If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 11-12


If You Want Upon Me: Episodes 11-12

With the large supervisor’s illness worsening, our tiny supervisor methods up, determined to do his aspect at the hospice. He requires on much more duty and even tends to make some new buddies. But of course, no 1 will let him just reside his finest Group Genie life. Correct when he puts 1 toxic previous partnership behind him, a different threatens to rear its head.


If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 11-12 If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 11-12

This week’s episodes give us some much more insight into Tae-shik’s previous and how he got mixed up with Yoon Ki-joon (a.k.a. Gyeo-re’s father) in the 1st spot. In reality, rather than top with whether or not Tae-shik is okay just after his collapse, we begin off by launching into a flashback.

On the evening his wife and son died, Tae-shik had left them on the side of the road just after obtaining a contact from Ki-joon. When he drank the evening away, his wife and son had been struck and killed by the Truck of Doom. A distraught Tae-shik later confronted Ki-joon, which is the flashback we saw earlier of Ki-joon strangling Tae-shik in front of tiny Gyeo-re.

Just after the flashback, we get to see that Tae-shik is okay for now. And thanks to Gyeo-re’s adorably awkward heartfelt pleas, Tae-shik ultimately agrees to get chemo. He just can under no circumstances say no to Gyeo-re.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 11-12 If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 11-12

Tae-shik tasks Gyeo-re with assisting get Deok-ja admitted to the utopia-like dementia village in the Netherlands, some thing he promised her husband Cha-yong. It appears that now is the time considering that Deok-ja is obtaining noticeably worse, losing her way in the hospice and even failing to recognize Cook Yeom. Everybody is heartbroken but attempting to smile in front of her.

But prior to Tae-shik leaves for remedy, they’ve got some want granting to do. This time, issues do not go very according to strategy and even trigger a tiff inside our group. A dying patient is determined to meet with a man he wronged decades ago. Discovering the man’s property was no picnic and neither is obtaining there, but they’re also late – the man has currently passed away, so rather they stop by his grave.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 11-12

It is only then that our trio gets the complete story. Decades ago, the patient had been a witness against the powerless orphan the cops wanted to pin a murder on. Thanks to the patient’s (violently coerced) testimony, the man spent the subsequent 22 years in prison prior to getting declared innocent.

Provided his background, Gyeo-re cannot assistance but empathize with powerless youngsters and orphans, so he’s angry that he helped the lying witness make amends whilst the orphan suffered and died. Of course, Gyeo-re is also fantastic-natured to keep angry for lengthy, and quickly just after he gets the likelihood to pour his power into assisting a couple of orphaned children.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 11-12

The fate of two siblings hangs in the balance as the grandmother who raised them fights for her life in the hospice. Devoid of any other relatives, they’ll probably be sent to the orphanage. Gyeo-re cannot assistance but appear just after them – he cooks for them, aids them draw images of their grandmother’s flowers to cheer her up, and even tends to make them honorary Group Genie members by providing them busy operate. It is incredibly sweet.

Quickly sufficient, the scared, sad youngsters are smiling and following Gyeo-re everywhere. It is then that a supposed relative shows up with a sketchy seeking dude, and they’re clearly undesirable news. She desires to take the children, but Gyeo-re puts a cease to it with assistance from Yeon-joo he’s determined not to let these children get abused like he was.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 11-12

When all this is going on, we’ve nonetheless got Ki-joon lurking about by evening with sharp implements and pretending to be unconscious by day. With absolutely everyone so busy and stressed just after Tae-shik leaves for chemo – specially Yeon-joo who’s possessing a truly difficult time with the thought of her “father” Tae-shik getting in discomfort – Gyeo-re methods up and presents to assistance take care of the mysterious patient. Oh no.

Oddly, Ki-joon does not pretend to be asleep with Gyeo-re and even talks to him. It appears Gyeo-re truly did overlook his father’s face due to the fact he does not recognize him at all. That or all the coma hair is in the way. Frustratingly, Gyeo-re decides to manage this on his personal and does not inform any individual else Ki-joon has woken up, in spite of Yeon-joo’s many reminders to inform her if the hazardous man wakes up.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 11-12 If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 11-12

Just after figuring out what he did to Tae-shik, Gyeo-re does not trust Ki-joon and desires him to leave as quickly as doable. The catch? Ki-joon claims he’s lost considerably of his memory, which he’s gradually regaining.

He does bear in mind possessing a son, although, and tells Gyeo-re that he was so content at his son’s birth he cried. He then shares that, when his son disappeared, he looked at just about every nearby orphanage but under no circumstances identified him. Ki-joon claims he nonetheless misses him, so Gyeo-re suggests his son really should be 1st on Ki-joon’s apology tour.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 11-12 If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 11-12

Meanwhile, Tae-shik struggles by means of chemo at the hospital and spots Joon-kyung there recovering. I could be more than her, but the drama is not, so we’re treated to much more of her storyline. She’s as cruel as ever, and this time, Seok-joon is her target considering that he likes her for what ever cause. She goes so far as to ask him to kill her and Gyeo-re. Oh my goooosh, can she let this go currently? Let’s hope he is not entertaining her ridiculous notions.

Back at the hospice, Gyeo-re realizes his cash is missing. He promptly suspects Ki-joon and snoops about his area when he’s gone. He does not uncover the cash, but he does uncover a photo of a smiling Ki-joon with tiny Gyeo-re. In case there was any doubt, there’s a note on the back saying it is a photo his “first date” with his son Gyeo-re. We finish on a shaken, crying Gyeo-re as he realizes the mysterious patient is his father.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 11-12

Poor Gyeo-re can not catch a break. Now that he knows the truth, I wonder what he plans to do. Will he reveal who he is and confront his father? I want he’d expose Ki-joon and get help from the group, but I have a sinking feeling he’ll preserve attempting to manage this himself.

It is difficult to know how considerably of a danger Ki-joon poses correct now. I cannot inform if he’s pretending to have amnesia or if it is for genuine. He does look pretty much like a distinctive particular person, but he may well just be scheming. And then, why is he so chatty with Gyeo-re? He hides from absolutely everyone else, which tends to make me wonder if he currently knows who Gyeo-re is.

If only Group Genie hadn’t handled this scenario so poorly, Gyeo-re wouldn’t be place in this awful position. How did they believe it was a fantastic thought to hide Ki-joon all this time without having a genuine strategy? With anything coming to a head, Tae-shik is going to be walking back into a mess.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 11-12

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