The rise and fall of an Empire in JTBC

September 14, 2022September 13, 2022

The rise and fall of an Empire in JTBC’s upcoming melodrama
by tccolb

The higher drama continues in JTBC’s newest promos for The Empire, showcasing our major cast in a new poster, stills, and a video teaser.

By means of generations of lofty law careers, the drama’s central household constructed an iron fortress with their name – securing each energy and prestige. But with every single member pursuing their personal greed and ambitions, the when strong walls have now been forming cracks.
Kim Sun-ah’s (Secret Boutique) character, Han Hye-ryul, represents the family’s third generation. Contrary to rumors about nepotism, although, Hye-ryul succeeded in becoming head of the district prosecution workplace by her personal merit and she’s lengthy been wanting to escape from her family’s shadow in order to make her life her personal.
Playing Hye-ryul’s husband is Ahn Jae-wook (Mouse), in the part of law professor Na Geun-woo. In the public eye, he’s observed favorably as a man from a humble background who turned his life about. But, naturally, he’s hiding a secret and the scandal would ruin his life if the truth got out.

Bringing in the choir for even much more dramatic flair, the new teaser starts with Hye-ryul and Geun-woo becoming greeted by the press. In the sequence that follows, we get a rapid glimpse of the rest of the household, which includes Mom Lee Mi-sook (Let Me Introduce Her), Step-grandma Oh Hyun-kyung (Young Lady and Gentleman), and Dad Song Young-chang (The Superior Detective two).
Just after taking us by way of the family’s prestige and privilege, the teaser then ends on the problem of privacy. As Hye-ryul and Geun-woo show off their married life to the public, Mom keeps a close eye on the safety camera footage. All the although, Grandpa Shin Gu (Kairos) is obtaining a secret telephone contact and Step-grandma tries to eavesdrop.
Written by Oh Ga-kyu with PD Yoo Hyun-ki at the helm, JTBC’s The Empire premieres in just a couple of weeks on September 24.

By way of News1, Sports Planet (1), (two)
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