Choi Min-shik takes a gamble on himself in Disney+

September 18, 2022September 18, 2022

Choi Min-shik requires a gamble on himself in Disney+’s Casino
by Jenzy

I do not know if I’ve ever encountered a drama this close-fisted with its personal facts, but with the brand energy of Disney+ and the star-studded cast attached to Casino, I do not consider the group behind the project is worried for lack of interest.

In his very first drama comeback immediately after 20 years, Choi Min-shik (In Our Prime) plays Cha Moo-shik, a rags-to-riches casino king who constructed a gambling empire in the Philippines only to a single day drop almost everything. Now back at square a single, Moo-shik will threat it all for a different opportunity at energy, no matter what the expense.
As for the rest of the cast, we’re not provided a great deal. We do know that Ryu Hyun-kyung (Medical doctor Detective) plays a tax investigator, that Lee Kyu-hyung (All of Us Are Dead) plays a younger version of Moo-shik, and the rest of the principal cast involves major names like Sohn Seok-gu (My Liberation Notes), Lee Dong-hwi (Pegasus Marketplace), and Heo Sung-tae (Adamas). We’re not provided a great deal a lot more than the cast lineup, but that is probably to transform as we get closer to the release date. You can inform that the group behind Casino has sufficient self-assurance in its acting heavyweights alone to garner interest, and I consider it is functioning simply because I for a single now want to verify it out just to satisfy my curiosity.

As for the teaser, we commence off by seeing Moo-shik swaggering about his empire, even though a conversation in the background tells us that he has connections with the shady criminal underworld. We’re then provided flashbacks exactly where we see a young Moo-shik generating and winning bets with his mates, and a teenaged Moo-shik wielding a pencil as a weapon in a dog fight, determined to do what ever it requires to win.
In the subsequent set of scenes, we see that Moo-sik begins an English academy, which ends up getting the tip of a dollars-generating iceberg to the tune of 70 billion won in the span of ten years. Ultimately, we see Moo-shik in the Philippines, getting into the biggest casino in the nation, even though the title cards inform us, “With no dollars or energy, this man became a legend.” Oh yeah, and we get a single glorious shot of Sohn Seok-gu’s face to prime it all off.
With Kang Yoon-sung (Lengthy Reside the King, The Outlaws) as the writer and director, Casino will stream on Disney+ this November.

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