Premiere Watch: Blind

September 15, 2022September 15, 2022

Premiere Watch: Blind
by missvictrix

Time slot: Friday-Saturday
Broadcaster: tvN
Genre: Crime, thriller, mystery
Episode count: 16

Causes to watch: If I mentioned that Blind was initially going to broadcast on OCN but then got moved to tvN, would that inform you almost everything you necessary to know about the drama? That small nugget aside, the actual want-to-know item right here is that Taecyeon and Ha Suk-jin play brothers — a detective and a judge — and I enjoy almost everything about that. Nonetheless, it is not all brotherly enjoy, mainly because Ha Suk-jin begins to suspect his small brother of the crimes in query, and essentially the story appears very dark, and complete of killers, suspicions, and an excellently challenging Jung Eun-ji. And the PD is accountable for Voice four, Cross, and Tunnel, so this is surely in his wheelhouse. Is it in yours?
TLDR: Taecyeon and Ha Suk-jin as brothers, who does not enjoy Jung Eun-ji, creepy crime thriller, posters have been ultra-dramatic and creepy
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