Yook Sung-jae and Lee Jong-won swap lives in MBC

September 16, 2022September 16, 2022

Yook Sung-jae and Lee Jong-won swap lives in MBC’s Golden Spoon
by solstices

How far would you go to get wealthy? MBC’s upcoming fantasy drama Golden Spoon stars Yook Sung-jae (Mystic Pop-up Bar) as Lee Seung-cheon, whose poverty-stricken background has him dreaming of getting a millionaire. And then his want comes accurate — a mysterious and magical golden spoon enables him to switch areas with wealthy chaebol son Tae-yong, played by Lee Jong-won (Hospital Playlist two).
Each top guys will vie for the affection of Jung Chae-yeon (The King’s Affection), who plays Na Joo-hee, a chaebol daughter who desires to assert her personal identity separate from her wealth. In addition, we have Yeonwoo (Dal-li and Gamjatang) rounding out our key cast as the affluent Oh Yeo-jin, whose ambition has her aiming to marry Tae-yong so she can multiply her riches.

The drama’s third teaser gives a peek at our top couple’s chemistry, shown by way of a cute montage that culminates in Joo-hee pulling Seung-cheon in for a kiss. However, there’s problems in paradise Joo-hee gazes wistfully at an empty seat in class, even though Seung-cheon contemplates his magical golden spoon. Joo-hee’s clearly in like with Seung-cheon, but she’s engaged to chaebol son Tae-yong, who shelters her from the rain with a sweet smile.
Then the golden spoon turns anything about — by way of its magic, Seung-cheon and Tae-yong swap areas. This tends to make for a funny scene exactly where Joo-hee calls out Seung-cheon’s name and Seung-cheon instinctively stands up to greet her, but Tae-yong pushes his buddy back down since he’s now “Seung-cheon.”
The pair could have seamlessly switched lives, but Joo-hee quickly notices that there’s one thing unfamiliar about “Seung-cheon” now, and she wonders why “Tae-yong” has changed so significantly. Tae-yong (as Seung-cheon) smoothly pulls Joo-hee close with an arm about her shoulders, and Seung-cheon (as Tae-yong) tenderly strokes her hair. No wonder she’s confused!

Seung-cheon opens the drama’s fourth teaser with a vow that he’ll come to be wealthy. Sick of living in a globe exactly where funds determines one’s social class, Seung-cheon screams that getting poor is not a crime. Tae-yong’s father, played by Choi Won-young (Moonshine), calmly replies that of course it is not a crime — it is a illness.
Even immediately after Seung-cheon actions into his new life of luxury, troubles await. Trading parents through the golden spoon necessitates going against Heaven’s will and altering familial ties, and that indicates Seung-cheon will have to spend the cost. The teaser ends with Seung-cheon yelling in despair and Tae-yong operating with a determined — or possibly even desperate — appear on his face, seemingly forecasting a tumultuous road ahead.
Primarily based on a webtoon of the exact same name, Golden Spoon is directed by Song Hyun-wook (The King’s Affection) and Lee Han-joon (Verify Out the Occasion), and written by scriptwriter duo Yoon Eun-kyung and Kim Eun-hee (Prime Minister and I). It will premiere in MBC’s Friday-Saturday slot on September 23, and will also be streamed on Wavve and Disney+.

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