular week when the drama piled on issue soon after issue onto Dae-ryuk in speedy succession.


In addition, I discovered the drama’s pacing uneven at occasions. Generally, it would devote quite a few scenes on setting up a seemingly vital plot point, only to have it resolved all also basically and speedily. The most current instance would be Writer Baek’s storyline this week soon after a thriving surgery for his back discomfort, he didn’t regain consciousness for a even though, generating everybody be concerned a fair deal till he at some point woke up.

This permitted the show to touch on the subject of how a lot webtoon artists are prepared to danger for their careers, but it also felt like a way to manufacture a cliffhanger ending for Episode 15. Which didn’t even operate, due to the fact I’m quite confident all of us anticipated that Writer Baek would come out of it secure and sound.


That is mainly due to the fact the drama has demonstrated a constant pattern of picking out a delighted ending more than leaving issues unresolved or bittersweet. It is not necessarily a negative point, and in my opinion, it functions in the context of this show. Although some of us may possibly favor our slice-of-life dramas a tad a lot more realistic, I consider this tale was generally about hope.

In a globe exactly where we may possibly generally obtain ourselves worn down by our situations and our struggles, Today’s Webtoon reassures us that it is okay to persevere and pursue what actually tends to make us delighted. Not all the things may possibly operate out the way we want it to, but we’ll understand and develop along the way, and the journey may possibly finish up becoming our most valuable takeaway.


Exactly where the drama falters, then, is when it prioritizes a hopeful plot more than organic and genuine character development. I’ve currently stated my (strongly opinionated) piece on Dae-ryuk’s character arc final week, but I’m nonetheless upset more than how his character was shortchanged and the risky message about trauma that was conveyed as a outcome. I know the drama wanted him to finish up delighted, but it shouldn’t have come at the expense of a correct trauma recovery method.

Dae-ryuk has created leaps and bounds from exactly where he 1st began, and I’m so proud of him for his development and how he’s overcome his trauma. But I cannot bring myself to be as enthused as Ma-eum is about it, due to the fact he could have gotten there by way of a various path — preferably one particular that involved therapy and a strong assistance method, alternatively of him becoming shoehorned into forgiving his abuser. Nonetheless, I’m glad that Dae-ryuk is free of charge of his metaphorical shackles, and that he’s ultimately discovered hope and happiness in his life. (And I’m gonna go watch a happier Kim Do-hoon in The Law Cafe!)


One particular point I specifically liked about this drama was how it set up plot points that seemed inconsequential and purely for laughs at 1st, only to have them grow to be plot-relevant and come complete circle later on. One particular instance is the webtoon evaluation channel run by Ma-eum’s sister it was a pleasant surprise to have her platform be the crucial to resolving Dae-ryuk’s false allegations, as effectively as the catalyst to sisterly bonding. Plus, she had her personal mini development arc by means of realizing how deeply malicious comments can reduce, and understanding how to use her influence for great.

Considering the fact that I haven’t study the webtoon that this drama was primarily based on, I do not know how a lot of this ought to be credited to the original operate, but I do consider the drama did a great job of bringing these arcs to life in an amusing and endearing way. As a lot as Writer Oh and PD Doo-hee’s scenes had been mainly played for comedic impact with not a lot influence on the major storyline, I discovered myself establishing a soft spot for their antics by the finish of the show. I also seriously liked how Woo-jin’s webtoon was employed to parallel the drama’s loveline it was cutely inventive, and I enjoyed her recurring appearances.


Above all, although, I loved how the drama handled our central trio of characters. Maybe the romantic payoff (or relative lack thereof) may not really feel all that satisfying to some viewers, but I liked that the boys’ feelings arose as a outcome of how a lot Ma-eum helped them develop as folks. She spurred them to reflect upon themselves and confront the fears they’d been repressing, enabling them to obtain closure and acquire the strength to move on.

Similarly, each of them have inspired and supported Ma-eum in their personal approaches. Thanks to their guidance and encouragement, she’s grown into a a lot more mature, thoughtful, and considerate version of herself. Beyond the romance, this is a trio that has one particular another’s backs by means of thick and thin.

“Today’s “Today’s

I’ll admit I began this show purely for the major cast, considering the fact that I loved them all in their preceding roles. Kim Se-jung is basically a breeze to watch her effervescent exuberance generally brought a smile to my face every single week, and I liked the touch of vulnerability she gave Ma-eum.

Nam Yoon-soo was adorable as the awkwardly reserved Joon-young, and it was so endearing to watch his heart steadily thaw out as he created feelings for Ma-eum. (If you want to watch him in a different cutely lovestruck puppy part, I’d suggest the internet drama The Temperature of Language: Our Nineteen!)

Of course, Daniel Choi is excellent in the mentor part, as generally — I 1st watched him in College 2013, and even though he was undoubtedly a lot more prickly there, he has a reassuring presence that exudes a steady dependability.


Today’s Webtoon may possibly have its shortcomings, but if I’m prepared to overlook them and suspend my disbelief in specific scenes, I consider I nonetheless enjoyed the drama a fair bit. Just like how the group healed one particular a different and grew collectively more than the course of the show, their determined optimism and words of wisdom touched my heart. As a lot as the plot could be frustrating at occasions, the central tale was one particular that supplied comfort and warmth, and lots of of its quotes will remain with me. One particular specifically poignant line I liked was uttered by Dong-hee this week:

Just due to the fact we’ve woken up from a dream nowadays, does not imply we cannot dream once again tomorrow. There’s generally area for hope exactly where one particular door closes, a different opens. Just as the sun generally rises every single morning, heralding the commence of a new day, we can generally choose ourselves back up and continue onwards towards what tends to make us delighted.


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