Adamas: Episodes 15-16 (Final)


Adamas: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

What a finale! We have followed our twins on their journey and taken just about every twist and turn with them. There are tons far more to be had in the drama’s conclusion, but the wallop it packs is not only about the action — it is also about the culmination of lengthy-fought fights and deep familial bonds and feelings. Also, Ji Sung is wonderful.


If it was up to me I would have delayed watching this finale for weeks! I do not want it to be more than, I do not want to say goodbye to our twins, and and and… what if a single of them does not make it!?

But, obtaining proper into it, we choose up with the cliffhangers from final week: Woo-shin’s eureka moment more than the adamas’ hiding spot, and Soo-hyun and the SIH discovering what is primarily Group A’s mass grave web-site.

Interestingly, Episode 15 is a quite quiet episode — low on action, heavy on arranging and setup, and mainly centered about the brothers coming to terms with anything that they’ve uncovered. And you know what? It was a excellent episode for the reason that not only have been they laying ground for the final episode, but the feelings have been so raw and heartrending that — dangit, Ji Sung — I’m just fully carried away by his portrayal of these brothers. In reality, most of my notes for these scenes in between them consisted of this: adjajkdhjkashddfkjasjdhasjdjkahdjah!!!!!!! which is the only way to truly clarify them.

The 1st is when Woo-shin, in his meditative way, ultimately meets up with the far-far more-harried Soo-hyun and gently aids him understand exactly where the adamas is. This scene is just packed out with wonderful story and wonderful acting — from Ji Sung playing each sides of this exchange so masterfully, to the willful selection of Woo-shin to share the truth, even even though he knows it will break his brother.

And it does. Seeing Soo-hyun’s agony is just… agonizing. Lee Chang-woo is nearby and witnesses the entire issue, ultimately becoming a portion of the exchange. 1st, Soo-hyun is furious for the danger they have been in all along (how he shattered that valuable toy!!), but then just has to laugh more than the irony of it all — that the boys had the adamas all along. It is the very best portion of the drama, proper right here, not only the way it is drenched in irony and heartache, but the way the brothers’ intentions are overlapping, also.

Woo-shin, we understand, embarked on this entire issue out of like for his brother, understanding the agony he was in all his life, blaming himself for his father’s death. And just like that Soo-hyun’s entire life of guilt and grief is turned upside down.

But it just gets ever far better, for the reason that even though the group is arranging out what the heck they’re going to do — and Seo-hee follows a creepy “doctor” and finds Group A’s existing hideout — there’s all this far deeper stuff going on also.

The brothers meet up but once again and this time it is even far more heart-wrenching, if you can think it, with Soo-hyun breaking down in sobs, and Woo-shin placing his hand on his brother’s heart and wishing he wasn’t in discomfort. GAH!! This story has just transcended wildly properly-written suspense drama and hit me straight in the heart with my preferred sort of story ever: about loved ones, brothers, heartache, and sacrifice. I require a moment.

We continue with a entire lot of hatching of plans and producing offers till we ultimately get to the action that sets off most anything to come. Soo-hyun and what’s left of the SIH require to get their hands on Group Leader Lee, so they make a strategy to head to the chairman’s funeral exactly where Group A will be gathered.

But it all goes to the devil very quickly when their hideout is raided by Group A and their endless provide of rifles. Our very good guys have a couple of handguns and are operating for their lives (leaving the dead behind and also the rat in their midst!) till they’re boxed into a tiny area and prepare to make a final stand.

It is right here exactly where I actually gasped loud sufficient to wake up the whole neighborhood. Lee Chang-woo motions for Soo-hyun to move behind him so that he’s protected… except he says, “Woo-shin-ah, move behind me.” OMG, positive sufficient it is Woo-shin! The boys not only switched for a second time, but Lee Chang-woo knew the distinction in between his estranged identical twin sons and holy moly it is just a single of the very best moments the drama has packaged up hence far. It says anything that we require to know about Lee Chang-woo as a father, and it tends to make his inevitable and sacrificial death all the far more devastating.

Woo-shin and the SIH are saved thanks to Seo-hee who contacted Hyuk-pil and convinced him to aid them. And so, all of Group A is apprehended, and boy is it satisfying.

But there are a lot far more moments of realization to come, for the reason that Seo-hee realizes that Soo-hyun is truly Woo-shin, and Woo-shin realizes that the incredibly particular person they require to capture is not there: Group Leader Lee.

The final episode backs up and provides us far more context on how that entire operation played out, but I’m glad they kept it from us for the reason that these twists have been anything.

Woo-shin may well be secure for now, but it is Soo-hyun who is in danger. Although all of Group A was supposedly offsite, he was going to their hideout to snoop about. But Group Leader Lee is there waiting, and the two have a actually horrific fight. Like, some quickly-forwarding was required, that is how brutal it got.

Soo-hyun puts up an impressive fight against this educated killer, but in the finish he’s strangled by Lee and it’s… horrifying. And what’s worse is Lee’s laughing and hollering afterwards. He’s actually an animal. And Soo-hyun is truly dead!? Disbelief is the only issue maintaining me from sobbing proper now.

Seo-hee and Woo-shin, followed by Tae-sung and [my new oppa] Agent Han (Won Tae-min), drive like crazy men and women following the GPS tracker in Soo-hyun’s hand. It is a race against the clock and I do not know what. is. taking place.

It is a testament to this drama’s wonderful screenwriting, even though, that when we uncover out what’s occurred to Soo-hyun, we do not truly require any dialogue at all. The GPS signal goes out and as they all pull up to the spot, all we require to see is the appears on Tae-sung and Agent Han’s faces to know specifically what’s going on.

Woo-shin and crew run out to the shoreline, and it is just empty water in front of them. This scene is so highly effective it is like the drama knew that it didn’t even require words.

The heartbreak level is off the charts, but they nevertheless require to catch Group Leader Lee, which leads to one more vicious fight, 1st with him and Tae-sung (and oppa Han), and then a actually horrifying standoff with Woo-shin.

I could get started just about every sentence in this weecap with “Ji Sung’s acting is aMAZing” and it nevertheless wouldn’t be sufficient for the reason that he blew me away in these episodes. In this scene, Woo-shin endures Lee’s taunts about how he killed his brother, and with a self-restraint that is tough to picture, somehow keeps himself from shooting Lee fatally through his taunts, and as an alternative incapacitates him.

“It’s more than,” Tae-sung says to Woo-shin as they apprehend Lee — but Woo-shin just collapses onto him and sobs. Dude, I do not know how a lot of far more of these sobbing broken hero scenes my heart can deal with.

But of course, apprehending the culprits is not truly the finish, and even even though they’re in custody, the “higher ups” are pulling the strings, and we see the SIH/very good guys struggle to get anyplace.

Backtracking a bit is Woo-shin’s earlier deal with Hye-soo — Woo-shin will give her the adamas for Group Leader Lee, and his finish-aim of a retrial. She’s currently got her personal deal going on with Lee, even though, and she and Group A have rapidly formed an alliance that is (seemingly) untouchable.

In the space of mere days Hye-soo has properly usurped Haesong from her husband’s grip, and with Group A behind her, she’s the new master. Actually. I guess following so a lot of years of living in that hell she discovered how to develop into a master chess player and manipulator for the reason that we see her outwit and outplay every person with what she can now give from her throne.

She provides Lee what he desires (Soo-hyun), and then she even fearlessly maneuvers her way out of the hit on her personal head, supplying Sun what she desires (to torture her sister, and boy does she).

All the action feels more than, but we have no genuine resolution. Seo-hee mourns for her parents and regrets anything that brought her to that point. Woo-shin sits on the shorefront exactly where Soo-hyun disappeared — as does Seo-hee — and they mourn for him. It is one more wonderful scene exactly where Woo-shin grieves and admits how guilty he feels: “I began this entire issue to make Soo-hyun really feel much less guilty, but it is like I pushed him into that sea myself.” Additional crying. And I’m crying, also.

For a small even though, it appears like Woo-shin is tempted to enact revenge on Lee, but even Tae-sung (I like how these two so openly trust and rely on each and every other now!) tells him it is not worth it. That obtaining rid of Lee will not get rid of the discomfort — or the root of the corruption.

And so, that tends to make Woo-shin’s take a look at to Haesong mansion all the far more highly effective. We get a lot of callbacks to the opening of the drama, but this time Woo-shin is greeted with a smile by Dragon Lady Kwon and welcomed to see the new master… Hye-soo.

Woo-shin appears lighter than when we final saw him. He tosses a duffel bag at Hye-soo’s feet and says it is the adamas, and in exchange for it, he desires her to retain Group Leader Lee alive, so he can be punished by the law. She says she believed their deal was off, and Woo-shin says disappointedly specifically what I’ve been riding on the entire time: I believed that you of all men and women in this home would have the most decent heart.

It strikes me that exactly where we’ve landed at the finish of this drama is this: each and every character has suffered incomparable losses and there’s so a great deal grief — some that comes out in vengeance, and some that comes out as a wish for truth.

The plot feels settled… ish? Woo-shin and Seo-hee meet up and speak about how no a single desires to think the truth about Haesong and Group A, in spite of her convincing journalist and Hwang’s testimony. Woo-shin agrees, and says he’s going to create a book about it men and women are far more most likely to think fiction, anyway. And perhaps they’ll place the dots with each other then.

I loved this as the ending of the story — that even though there was no way for them to fully beat the mountain of energy in front of them, they will continue fighting to reveal the truth (as Woo-shin so eloquently says to Hye-soo).

And then we get to our twist. And I’ll be sincere, I’m not very positive how I really feel about this but, and I haven’t had sufficient time to digest it. But, Seo-hee heads more than to Woo-shin’s apartment to get interviewed for the aforementioned book, and offhandedly notices a letter on his desk that is left opened as if it was study in a hurry. It reads: Song Soo-hyun is alive. Come across the adamas.

WHAT! Just, what!? There are a million various strategies to study this — beyond bait for a second season — but in our closing shots, we see Woo-shin (I believe?) at the shore once again. The slightest smile dashes across his face, and we pan down to see the adamas in his hand.

So, are we proper to believe that after once again there’s a fake a single in the possession of Haesong? And who sent the letter? My knee-jerk reaction was Hye-soo, for the reason that it is so circular, but I’m not positive, due to the fact she didn’t appear to hold to his request to retain Lee alive (ordering the hit by means of Sun). Or, perhaps Soo-hyun himself sent the letter? Is that Soo-hyun on the beach with the adamas not Woo-shin? That may well make far more sense, but of course the left/wounded hand is in a pocket, killing our only clue as to which twin it is… I require a couple of days to ponder via that twist and all the clues there, but honestly I’m not even prepared to believe about that also deeply proper now.

My heart is nevertheless lost in these final couple of episodes, and I cannot believe beyond them but. All these feelings and tears and brutal deaths. Almost everything that was in between our brothers, spoken and unspoken. Dammit, what an wonderful show.

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