Good Job: Episodes 7-8


Excellent Job: Episodes 7-eight

This week on Undercover Boss — I imply, Excellent Job — our chaebol and his keen-eyed sidekick disguise themselves as members of his company’s janitorial crew, and toilets are not the only point they’re cleaning. There’s some corrupt management that requires to be trashed, but tossing out the riff-raff upsets the status quo and paints a target on our hero’s back.


Good Job: Episodes 7-8 Good Job: Episodes 7-8

We choose up this week exactly where we final left Sera and Sun-woo: shocked that they’ve woken up in bed with each other — totally clothed, of course, simply because they are on that slow-burn romance track that we like oh-so-substantially. After Sera gets her bearings, she leaps out of bed, concerned that she was the 1 who pounced on him final evening. Not only did I get a great snicker out of her pondering she was the extra most likely aggressor, but it warmed my heart that she trusts him not to have not taken benefit of her. Dawww!

Sun-woo assures her that she didn’t take benefit of him even though she was drunk. Alternatively, she fell asleep, he carried her to the bedroom, and like a suitable gentleman, he crashed on the sofa. At some point in the evening, even though, he went to the bathroom, and out of habit he climbed into the bed alternatively of returning to the sofa.

Good Job: Episodes 7-8

Following sorting out what occurred the evening just before, Sera and Sun-woo use his secret tunnel to take a shortcut to perform. Sera sets out for Tae-joon’s workplace unaware that Tae-joon now knows she’s been spying on him. Plus, soon after pondering her identity a small longer, he ultimately recognizes Sera as the lady in the pink dress who so elegantly compared him to a monkey’s scrotum.

Sun-woo realizes — either telepathically or through Tae-joon’s cloned telephone, not confident which — that Tae-joon is onto Sera’s actual identity, so he tells her to abort the mission. He will enable her obtain a way out of the developing undetected. The strategy: hide her in a trashcan and smuggle her previous Tae-joon, who is on the hunt and out for blood.

Although he does handle to throw Tae-joon off Sera’s scent with a strategically placed durian, Sun-woo’s selected disguise complicates matters. He and Sera are mistaken for actual members of the janitorial employees, and they are place to perform! Coincidentally, their initial job is to clean the workplace of Manager KIM HONG-SOO (Kim Joon-won), who has seemingly disappeared soon after logging into the firm forum and posting a inform-all exposé publicizing Tae-joon’s slush fund.

Good Job: Episodes 7-8 Good Job: Episodes 7-8

Following browsing Hong-soo’s workplace, Sera and Sun-woo come to 3 conclusions. A single, Hong-soo was not liked, specially amongst the female employees. Two, somebody left-handed drugged his coffee, so he’s likely not hiding of his personal volition. And ultimately, whoever drugged the unlikable sexual-harrassment-lawsuit-on-legs was likely not Tae-joon, simply because Jae-ha is also browsing for Hong-soo.

From that point on, our hero’s investigation is repeatedly stalled by a series of tasks handed down by the manager of the janitorial employees, which yields a bunch of comedic hijinks as they attempt to resolve their most recent mystery and steer clear of detection. The poor lofty chairman roughs it for the day and has to clean the toilets of his personal firm.

Not only does he have the misfortune of seeing and smelling some points that he’d rather overlook, but he also learns that the members of his cleaning employees are below-appreciated and mistreated. Enterprise policies place in location by — you guessed it — Tae-joon have produced them second-class citizens, pariahs that need to stay unseen and un-smelled by the rest of the firm employees.

Good Job: Episodes 7-8 Good Job: Episodes 7-8

Sun-woo’s stint as a janitor also tends to make him privy to a lot of firm gossip, and sooner or later he puts all the clues with each other to figure out that a former employee drugged Hong-soo and posted the message on the forums below his username. She wanted to expose not only Tae-joon’s slush fund, but the toxic and sexist perform atmosphere that she and her female coworkers had skilled. Ashamed by his ignorance and failure to shield his staff, Sun-woo encourages her to file a lawsuit and share her proof of the slush fund with the police. He has her back.

And as one more act of benevolence, he remodels the janitors’ break space and revokes all the guidelines Tae-joon established to segregate the cleaning employees from the rest of the perform population. It is unclear if the cleaning employees sooner or later recognize Sun-woo from his cardboard cutout in the lobby, but either way, he’s earned their loyalty. And I loved this wholesome undercover boss resolution. Positive, it may perhaps have taken us on one more detour away from the complete murdered mother plot line, but I honestly do not care if the revered Queen’s Tears necklace ever gets pointed out once more.

Good Job: Episodes 7-8

Oh correct, the necklace! Now that Tae-joon’s slush fund and Sera’s alliance with Sun-woo have been exposed, Sun-woo drops all pretenses and goes for a extra direct strategy. He straight up asks Tae-joon how he came into possession of the necklace. Tae-joon’s confusion more than the matter indicates that he didn’t kill Sun-woo’s mother, which was fairly apparent from the starting, but his round-about way of skirting the truth points to the extra most likely (and age acceptable) culprit: Wan-soo.

Following a celebratory dinner with Sera, Sun-woo walks her residence — omo, they’re so close to holding hands! — and reveals that he believes Wan-soo is the villain that they are going up against. That is when Sun-woo notices the gangsters lurking in the shadows. Attempting not to alert Sera, he abruptly cuts their conversation quick and urges her to head residence. Sera, who absolutely desires to linger, reluctantly follows his orders, but she only gets so far just before turning back and witnessing the gangsters attack Sun-woo.

Good Job: Episodes 7-8

When Sun-woo unexpectedly puts up a fight, 1 of the gangsters stabs him, which was not element of their original strategy. Unsure of how to proceed with out their boss’s orders, they abduct him, but Sera — and a no-inquiries-asked taxi driver — pursue their getaway van.

Sera utilizes her super-sight to inform the driver which turns to make, and in amongst directions she calls Jin-mo, who is attempting — in a roundabout way — to define his partnership with Na-hee. When they hear that Sun-woo has been kidnapped, they hop in the batvan, and even though Na-hee drives and weaves via targeted traffic, Jin-mo clings to the “Oh, shit!” manage and utilizes his laptop to track Sun-woo’s cell telephone.

Good Job: Episodes 7-8 Good Job: Episodes 7-8

Our trio regroups at the gangsters’ hideout, exactly where their leader PRESIDENT BYEON (Ryu Sung-hyun) calls Tae-joon and updates him on the existing scenario. Yeah, they had been only supposed to rough up Sun-woo a small bit, but 1 of his guys got a small stabby-stabby, so what need to they do with Sun-woo now?

Tae-joon panics at the messy turn of events, so Wan-soo requires the telephone away and tells President Byeon to take care of Sun-woo — permanently. Following hanging up with Wan-soo, President Byeon puts Sun-woo inside an oversized fish tank with a lid, and it is clear his murder technique of decision is drowning. But it is a slow course of action — what with filling the tank and stuffing Sun-woo inside it — so Sun-woo tries to keep his execution by explaining to President Byeon that he’s worth extra alive than he is dead. As President Byeon considers the give, Sera and the rest of the rescue group suit up and arm themselves.

Good Job: Episodes 7-8

Getting into the warehouse to what sounds like a bootleg version of the Ghostbusters theme song, our battle-prepared heroes come charging in with a forklift, lead pipes, glacial acetic acid, and a slingshot as their key weapons of decision. The skirmish is just as chaotic as it sounds, but like all of Jin-mo’s backup plans, it operates, and Sera and Sun-woo escape into the woods.

Sadly, the gangsters comply with them. Sun-woo’s protective instincts outweigh his injuries, and he tells Sera to run even though he holds the males off and herds them in one more path — a path that leads to him falling off a cliff. When the police arrive on the scene and comb the woods, they are unable to find Sun-woo, and Sera fears the worst. To make matters worse, Wan-soo and Tae-joon moved rapidly and flipped the narrative, causing the media to report that the missing Sun-woo is a corrupt chairman involved with gangs and drugs.

Sera is not in a position to idly sit about and wait, so she goes back to the scene of the crime in search of him. She’s not the only 1 browsing the woods, even though, and she inadvertently stumbles across President Byeon’s males, who have been ordered to finish the job they began. But just before they see her, she’s grabbed from behind and pulled out of sight — by none other than Sun-woo!

Good Job: Episodes 7-8

Our preferred chaebol didn’t survive a stabbing and an attempted drowning just so he could let a small fall off of a cliff kill him! He’s gone into hiding, biding his time till he can place the subsequent phase of his plans into motion. If Sera had stuck about the batcave a handful of minutes longer, she would have noticed the coded message that Sun-woo sent to Jin-mo.

But if she hadn’t gone searching for Sun-woo, then he wouldn’t have whisked her away to his secret hideout (his childhood household residence). And that is waaaaaaay extra enjoyable for us to watch — specially considering that their alone time with each other enables them to reduce their barriers and open the door to extra intimate conversations — and skinship!

Sun-woo’s wounds want dressing, and Sera innocently assists him, wrapping the bandage about his bare abdomen. For a lady who so not too long ago feared that she’d drunkenly pounced on Sun-woo and ended up in bed with him, I can’t fathom how she didn’t jump him in that incredibly charged moment. I guess her concern for his wounds outweighed her attraction, but if the appear Sun-woo was providing her is any indication, he wouldn’t have mentioned no to a little… pouncing.

Good Job: Episodes 7-8 Good Job: Episodes 7-8

But just before something takes place, Sera notices a photograph of his mother. It was taken at the incredibly orphanage exactly where she grew up, and it confirms that Sun-woo’s mother is the “Angel Ajumma” that was so good to her as a kid. In contrast to the other children and adults at the orphanage, Sun-woo’s mom believed Sera when she mentioned she could see points that other men and women couldn’t.

Getting in a position to speak openly about his mother with somebody who also has memories of her softens Sun-woo even extra, and for the duration of their time with each other, they naturally develop closer. He holds her hand and falls asleep with her head in his lap when she wakes up from a terrible nightmare, and he indulges her each and every whim when she drags him into the nearby town to shop and consume street meals. Then, they each take a bicycle constructed for two — but peddled by 1 simply because Sera does not want the injured Sun-woo exerting himself — to a spot by a lake exactly where each of them when (separately) visited with his mother.

Good Job: Episodes 7-8

I know it is overly cliché that they have a childhood connection, but in this case I do not thoughts it simply because — even even though Sera’s nightmares lead me to think they could have crossed paths the evening his mother was murdered — it does not seem that they otherwise met as youngsters. Alternatively, there is a degree of separation via Sun-woo’s deceased mother, and by generating her their frequent ground, the two are in a position to bond more than their shared memories and have their partnership evolve organically.

Sadly, their private getaway ought to come to an finish simply because Wan-soo and Tae-joon have currently moved to fill the vacant chairman’s seat with — no surprise right here — Wan-soo. They’ve referred to as a board meeting, but just when every person present is about to make the official vote, the boardroom doors open significantly.

Enter Sun-woo, searching like an absolute snack in his white suit, and at his side are Sera and Director Hong — who accidentally stumbled upon Sun-woo’s batcave and is now a totally initiated member of Sun-woo’s secret group. Oooowee! I definitely do like a great, “Surprise, bitches! I’m not dead!” cliffhanger.

Good Job: Episodes 7-8

It is incredibly uncommon that I can appear back on an episode of a show and believe, “Wow, hardly something occurred in the final hour to progress the plot, and I’m entirely okay with it.” But that is specifically what occurred to me this week soon after watching Episode 7, and it produced me understand that a substantial element of this drama’s charm is that it does not attempt to complicate its overarching plot (viz., who killed Sun-woo’s mom) with a ton of twists and misdirections. Alternatively, it spoon feeds us the (relatively apparent) clues 1-by-1 and fills the gaps amongst every single new lead with mini capers, situational comedy, and romance.

And speaking of romance, this week’s episodes had me squeeing out loud, which is a fairly unsafe point to do even though watching dramas on my lunch break. Fortunately, no 1 heard my squawking delighted noises and mistook them for cries of discomfort simply because if somebody had come to verify in on me, it would have been a bit awkward if they’d caught me watching the shirtless Sun-woo scene. Seriously, I cannot be the only 1 who watched that quasi-backhug and believed, “Oh my,” in George Takei’s voice, correct?

Good Job: Episodes 7-8

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