Namgoong Min is a value-for-money attorney in One Dollar Lawyer

September 15, 2022September 15, 2022

Namgoong Min is a worth-for-revenue lawyer in One particular Dollar Lawyer
by solstices

Every person requires a lawyer when they’ve landed in hot water, but not everybody can afford a single. SBS’s upcoming legal comedy One particular Dollar Lawyer solves this challenge with an eccentric but capable lawyer whose capabilities far surpass his prices.

Namgoong Min (The Veil) plays Cheon Ji-hoon, the titular lawyer. For the low value of 1,000 won (about $1), he’ll back up these who do not have everyone in their corner. Ji-hoon’s character poster depicts him as a man of numerous contradictions — just like how his refined 3-piece suit clashes with his wacky disposition, and the fancy small teacup he’s holding is at odds with the pot of ramyun on his table.
In the drama’s newest teaser, Ji-hoon asks the camera what a single could possibly afford with 1,000 won. That paltry sum may perhaps not be worth a great deal, but it can absolutely acquire the complete variety of his solutions, from investigating to defending. Reassuring the viewers that the low value does not imply they’re forgoing excellent, Ji-hoon croons that not only is he particularly competent, but he also defends his customers with all his heart. Exactly where else can you uncover such a worth-for-revenue lawyer? (And with such expressive eyebrows to boot!)
Ji-hoon will be joined by the new intern Baek Mari, played by Kim Ji-eun (Once again My Life). Mari hails from an established loved ones in the legal realm, with in depth qualifications and a dazzling future ahead of her. Except all of that is place on hold when her grandfather sends her to perform at Ji-hoon’s tiny law firm for two months. Mari is appalled by Ji-hoon’s unconventional methods, and she just can not wrap her head about why and how he could possibly charge such a low charge.
Rounding out our major trio is Choi Dae-hoon, whom I’m incredibly excited to see in a lighthearted part, following Insider and The Superior Detective two. He plays Seo Min-hyuk, a sheltered golden spoon prosecutor who’s young at heart and innocently immature. Now that he’s back from a two-year stint in Brooklyn, romanticist Min-hyuk desires absolutely nothing far more than to get married to his longtime crush Mari. Of course, that signifies he’s in for a shock when he finds out she’s functioning with resident nutjob Ji-hoon.
Written by the scriptwriter duo Choi Soo-jin and Choi Chang-hwan (Heart Surgeons, Defendant), with PDs Kim Jae-hyun and Shin Joong-hoon at the helm, One particular Dollar Lawyer premieres on September 23 in the Friday-Saturday slot on SBS. It will also be out there by means of the OTT platforms Wavve and Disney+.

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