The Good Detective 2: Episodes 13-14


The Excellent Detective two: Episodes 13-14

The cracks in our master manipulator’s schemes are beginning to show, and our detective pair is steadily closing in on the truth. As our villains develop much more aggressive, on the other hand, our protagonists’ loved ones come across themselves faced with danger.


The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14

A reinvestigation of Tae-ho’s vehicle turns up Na-na’s fingerprints exactly where they shouldn’t be — on the driver’s seat belt buckle and the steering wheel. Ji-hyuk theorizes that the unbuckling sound recorded on the black box was Na-na’s performing, and it turns out that the police officer in charge of Tae-ho’s accident raised the precise identical doubts. That officer was transferred to the countryside quickly following the case was wrapped up, which suggests he was almost certainly on the appropriate track.

Na-na calls Ji-hyuk to her mother’s old residence however once more, exactly where she asks him to leave the force and develop into her individual bodyguard rather. Devoid of a moment’s hesitation, Ji-hyuk flat-out rejects her, and she declares that they’re enemies now.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14

Fishing for sympathy however once more, Na-na tries to draw a popular hyperlink amongst them employing their mothers’ deaths, but Ji-hyuk challenges her version of events. Obtaining identified out from a news short article that Na-na was at the scene of her mother’s death, he wonders if her mother definitely died to guard her, or if she fabricated her previous and lived her lie for so lengthy that she grew to think it.

Following Ji-hyuk leaves, Na-na thinks back to the previous, and we see that she caught her mother appropriate ahead of she overdosed on tablets. Her mother asked Na-na if she would join her, but Na-na shook her head, and her mother swallowed the tablets appropriate in front of her personal daughter. Back in the present, Na-na desperately whimpers that she wasn’t at the scene.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14 The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14

Because Yong-geun’s in prison for his crimes, Na-na’s moved on to come across somebody else to do her dirty operate for her. Ki-jin is the subsequent mouse to be caught in her trap in exchange for his loyalty, she promises him a substantial sum.

Except rather of the bank transfer she’d promised, Ki-jin discovers a bag of cold challenging money in the trunk of his vehicle, surrounded by parking lot CCTVs. With that, Na-na has a hold more than him, and it is as well late to back out now.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14

The Incheon group digs into Dong-jae’s disappearance, and they come across out that he was provided a vehicle on the day of his release from prison. That vehicle had a place tracker hidden in it, so that Dong-jae’s boss GU JAE-CHUN (Lee Ho-chul) could come across him and precise revenge, thereby conveniently eliminating him. A CCTV recording reveals that the particular person who gave him the vehicle is Ki-jin, which means Dong-jae’s murder was premeditated.

With this newfound clue, Ji-hyuk surmises that Dong-jae was killed off simply because he confessed to Tae-ho that he wasn’t accountable for Hee-joo’s death. In other words, the correct culprit silenced Dong-jae to maintain their crime concealed.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14

Oh no, Grandpa finds out that he may possibly not have substantially longer to reside, and that he’ll have to undergo surgery quickly for what appears to be a malignant tumor. As a final act of goodwill, Grandpa goes to the chicken restaurant to give presents to Do-chang’s loved ones, aww.

Apparently there’s only 1 chicken restaurant in town, simply because Dong-jae’s lackeys enter appropriate following. They start a incredibly audible conversation about how Dong-jae only cleaned up the crime scene, and how he didn’t in fact kill Hee-joo. Of course Grandpa’s sitting inside earshot, and he overhears the complete conversation.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14

Following up on that lead, Grandpa goes to take a look at Dong-jae’s older brother Dong-soo, in the hopes that he may possibly know a thing about the case. Dong-soo’s also possessing a challenging time simply because of his brother’s involvement in the case, and he brushes Grandpa off brusquely, not wanting to be involved any additional.

Regardless of becoming the bereaved loved ones who has each and every appropriate to resent Dong-jae and his brother, Grandpa extends his empathy to Dong-soo. This act of kindness touches Dong-soo, and he relents. Catching up to Grandpa at the bus cease, he provides Grandpa a duffel bag that belonged to Dong-jae, which consists of Hee-joo’s bloodied clothing and footwear from the day she died.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14

Back in his shoe shop, Grandpa grieves more than Hee-joo, but Na-na walks in at the worst timing ever — and she sees Hee-joo’s belongings spread out appropriate there. She leaves without the need of a fuss, but afterwards she pressures Ki-jin to deal with it posthaste. Na-na claims that she’s afraid Sang-woo will exploit this newfound proof to overturn his guilty verdict, but her vehemence appears to raise suspicion in Ki-jin.

In any case, Ki-jin follows by way of on her orders, and Grandpa gets abducted and taken to the incredibly spot Hee-joo died. Meanwhile, Ki-jin steals the duffel bag from Grandpa’s shop, only to be interrupted by Eun-hye. She’s come searching for Grandpa, considering the fact that he hasn’t been choosing up her calls.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14

Just then, she gets a fabricated suicide message from Grandpa, which has her breaking into his shop in a panic. Ki-jin quickly restrains her, muffling her screams, whilst up on the mountain, the gangsters knock Grandpa out.

As Ki-jin yanks her head back to blindfold her, Eun-hye manages to catch a glimpse of Ki-jin’s reflection in a mirror, although she does not know who he is. He does a poor job of tying her up, and not lengthy following he leaves, she manages to free of charge herself and contact Do-chang.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14

Our detective group quickly searches the forest, exactly where they come across Grandpa hanging from a tree and rush to rescue him. Grandpa is sent to the hospital, whilst Ji-hyuk stays at the crime scene to uncover what ever traces he can.

Fortunately, the gangsters fled in a rush upon hearing our detective group approaching, so they weren’t in a position to clear their tracks in time. They’re taken in for questioning, exactly where our group intimidates them into revealing that somebody ordered their boss to eradicate Grandpa. Oy, I know they’re absolute lowlifes for attacking an elderly man, but the smacking that our group delivered felt uncomfortably excessive rather of becoming funny.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14

On her way into the police station, Eun-hye crosses paths with Ki-jin and instantaneously recognizes him. Except she openly approaches his vehicle and then attempts to chase following him when he drives off, which of course does not get her incredibly far.

Just as I’m questioning why Eun-hye didn’t just take a photo, although, she pulls out a sketchbook. Presenting an incredibly correct drawing of Ki-jin to our detective group, she tells them about how she caught him rifling by way of Grandpa’s stuff.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14

Our group puts two and two collectively, and they conclude that there should be proof on Hee-joo’s clothing that hyperlinks back to the actual culprit, considering the fact that Dong-jae kept them as insurance coverage. Whilst looking by way of CCTVs, they learn that Na-na visited Grandpa’s shop on the afternoon of the attempted murder.

Ji-hyuk goes to confront Na-na about it, but she has the gall to blame him for what occurred to Grandpa, accusing him of building much more victims by stubbornly digging into a case that has currently been resolved. Ji-hyuk pointedly asks no matter whether the culprit would cease if he does, and Na-na replies that if she had been the culprit, she would.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14

Now that he’s out of jail, President Cheon has dinner with McQueen’s CEO MICHAEL CHA (Jo Tae-gwan) to go over how they’ll move forward with the TJ-McQueen alliance. Because McQueen is a foreign corporation, that will not go more than properly with the common public, which indicates they will need a scapegoat.

Following the dinner, Na-na calls Michael to meet her, by which I imply she actually sends a vehicle to choose him up so that he can not refuse. She gets him to update her on the TJ-McQueen developments, and he tentatively suggests that she fly to the headquarters in the States to meet McQueen’s president.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14 The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14

Michael frames it as his personal thought, telling her that the option is totally up to her. On the other hand, Na-na catches him in the lie — she points out that he has a habit of speaking in English anytime he’s untruthful about his feelings. Michael demurs, and she dismisses him, only to hurl her teacup in his path as he leaves.

Na-na’s paranoia is acquiring the far better of her, and she demands to know if her father instructed him to send her to the States so that he can kill her off there. Screaming at him, she accuses him of joining hands with her father to get rid of her. Michael does not rise to the bait, and he just tells her to overlook he ever talked about going to the States, ahead of leaving her to stew in her anger.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14

Na-na has dinner with President Cheon, and it is a strained affair. President Cheon instructs his personal daughter to decrease herself even additional, such that she’s out of his sight, and Na-na asks placidly if she ought to kill herself to pacify him.

Confessing that she was the 1 who blew the whistle on him to the Blue Residence and got him arrested, Na-na declares that she nonetheless holds her mother’s death against him. For when, rather of placing up a robust front, Na-na displays a uncommon moment of vulnerability and confesses that she’s honestly scared that he will kill her.

Except it appears that was all for show, simply because Na-na secretly recorded their conversation. Back in her workplace, Na-na edits the audio file, although it is not clear how she plans to use it just however.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14 The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14

Ki-jin requires Eun-hye into custody and attempts to intimidate her, although Eun-hye refuses to be cowed. He shifts the blame for the incident at Grandpa’s shop onto her rather, claiming he only restrained her simply because she was obstructing official police duty. As if that wasn’t despicable adequate, Ki-jin even tends to make low blows at her loved ones background.

Do-chang and Ji-hyuk arrive just as the two exit the interrogation area, and Ki-jin acts all smug and gloats appropriate in their faces. That is, till Ji-hyuk pulls out his telephone to make a contact, and the colour drains from Ki-jin’s face as a telephone rings in his pocket. Ooh, it is the burner telephone Ki-jin makes use of to make contact with Boss Gu — he’s been caught red-handed.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14

Our group tracks down the places exactly where the burner telephone was utilized, and 1 of them is a forensic lab. It turns out Ki-jin produced a individual request to have Hee-joo’s clothing analyzed, and considering the fact that Do-chang and Ji-hyuk are in charge of Hee-joo’s case, they convince the lab tech to share his findings.

He reveals that the bloodstains on Hee-joo’s dress came from a number of folks, not just Hee-joo herself. On the other hand, it’ll take a whilst for the outcomes to come back, and our detective pair ask the lab tech to contact them when he’s confirmed who else the bloodstains belong to. (No points for guessing who.)

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14

Na-na opens an exhibition gallery in remembrance of Hee-joo, which is of course a PR move to acquire public favor by exploiting her passing. In addition, she also does an interview with an international news outlet, revealing publicly that she reported her father’s corruption and her brother’s crimes in an work to restore TJ’s integrity. Na-na’s genuinely performing all she can to paint herself in an altruistic light, huh.

At the exhibition gallery, Na-na addresses the attendees in a performatively heartfelt speech about Hee-joo. Except she intentionally didn’t take her insulin shot, and as her diabetic symptoms act up, she collapses to the ground. Just then, Ji-hyuk receives a contact from the lab tech — the other bloodstains on Hee-joo’s clothing belong to Na-na.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14

Properly, it took an awfully lengthy time to confirm what we’ve currently guessed considering the fact that quite a few episodes ago. I want it was a much more suspenseful ride right here, but the show is pretty heavy-handed at doling out its hints, which usually tends to make its reveals fall flat.

The show is plodding along to its finale, and whilst I’m hoping it has some twists in shop for its final hours, I have to admit I do not have my hopes up higher. Following weeks of possessing my expectations dashed, it is complicated to give the show the advantage of the doubt any longer.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14

I feel the show was simultaneously overambitious and underachieving it had the components that could have produced up a complicated and compelling plot, but it failed to execute them properly, usually wasting their prospective rather. A single clear instance is Tae-ho, but one more underutilized character is Bo-kyung.

She ultimately reappeared this week to hand in her resignation in the face of TJ’s intention to file a lawsuit against our detective group, but it felt like an offhand way of wrapping up her arc. That resignation was a lengthy time coming, so substantially that I’d forgotten about it. Plus, I want the show explored the parallels amongst her and Hee-joo much more, as properly as the connection amongst Tae-ho’s guilt towards Hee-joo and what seemed like an initial soft spot towards Bo-kyung. There was so substantially to mine, but the show didn’t bother with it!

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14

This drama relies as well substantially on contrived coincidences to move its plot along, which breaks immersion and diminishes its storytelling. How several much more conversations will be conveniently overheard, and how several much more coincidental run-ins will lead to a critical clue? The deus ex machina is a plot device that feels like a cop-out, and in this drama it just comes across as lazy writing.

I do come across myself laughing at the funny moments, but it does really feel like the drama is sacrificing character development and organic plot improvement in favor of its humorous scenes. It is a shame, simply because I do feel the plot had prospective if provided a fresh take or consideration to detail. As an alternative, the drama fell back onto clichés, cutting quick the progression amongst plot points and painting the story in broad strokes. With only 1 week left, I hope the drama at least delivers a satisfying conclusion for our characters.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 13-14

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