Blind: Episodes 1-2


Blind: Episodes 1-two

As promised, Blind delivers thrills, murder, and intrigue, along with a heaping dose of suspicion with regards to the integrity of its detective protagonist. All the proof appears to point in the very same path, but what if that supposed proof is lying?


Blind: Episodes 1-2 Blind: Episodes 1-2

Blind cuts straight to the chase, and a grisly chase it is. A group of youngsters run by means of pitch-black woods, attempting to escape a creepy whistling man identified as “Mad Dog.” One particular by a single, they’re captured in a variety of horrific methods. Like stepping in a bear trap, or getting deliberately run more than twice by the very same vehicle. Two of them finish up hiding beneath floorboards straight below exactly where Mad Dog is looming more than a single of their fallen close friends.

Later, we study that Mad Dog is a safety guard at Hope Welfare Center. One particular kid who did escape tells a police officer that all the children there are treated horribly. That they’re prepared to threat such violent consequences for attempting to run away speaks to just how horrible mentioned remedy have to be.

Regrettably, even for that a single escapee, there is not a lot actual hope to be located, as the officer lulls him into a false sense of safety and drives him correct back to the center.

Blind: Episodes 1-2

That all occurred in the previous, but do not be concerned — the present has its personal share of gruesome crimes as properly. For starters, the murder of Baek Ji-eun on her twentieth birthday. Whilst her parents waited at household organizing a surprise celebration, Ji-eun was waylaid in a dark alley. Some days later, her physique was found, wrapped in a garbage bag and sitting straight up in a dump heap, with a Joker-style smile carved into her face.

At the crime scene, we meet Detective RYU SUNG-JOON (Ok Taecyeon). He requires a extremely hands-on strategy to investigating, to the point that he wraps himself in a garbage bag and rolls down the hill to see if it is achievable to land upright like Ji-eun’s corpse supposedly did. He concludes that it is not, which means the killer went to the problems of carrying her physique all the way down right here and putting it in that position. Curious.

Blind: Episodes 1-2

But Sung-joon is not all quirky charm. He has an intense edge that borders on unsafe, like when the mortician informs him the Joker scars have been created with a extremely modest, sharp knife — like, say, a scalpel — and he backs her up against the wall with a single such scalpel, holding it correct up subsequent to her face as he contemplates the precise slicing motions the killer have to have utilized.

Sung-joon’s 1st large clue comes from a single of Ji-eun’s close friends. They’d been at a club collectively on her birthday, exactly where some guy had harassed them and threatened Ji-eun with a knife when she wouldn’t accept a drugged beverage.

When Sung-joon drops by the club, he finds that very same guy threatening a further young lady in the very same manner. He does not back down when Sung-joon flashes his badge, so Sung-joon beats him to a pulp. This apparently is not uncommon, due to the fact the other detectives currently have a method in location for cleaning up Sung-joon’s messes.

Blind: Episodes 1-2

The individual most exasperated by Sung-joon’s most recent loss of temper is his older brother, RYU SUNG-HOON (Ha Suk-jin). Sung-hoon is a notoriously principled judge who will not even consume lunch with other people to prevent getting roped into owing favors. He desires to see the finest in Sung-joon — and Sung-joon for his portion appears desperate for his brother’s approval and affection — but Sung-joon clearly hasn’t outgrown the violent streak he’s displayed given that their college days.

Regardless of this small hiccup, Sung-joon’s search for Ji-eun’s killer continues. Provided the sort of blade utilized and slicing knowledge, Sung-joon figures the killer might be knowledgeable in some thing like meals preparation. (Even though an ominous camera pan shows us Sung-hoon is a skillful woodcarver, zooming in on his modest, scalpel-like tool…)

Blind: Episodes 1-2 Blind: Episodes 1-2

Sung-joon narrows down his suspects to a certain worker at Hope Foods, a facility owned by Ji-eun’s father, BAEK MOON-KANG (Kim Beop-rae). And no, it is no coincidence the location is known as Hope Foods, due to the fact Moon-kang is none other than Mad Dog of the old Hope Welfare Center. What’s extra, we quickly study that Sung-joon himself was a single of these children who hid below the floorboards that dark evening.

The suspect, JUNG MAN-CHUN (Jung Jin-woo), ambushes Sung-joon, but he’s rapidly apprehended and arrested on murder charges. Possibly out of desperation, he requests a trial by jury. The nine persons chosen come from a variety of walks of life, which includes a style influencer, a sushi chef, a taxi driver, and social worker JO EUN-KI (Jung Eun-ji).

Blind: Episodes 1-2

Man-chun admits to threatening Ji-eun in the alley, but claims she got away and jumped into an individual else’s vehicle. He names Sung-joon as the driver and the actual killer.

So Sung-joon is summoned as a witness. But he’s armed with down-to-earth charm and a mountain of damning proof. The most damning of all getting a lady who has to reside with Joker scars of her personal, offered to her by Man-chun. It is so convincing, no a single sees the will need to even ask if Ji-eun truly did get into Sung-joon’s vehicle that evening.

Blind: Episodes 1-2 Blind: Episodes 1-2

Quite a lot everyone’s thoughts is currently created up, but in the jury space Eun-ki requires her time reviewing the case specifics. When the other people express impatience, she calls them out for pointing to Man-chun’s status as an undocumented immigrant for additional “proof” that he have to be the killer.

Nevertheless, Man-chun is eventually located guilty. As Sung-hoon sentences him to life in prison, he flies into a violent rage. Sung-hoon by no means even pauses in pronouncing his sentence, even as Man-chun comes inside inches of killing him in front of the whole courtroom.

Blind: Episodes 1-2

Immediately after Man-chun is subdued and the trial ends, the jury head off to dinner collectively, obtaining bonded more than the practical experience. Sung-joon and Sung-hoon also convene privately, but their conversation is a lot extra tense. Sung-hoon asks outright if Sung-joon killed Ji-eun, and even though Sung-joon sputters, hoping it is a joke, Sung-hoon pointedly tells him to believe cautiously about why he may well suspect him.

That evening, a motorcycle swerves in front of Man-chun’s prison transport, causing it to wreck and enabling him to escape. Worse, in the courtroom chaos, he’d stolen portion of the list of jury names and addresses.

Eun-ki, #eight on the list, has extended been dealing with a broken front door, so she does not suspect a issue till she’s currently inside her apartment, exactly where Man-chun is waiting. He holds her hostage by means of the subsequent morning, rebuffing police efforts to negotiate.

Blind: Episodes 1-2 Blind: Episodes 1-2

Sung-joon sneaks onto a neighboring rooftop. He cannot get a fantastic shot at Man-chun, but when Eun-ki manages to lock herself in the bathroom, Sung-joon jumps across and breaks by means of her front door. Inside, he requires Man-chun down, earning a knife in the back for his problems.

At the hospital, sinister-seeking guys sneak into Man-chun’s space. They’re led by Moon-kang, who tortures Man-chun into telling him who orchestrated all this: Jung Yoon-jae, a single of the Hope Welfare children.

Blind: Episodes 1-2

Immediately after watching the drama’s premiere episodes, I suspect that Eun-ki’s point about prejudice is going to be a driving theme of this show, and not only in relation to identifying the killer. Relying on presuppositions about other people can make us, properly, Blind to reality, typically to devastating effects.

Is Sung-joon secretly a killer mastermind who makes use of his charm to fool everybody into believing he’s just passionate and a small rough about the edges? Or are we — along with Sung-hoon — getting tricked by false “evidence” that makes use of Sung-joon’s flaws to obscure the accurate culprit? Is anybody in this show essentially who they seem to be?

Blind: Episodes 1-2
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