Film Review: The Dragon Missile (1976) by Ho Meng Hua

Underneath all that flashy Shaw Brothers production requirements, this was primarily a rushed and cashed in “B” grade road adventure drama from Ho Meng Hua. Released at the very same time as Jimmy Wang Yu’s “Master of the Flying Guillotine” this was quite a great deal a knockoff of his personal hit “The Flying Guillotine” (1975) starring Chen Kuan Tai. Nonetheless, it crashed at the box workplace through its quick run when Jimmy’s guillotine clone won the hearts of lots of fans and attracted a cult following.

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An oppressive Lord Qin Quan (Ku Feng) is slowing dying of a poisonous boil named “100 Birds Worshiping the Phoenix” which grows on his back. Upon hearing that a retired herbalist has a remedy in the kind of a longevity vine, he sends out his trustworthy bodyguard, troop leader Si Ma Jun (Lo Lieh) as effectively as six skillful mercenaries to retrieve it. Accordingly, these low lives are there to verify on Si, in case he does not return with the medication, on the other hand getting an obedient servant, Si at some point returns even right after facing some double crosses and close to- death encounters.

At any price and hardly a hero, Si Ma Jun, the lead protagonist, in reality tends to make a living by killing all sorts of people today for his evil Lord with out even a query asked. Conversely, he wields a pair of fashionable and deadly flying blades which are fundamentally metal boomerangs, like the ones utilised by the Australian natives but with sharp knife-edges alternatively. The often reliable Lo Lieh puts on a fantastic look, dressed in white and hunting wonderful unleashing his weapons and sending sparks flying as they decapitate these poor victims. Moreover, he is so imply and determined that he even kills an old blind lady in order to get what he desires.

Even even though the prolific Ku Feng turns up briefly as the cruel Lord who only cares about himself and barks orders about who he really should kill, his look is nonetheless a memorable 1. Nonetheless, we do not get to see him flexing his kung fu muscle tissues right after all he is playing a incredibly sick individual on his death bed. Likewise, out of the six mercenaries he sends to spy on Si, only Fan Mei Sheng and Norman Chu handle to stand out.

For the duration of his frantic search for the healing vine, Si comes across his former kung fu brother Tien Er Lengthy, played by newcomer Liu Yung who later on would grow to be a well-liked Shaw Brothers’ star. This meeting leads to the killing of Tien’s blind mother by Si who strongly believes that she has the vine he is desperately right after. Tien then teams up with Tan Li (Nancy Yen Nan Hsi), the daughter of the doomed herbalist also killed by Si. Interestingly, these two characters would in due course alter from getting two unknowns and grow to be the key revenge searching for protagonists. Sadly, the script does not give them a great deal to do so they finish up getting a pair of underdeveloped heroes. In truth that goes for Lo Lieh’s Si Ma Jun also we never ever get to discover about his back story at all.

In reality, the key stars right here are the pair of beautifully created and equally effectively named flying decapitating boomerangs with the dragon head motif. Naturally primarily based on the flying guillotine, they undoubtedly appear additional mobile and lethal in addition Ho does an impressive job of displaying them in action. There are pretty a quantity of sword fights, hand- to- hand encounters choreographed by Tang Chia and Yuen Cheung Yan scattered all through the film but practically nothing truly stands out. Interestingly, Tien and Tan learn a way to tame Si’s deadly missile which they place to fantastic use through their short finish fight.

“The Dragon Missile” is certainly not 1 of Ho’s most effective functions, it is a rushed production but he does make fantastic use of the substantial Show Brothers outside sets. Nonetheless, it is nonetheless enjoyable and entertaining through its operating time of just more than eighty minutes and in addition to, there is an unexpected sex scene in the middle of this chaotic struggle to acquire the mysterious reside saving vine.



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