Mental Coach Jegal: Episode 2


Mental Coach Jegal: Episode two

As our mental coach sees himself additional and additional in his new mentee, he commits to assisting her. But that is not as uncomplicated as it sounds, because she’s stubborn and defensive. But quickly, her cover begins to give way, and we see she’s just a scared young girl underneath it all.

Editor’s note: Coverage will continue with weecaps.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episode 2

Following finding out mainly about Gil in Episode 1 — fundamentally, that he’s a warm-hearted underdog hero we can trust — the camera turns to Ga-eul. We rewatch the terrible match exactly where her teammate would rather shove her out of the race and have them each be disqualified — and injured — than the option. In reality, it quickly feels like the complete group is out to get Ga-eul, and for superior purpose: the coach is pitted against her.

The drama is shining very the light on corruption in qualified sports, and just seeking at how the athletic association operates for the speed skaters, gosh, is any race truly genuine? Is there ever a correct victor, or is it all paid-off commissioners and pre-planned maneuvers for every athlete?

Mental Coach Jegal: Episode 2

COACH OH DAL-SUNG (Heo Jung-do) has been productive in producing me despise his extremely existence. Initially we see him drill into Ga-eul and make light of the massive slash in her thigh whilst demanding a beyond-thorough exam for the athlete that the association favors (and pushes to the best with force).

The following OR scene is intense, for the reason that we study how hazardous these blade injuries can be. Just a handful of inches larger and Ga-eul’s would have hit a important artery. She endures twelve stitches without having anesthesia so that the drugs will not disqualify her from her upcoming match, and she sits there writhing in discomfort. But the sad portion is, it is not even bravery — it is self-punishment and misery.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episode 2

I missed Lee Yumi’s Netflix roles that skyrocketed her profession, but I can see what the fuss is about, just seeing her functionality right here so far. She’s a brat you want to slap one particular second, and then the subsequent, so vulnerable — like a lost puppy that pretends to be challenging to guard itself. She’s completely matched to Jung Woo’s character right here, and their interactions (err, fights) are some of the most effective scenes in the drama so far.

Gil sees himself in Ga-eul for certain — and all his interactions with her are colored by his personal previous experiences as an athlete, and what he has observed other people endure. The present-day Gil definitely has a lot additional maturity to him than the one particular we see in the previous, and some hilarious flashbacks show us what he was like a decade ago, undergoing rehab and psychological therapy for his challenges and injuries.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episode 2 Mental Coach Jegal: Episode 2

Right here we meet Physician PARK SEUNG-HA (Park Se-young), who was Gil’s psychiatrist back in the day. And boy, the flashbacks of his screaming and shrieking rival the related scenes from Mad For Each and every Other. LOL! I do not feel I need to have been laughing as a lot as I was, but Jung Woo’s off-the-deal with carrying on is just so terrific. Anyway, he was such a terrible and problematic patient that Dr. Park retired following obtaining to deal with him, hah.

In the present day, she functions with the athletic association and — along with Tae-man — brings up the problem that they require additional mental well being counselors for the athletes. And not just the athletes that are in the 1%. Certainly, that is the challenge with this complete predicament: only the best 1% of performers are treated like humans. Everybody else is crushed, utilized, and hung out to dry. Ga-eul is one particular instance, and the deceased Yeon-ji is one more. Her case lingers in the background of our story, also, for the reason that the association received reports of her bullying and they (study: Tae-man) ignored them.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episode 2 Mental Coach Jegal: Episode 2

Gil runs into his old medical doctor, and she’s none also pleased to see him and calls him out for his life-alter. “You can not even remedy your personal psychogenic disability and but you are coaching other people?” Gil tries to clarify what he’s discovered from his personal experiences, but their tiny interlude is interrupted by a fight in between Ga-eul and her teammate. The coach intervenes, blames Ga-eul for all the things, and kicks her out of practice. He’s just so vile it is challenging to deal with. Gil grips his cane/security pin angrily, but does not make a move.

Outdoors, he pursues Ga-eul and tries to get her to commit to a tiny bit of coaching. He’s accomplished his homework, and they study a replay of her race collectively. He calls her out for her behavior on the ice and with the group, and I like that his most important point is just to get her to be truthful with herself.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episode 2

Like each and every eccentric coach out there, although, he has his personal way of performing it. He desires to convince Ga-eul to give up the upcoming match to let her nonetheless-extremely-wounded thigh heal, and more than the course of the evening he tries to get her to guard herself initial, not take each and every slap and shove and verbally abusive word she’s served.

Gil and Ga-eul’s initial cease is a creepy constructing and the Bonesetter’s Clinic inside. It appears like a witch doctor’s lair at initial, but in a moment all the lights pop on and Gil’s kooky father (Yoon Joo-sang) seems. Gil introduces him to Ga-eul with an adorable giggle. (I adore these characters!) Turns out his father knows way also a lot about the human physique and rehabs tons of athletes with his expertise. They joke that Gil is the only one particular he can not appear to heal.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episode 2 Mental Coach Jegal: Episode 2

Their subsequent cease is upstairs to the “No Medal Club” — fundamentally a club space of washed-up athletes that when competed at the best of their game, but now are attempting to locate their way following their careers are more than. 1 is a gymnast (Lee Jin-yi) with a chronically dislocated shoulder and anorexia one more is a fellow (and well-known) speed skater GO YOUNG-TO (Kang Young-seok) who wound up losing his leg following an injury from one more skater’s blade.

Poor Ga-eul is so horrified by what she sees as a collection of permanently injured losers that she runs out in the middle of Gil’s coaching. He runs following her, and it is a excellent scene in between them. Ga-eul asks if he’s purposefully attempting to frighten her, and she’s ultimately truthful about her fears of finding injured, whilst Gil encourages her to let her feelings out and face her fears rather. His empathetic gaze actually highlights what a vulnerable creature she is, like an injured animal that bites you when you are attempting to enable.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episode 2 Mental Coach Jegal: Episode 2

He can not appear to speak her out of the match, although, and I adore adore adore that rather of becoming at odds with her choice, he and his fellow washed-up good friends enable her. Gil coaches her (in contrast to her actual coach), his father functions on her leg, and Young-to sharpens her skates himself — he’s a legendary sharpener, they say, and he provides her an edge in all senses of the word.

And certain sufficient, she performs beautifully, gaining her way as the race progresses. The coach (and the corrupt association behind him) have the complete race planned out, but they’ve overplayed their hand. The girls are tired of becoming forced to underperform and/or strategically eliminate other skaters from the race. And so, whilst the two girls in the lead go at it and have a genuine moment of competitors, they fall, and Ga-eul and her remaining teammate are neck and neck.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episode 2

Ga-eul wins second spot, but in the words of Gil: she won. Her wound is bleeding she appears like she’s about to drop, but what a race! You’d feel her coach would be proud, but he’s so infuriated that his strategy didn’t pan out that he begins hitting her in the hallway. We flashback to all the physical, verbal, and emotional abuse this man has spewed at Ga-eul because she was a kid, and it is sufficient to make you explode. Or, you know, do what Gil does when he witnesses it.

He’s down the hall, and screams a war cry at the best of his lungs. Then, dropping his cane without having even pondering, he runs at best speed towards the coach and hits him in the head with a flying kick. It is the most satisfying factor all year, and all the athletes and Dr. Park and Tae-man are there to see it. In the words of Gil: my security pin came undone.

And it is one more terrific episode for this show! So a lot has occurred and changed for our characters currently that I have to remind myself we’re only two episodes in. I actually like all the things this drama is performing, although — it somehow balances the rage with humor, and all the hardship with heart. I especially like how the drama is pulling out the thought of psychogenic injuries and how, as Gil explains, emotional injuries get stored in your physique just like physical ones do. It is a actually good path for this drama to take, as it focuses on mental strength and inner healing, and I can not wait to see how it modifications each Gil and his new mentee.

Mental Coach Jegal: Episode 2

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