The Law Cafe: Episodes 3-4


The Law Cafe: Episodes three-four

If you believed The Law Cafe threw a lot at us for the duration of its premiere episodes, then sit tight, since this week our supposed rom-com mentioned, “Hold my soju,” and came at us with even much more antics and a surprisingly dark twist. The face behind our huge undesirable corporation is nastier than anticipated, and he sends a violent warning message to our top lady.


The Law Cafe: Episodes 3-4 The Law Cafe: Episodes 3-4

Final week I compared The Law Cafe to the enjoy youngster involving Our Beloved Summer time and Vincenzo, and the initially two episodes left me considering this rom-com took following the former much more than the latter. Properly, as this story ages out of its infancy and enters the awkward prepubescent phase, I’m beginning to see a stronger resemblance to Vincenzo. Our villain is not as campy and unthreatening as I was initially led to think, and Yuri’s most current investigation tackles a heart-wrenching case of youngster abuse. (So, you have been warned.)

Just before we get into the nitty-gritty of our drama’s shift to the dark (themed) side, we choose up exactly where we left off, with Yuri feeling a little…funny following watching Jung-ho effectively speak Suk-joon down from the ledge of his constructing. Her heart’s racing, but her substantial history with panic attacks — which we find out (by means of flashbacks) that Yuri has regularly suffered from due to the fact her father’s death — assures her that she’s experiencing a thing else. But she’s unable to recognize her symptoms for what they definitely are: a expanding attraction to Jung-ho.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 3-4

Her full denial and inability to recognize her feelings are a operating joke this week, and her confusion is only exacerbated by Jung-ho’s continuous hot and cold behavior — which appears plucked straight from the lyrics of a Katy Perry song. 1 moment he’s providing to assistance her fight against Dohan Building on behalf of the constructing tenants, and the subsequent he’s dismissing her lawsuit as a lost bring about that will prolong her clients’ discomfort and suffering. Then he does one more 180 spin and reminds Yuri of her law cafe’s original, founding goal: resolving her clients’ troubles ahead of they ever attain a courtroom.

Yuri’s clientele are not interested in sticking it to the huge undesirable corporation. No, they want relief from the excessive noise triggered by their building’s low cost building, and the most expedient way they can acquire restitution is by forcing Dohan Building to settle swiftly — and quietly — outdoors of court. To do that, Jung-ho says, they have to consider outdoors the box, and the program that he comes up with is each ingenious and toe-tappingly catchy.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 3-4

Inspired by Suk-joon’s previous stint as a skilled guitarist, Jung-ho recruits his cousin PARK WOO-JIN (Kim Nam-hee), Yuri’s new personnel BAE JOON (Kim Do-hoon) and SEO EUN-KANG (Ahn Dong-goo), and Suk-joon to be a component of a band. The twist is that they are not practicing in the exact same space with each other. As an alternative, each and every member is stationed in a diverse apartment, and as they play, their capability to hear each and every other and keep in sync measures the good quality of the apartment complex’s soundproofing.

The group filmed their unconventional concert and uploaded the video to the world wide web, adding commentary that clarifies that they performed the exact same test in a assortment of buildings that have been constructed by diverse organizations, and so far their findings have demonstrated that the apartment complexes constructed by Dohan Building designed the most noise pollution. They finish their video by gently guiding their viewers to speculate and draw their personal — but apparent — conclusions.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 3-4 The Law Cafe: Episodes 3-4

The video sends Pyun-woong into a tizzy, accomplishing precisely what the Law Cafe rock band wanted. Dohan Building contacts Yuri, demanding that she take the video down, so Yuri and a sharply dressed Jung-ho — lol at everyone’s reaction to seeing him in a suit — then meet with Dohan Construction’s lawyers. It is for the duration of their mediation that Yuri hands them the terms of her lawsuit. Positive, she’ll take down the video, but in exchange she desires compensation for her clientele.

Dohan Building (reluctantly) settles with Yuri and gives the tenants — effectively, these that have been brave and agreed to file a lawsuit — with adequate dollars to renovate and soundproof their properties. The tenants who feared that a lawsuit would go public and bring about their apartments to depreciate in worth, nevertheless, are SOL, and Yuri smuggly hands them her organization card so they can get in touch with her if they ever will need a lawyer for a diverse matter.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 3-4

Yuri and Jung-ho celebrate their victory with their mutual mates and Yuri’s flower boy personnel. Although Jin-ki does his greatest Salt Bae impersonation at the grill, everybody else eats, drinks, and toasts to their achievement — totally oblivious to the creepy onlooker spying on them. This is the initially sign that our story is about to get dark, but for now the celebration continues on with the group deciding to play a truth-telling game.

It is for the duration of this drinking game that a tipsy Yuri lastly decides to ask Jung-ho why he (fake) broke up with her in college. As Yuri continues to air her grievances about the previous, Se-yeon provides the uninitiated members of their celebration a swift run-down of Yuri and Jung-ho’s fake college connection, but everybody goes quiet when Yuri tends to make a vaguely suggestive demand of Jung-ho: “Stop pretending you do not like me!”

She then promises to take very good care of him if he comes to her — but does she imply romantically? Absolutely everyone holds their breath… Annnnnnd the moment is interrupted when Se-yeon goes into labor — wait, what?!

The Law Cafe: Episodes 3-4

I had to go back and revisit the initially couple of episodes to confirm that I did not miss a thing apparent, but a casual rewatch confirms that the writers have been intentionally discrete about Se-yeon’s pregnancy. The indicators have been there: excessive snacking, complaining she was uncomfortable, the way she held her belly in the wedding photo on the side table, and the glass of juice she held up although everybody else toasted with wine. However, as amusing as this reveal was in hindsight, it was a huge missed chance for the writers to maintain the gag going till the finish of the drama.

Soon after bidding Se-yeon and Jin-ki goodbye at the hospital, Yuri walks Jung-ho back to his constructing and clarifies that her earlier proposal was a organization proposition. They operate effectively with each other, and she desires him to be a companion in her law cafe shenanigans. He coldly rejects the give, even though, harshly and abruptly rebuilding the wall involving them — spackling the bricks one particular-by-one particular with his noble idiocy.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 3-4

And this is when issues turn dark, Beanies. Soon after Jung-ho’s rejection, Yuri finds the door to her cafe unlocked and ajar, and the location has been ransacked. But that is not the worst of it. No, the adorable neighborhood dog was slain — a violent warning from Pyung-woong.

Jung-ho tries to shield her from the sight, but it is as well late. She’s traumatized and rooted to the spot, so he has to scoop her up and carry her to his apartment. Jung-ho the Curmudgeon is swiftly replaced by Jung-ho the Protector, and when Yuri desires to return to her apartment the subsequent day, they publicly argue in front of Joon, Eun-kang, and the neighborhood ajummas more than exactly where she must keep till the culprit is apprehended.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 3-4

The ajummas squee when Jung-ho suggests that Yuri must keep with him, but she balks at the inappropriateness of it. Jung-ho argues back that they’re like household — like brother and sister! — and their connection is so platonic they could sleep in the exact same bed with each other. That final bit is overheard by Yuri’s mom (Hwang Young-hee), and although she acts maternally scandalized at initially, she — like the rest of the neighborhood shippers — would be fine with them sharing a bed if it implies Jung-ho is going to be her son-in-law.

As an alternative of gaining a son-in-law, even though, Mom gets a new houseguest. The compromise for Yuri’s present living predicament is to have her keep a couple of nights with her mother and step-father, and I appreciate that they chose to have Mom get remarried following Yuri’s father died. Though Yuri describes her connection with her stepfather as getting a bit awkward, the quietly harmonious glimpse into her present-day household life supplied a foil for Yuri’s subsequent case, which featured a drastically much more troubled household.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 3-4

A lady comes to the law cafe to inquire about the probable legal measures she can take against her neighbor. She claims he’s stalking her household and staring inappropriately at her daughter, but following speaking with the neighbor and inquiring with police, Yuri learns that the lady has a history of youngster abuse. She’s been neglecting her oldest daughter YOON SOO-AH (Kim Tae-yeon) and punishing her by locking her in a cupboard.

At evening, Soo-ah has been sneaking into the law cafe, which explains all the ghostly noises Yuri has been hearing. Soo-ah’s mother is arrested, but Soo-ah is missing. She hasn’t been observed due to the fact the evening the dog was murdered, which was the evening Yuri mistook Soo-ah for a ghost.

After Yuri realizes Soo-ah stole her wallet and utilised her credit card, Yuri and Jung-ho are in a position to pinpoint Soo-ah’s final recognized place, which is close to the former house of the foster household that took care of her and her sister the final time their mother was arrested. Soon after a evening of looking the nearby location for Soo-ah in the rain, Yuri and Jung-ho return to the cafe. There they come across a starving Soo-ah raiding the refrigerator.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 3-4 The Law Cafe: Episodes 3-4

She’s heartbreakingly skittish, as her years of abuse have conditioned her to anticipate punishment rather of caring and understanding, so it requires a tiny bit of coaxing for Yuri to assure Soo-ah that she’s not upset she stole her wallet. After Soo-ah finds the courage to come closer, she tragically admits that she desires to return house since she’s worried that her younger sister will take the brunt of their mother’s punishment if she’s not about — ooof! Suitable in the feels!

Soon after reuniting the two girls with their former foster parents, Yuri is understandably emotional, and as she watches Jung-ho stroll ahead of her, she’s overcome by the urge to hug him. She caves to the impulse, runs to catch up with him, and latches her arms about his waist, but that is not adequate. She appears up, and tells him that she desires to kiss him. And so she does.

He’s so shocked that he forgets to close his eyes. But following she pulls away and explicitly tells him that she does not want to be his “family,” he regains his senses and initiates their subsequent kiss.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 3-4

Woo wee! Factors are moving definitely rapid! I had to double-verify to see how quite a few episodes this drama is supposed to be since I was not expecting the romance to progress this swiftly. Personally, I’m not a fan since my favored moments have been rooted in their bickering, and I do not know if that chemistry can be maintained if they get started producing goo-goo eyes at each and every other rather. Then once again, the supply of Jung-ho’s noble idiocy has not been resolved, so he could extremely effectively kiss-and-run, which would bring us back to the starting of their crazy emotional roller coaster.

General, even though, this drama has me feeling like I accidentally stumbled across a furry convention. My initially instinct is to just stroll away, but then I recognize I have soooo quite a few unanswered inquiries, which tends to make me want to take one more appear and gawk at the chaos.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 3-4

Some of this drama’s chaos is Pyun-woong. As far as undesirable guys go, I’m nevertheless on the fence with his character. Component of me thinks the function — and all its daddy challenges — would have been superior conveyed by a younger actor. On the other hand, there’s a thing engagingly unpredictable about a forty-a thing villain whose evil persona is akin to a powertrippin’ youngster killing a bunch of ants with a magnifying glass.

Heroes and villains aside, even though, there are presently a lot of beneath-featured characters that I would like to see much more of going forward. Of course, Se-yeon and Jin-ki are two of them, but now that they have a newborn, true planet logic would dictate that implies we’ll see them much less. I guess there is nevertheless hope for Joon and Eun-kang — particularly, Eun-kang. They can not maintain teasing us about his six-years in prison stint and not inform us his backstory. I’m proper there with Joon, wanting to know just about every juicy bit of gossip about this mysterious keyboard-playing barista with a criminal previous.

The Law Cafe: Episodes 3-4

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